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Title: A Chance Meeting
Description: Meeting in a dump of a restaurant...

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 01:49 AM (GMT)
Ok ladies and gents, due to unforseen bugs or something, the original chance meeting thread sort of went whacky. So I'm going to repost what was on that and we can continue from here.

October 15th, 2006

Judder awakens in his hotel room. Getting out of his bed, and stretching. Putting on his jeans and T-shirt along with his boots and socks. Walking over to the small bathroom of his room. Judder washes his face, and combs his hair. Taking care of other personal hygiene issues, Judder packs his bathroom kit up. Throwing his kit into the black bag that belied the long bulge of his shotgun, Judder gathers his other things and throws them into the bag. Grabbing his bag he steps out the door.
Stepping into the sunlight, Judder squints across the parking lot at a nearby restaurant. The roadsign beside the Restaurant says route 66. The hotel is a crummy place that has a gas station attached to it. The hotel's walls are a faded red color. Judder walks across the sweltering parking lot. Judder walks through the door and looks at the daily special board. It says ham and eggs for 2 dollars a plate. Judder notices several other people in the restaurant, choosing not to talk to them. Judder sits in a booth with its back to a wall. The waitress walks over to him and notices the bag. Jokingly she says to him " You planning to rob somebody, hon?" Judder looks at her for a moment " Mam, Its too early to think about something like that. How bout the house special and some coffee?" The waitress laughs at his reply and walks back behind the counter

The restaurant looked like somebody had taken a crap, carved it out, and then decided to serve food in it. And for some reason I had ordered pancakes and bacon, despite the fact that I passed an IHOP a couple miles back where I could get some decent waffles. Still it did kind of remind me of a place back home where the place itself looked like crap, but the food was like if God himself had opened a diner on Earth.

Either way I was pretty tired from a recruitment tour of the US, offering jobs to some of the best cops and soldiers in the country. Needless to say our paycheck wasn't too flattering to any of them, and one cop laughed right in my face (and spat a little) when he heard what my agency did. I was starting to get the feeling that we'd either need to get a new list of candidates (and probably lower our standards a bit) or offer a better paycheck. Sadly however Congress wasn't offering us a dream budget so money was kind of tight.

As I sat at the counter contemplating our recruiting, I noticed a man with jeans and a t-shirt carrying a large bag walk in. I muttered to myself "At this rate I'll be recruiting random guys like him into this agency." If only I knew what was to transpire, but that wasn't too big of a concern considering that my pancakes and bacon were taking a little longer than I expected.

JudderJudder sipped his coffee and observed the crowd in the old restaurant. He could pick up on things most other people could not. For instance the man who was obviously not enjoying his pancakes had been watching him for a few moments. Taking his coffee with him, Judder walks over to the man and sat next to him. Taking a sip of coffee and looking at the man for a moment. Finally, "Hi..Im Judder"[/u]

"I'm John. It's nice to meet you." I responded to the gentleman who'd approached me and introduced himself. Although I wasn't accoustomed to people introducing themselves from out of nowhere, I didn't exactly come from the most sociable part of the country either. And at least somebody was being friendly for once on this recruitment tour.

"Yeah, nice to meet you to" Judder extends his hand for a handshake. The waitress brings Judder's food to the table and sets it down outta the way. She asks "Would you like me to make the orders together or separate?" Judder digs into his jeans pockets removing several shotgun shells and finally an old SWAT style Id wallet. Judder flips through the wallet for a moment and then peels off a Twenty dollar bill. "I will cover both orders, and keep the change as a tip" Judder smiles at the woman before turning to face the man. "Im not one to pry, but what in the sand hill are you doing all the way out here?"

Cyber78 "You're a very kind man, that's very uncommon in this world. But since you ask, you may not believe me but I'm with the FVZA. We're Congress' new stepchild agency, the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. Our job is to handle vampire and zombie populations, and the occassional werewolf. And when you consider how much other paranormal stuff ends up getting reported to us because of our association with the misunderstood, we're basically the closest you'll ever get to the X-Files. My role in the agency is pretty much the jack of all trades considering our lack of manpower, which is why I'm now returning from a highly unsuccessful recruiting run." I responded to him.

Judder takes all this in as he eats his way through the two eggs on his plate. Finishing the two eggs Judder takes another drink of coffee, then setting the cup at the edge of the table so the waitress could refill it. Judder looks at the man quizzically for a moment. "How much would one get paid to work in this agency?"

The pancakes and bacon finally arrives and I begin to eat. Suprisingly, the food isn't too moldy or toxic tasting. I hear the gentleman I've been talking to ask how much it pays. I hesitate in my response, paycheck is usually what scares people off. And although I didn't know his qualifications or his skills, he seemed to have the right attitude for the job.

"It pays enough to support yourself on, but I wouldn't recommend getting a girlfriend if she enjoys the finer things in life. But if you're curious as to an actual number, most of our jobs start at about $25,000 per year." I replied.

OOC: Im gonna try your style of Rping.

IC: I chuckled at John's joke on having a girlfreind. As far as I could remember i have had no girlfreinds. " Twenty-five Grand is a lot to me per year" I take a sip of my coffee that has been refilled by the waitress. Reaching into the bag next to me i pull out the last copy of my background and medical records. I have to use them to get into Gun Tournaments. " Here is my medical records, If that will help me get a job with you guys." " I mean i only make enough to eat, sleep, and work continously."

Holy crap, this guy is willing to work for only twenty-five grand a year. But knowing my luck he's either completely inexpirienced, or he's got rabies.

As those thoughts ran through my head, I had a look at his files. Not bad expirience. Judging by his gun tournament standings he obviously hadn't forgotten what he'd learned from being on a SWAT team. This was probably the best news I'd gotten throughout the whole recruitment tour.

At the time the agency was in a real pickle. We desperatley needed guys who had the kind of expirience that they'd need to police a bunch of creatures that few people understood. The problem was the few people who we could potentially throw into that sort of situation without any real training had better things they could do with their life than wasting it on an agency that at the time could be shutdown at just about anytime. The only guys we could find that would be willing to work for us we couldn't send into a mission since they didn't have what it would take to deal with what we dealt with. As it stood we didn't even have the budget, or manpower, or even the expirience amongst the agents we had to implement a real training program. Basically all we could do was give you powerpoint presentations on it, try to have you shadow a real agent for a bit, but the rest was pretty much going to be trial by fire. Those who'd make agents would survive, and those who didn't would probably die. As heartless as it sounds, I didn't see any other way it would happen.

But for now we had a potential recruit who actually had the expirience needed to police the undead. And checking his medical records I let out a sigh of relief when I found out he didn't have rabies. Amnesia aside, this guy had a near perfect medical record as far as I was concerned. Guess it was about time I offered a job to a willing to take the job.

"Alright, your records show that you're the kind of guy that we need. I'll warn you up front that our training program is pretty... how shall we say this... it's pretty hands on if you catch my drift. So if you've got any reservations about potentially being eaten or something, this isn't the job for you. But if you don't mind the possibility of being eaten alive then if you just give me your contact information then I'll run your records through the agency, get you approved and get in touch with you immediatley" I said.

Finally, I might be able to get somebody decent to join us.

Listening to the man, I realized I'd probably stepped into something i could'nt get out of. But, what the heck i only get about 5,000 a year to participate in Gun Tournaments.
"Am i gonna recieve any equipment?, because ive got some of my own gear."

"Chance's are you'll be given FVZA issued equipment, and you may have to use that if it's an assault where we think ammo compatibility is a major issue. But aside from that having your own gear would probably help a lot since our budget is a little small and a lot of our gear is surplus from other agencies." I told him.

"Well i have my own gear."
Judder gestures towards his bag.
"I carry it with me at all times"
Judder takes another sip of his coffee.
"So, when is the first training lesson?"

Alex had been in the grungy restaurant since it had opened early in the morning. She had just arrived in what the map she had called a town. She had a small backpack sitting in the booth next to her filled with a wallet, some clothing, and that was it. She hoped she’d have enough money to pay for the small meal and several refills of coffee that she had been getting for the few hours she had been here.
The waitress came by and refilled her cup without question and that was fine with Alex. She didn’t feel in the mood to answer any. She took a sip of the hot coffee and burned her lips. She hissed in pain and put the cup down.

"Alright, having your own gear is definatly a good thing. Right now we're still figuring out a lot of policies and stuff, but I'm expecting pretty lax regulations on personal firearms on our typical investigative work. Now as for your first training mission... well we've got this guy called Roncas who might help you adjust to hitting a head instead of the upper torso, and we've got some docuements and a few old textbooks from the old agency you can look through to learn about the enemy... but your first real combat training is essentially going to be your first real mission. Sorry about that, but we don't have a real training program setup. Hope you enjoy" I said just before I wolfed down another strip of bacon.

It was then that I heard somebody give a hiss. It wasn't too loud, but hissing gets pretty attention grabbing after you've watched your first vampire fight. If you thought that kickboxing was wild, you should watch vamps fight eachother. There's a lot of hissing, and things usually get pretty ugly. They say that back in the old days that vampircide was the highest cause of death amongst vamps, and estimates figure that's how the trend has been since the early 80's at least ever since the FVZA first disbanded. But ramblings aside, I slowly turned my head around to investigate the source of the hiss as my left hand dropped down near my sidearm.

From what I could see it was just some young girl who probably took too big of a sip of coffee. Now that was still an odd site, somebody like that in a restaurant like this. Usually the only people brave enough to come around a place like this was the truckdrivers. Then again I'd seen a lot of weird stuff on my trip around the country, and I doubted this would be the last thing out of the ordinary. But then again, what was ordinary when you policed what the public knew as the living dead, all to make a living?

Judder - November 17, 2006 02:19 AM (GMT)
Judder noticed the practiced swivel of the head of the agent. Judder leans up in a smooth motion and looks at the girl. " Hey girl, you ok?" Judder asks of the girl
Judder then takes another sip of coffee and asks the agent something. " You packing a 45 or something different.?"

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 02:26 AM (GMT)
As Judder notices exactly who I drew my attention to, and then asks the girl if she's alright, I get the feeling that he's got the right reflexes and the right attitude for the job. Identify the disturbance, and help those in need. In one way of saying it or another, that's been what the mantra of most well functioning governments.

He then asks me if I'm packing a .45, which was another pretty good guess, or just instinct he built up while with the police.

"Yeah, an M1911. Seems you've got pretty good instincts for this line of work." I replied.

Alexandria - November 17, 2006 02:32 AM (GMT)
“Yes, fine,” Alex said holding up her hand. “Just fine.” She said as she turned away from the two men, not looking at them. She put her hand on the cup of coffee and felt slightly embarrassed for drawing attention.

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 02:52 AM (GMT)
Still weird for a girl that age to be out in a dump like this. Must've run off or something. Or for all I know she's just a lot older than she looks. Oh well, guess it's none of my business really. I thought to myself.

"Well now that I'm pretty sure you're the right man for the job, I suppose I should be headed off. Where on earth are you headed anyway?" I asked Judder.

Judder - November 17, 2006 02:56 AM (GMT)
Judder had stared off into the void for a moment. The agent asking him the question of where he was headed to got his attention. Judder shrugs "No where in particular, East i guess, supposed to be a NRA convention there." "Was gonna hitch my way there to see if i could qualify for a tournament license."

Jason Drake - November 17, 2006 02:57 AM (GMT)
OOC: Mind if i join

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 03:01 AM (GMT)
"Well I'm heading back to D.C., so if you need a ride I'm more than happy to give you one." I told him.

It's not as if I would mind having some company on the way back home, I was getting tired of listening to Michael Savage on the radio.

OOC: Anyone is welcome to join in.

Jason Drake - November 17, 2006 03:06 AM (GMT)
*I am driving my motorcycle when i see a run down restaurant on the side of the road. I pull over and get off my bike. I walk in to see two men talking and a girl. I take a seat and the waitress walks up.*

Waitress: "What will you have, hon".

Jason: "A cup of coffee, please".

Judder - November 17, 2006 03:21 AM (GMT)
Judder observed a new person walk in and order coffee. Knodding to the man while sipping his coffee Judder speaks to John "Why not talk to him, he may want to join.?"
Judder sets his cup down and folds a dollar bill into a swan, then setting it on the bottom of the upside down cup. "I'll be outside waiting, which one is your vehicle?" Judder grabs his bag and slides to the edge of his seat.

Alexandria - November 17, 2006 03:34 AM (GMT)
Alex glanced over as someone else walked into the restaurant. She wondered if this was the same amount of business that this place got or if this was a 'busy' day for them.
Alex took a sip from her coffee and glanced over at the two men who were talking. It seemed like they were talking about some move that had zombies or something. Had she heard them wrong or were they acting like it was real.

Jason Drake - November 17, 2006 03:38 AM (GMT)
*Jason notices the girl looking at him. he then pulled a picture out of his back pocket and began to look at it. the waitress came with his coffee and he thank. He took a sip of it and continued to look at his picture.*

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 03:44 AM (GMT)
"Hmm... I get the feeling this'll be sort of a long trip, so I'm gonna get some coffee for the trip." I said to Judder. And that was no lie, I'd need a bit of caffiene, even if coffee wasn't really my thing.

"Excuse me miss, but could you possibly get me two large cups of coffee to go?" I asked the waitress. That mole on her cheek was tempting me to shout a few things from a spy movie, but I resisited the temptation.

"Sure thing. That'll be $3.00 sir." Said the waitress as she walked off to get the coffee.

Judder - November 17, 2006 03:46 AM (GMT)
Judder gets up and walks towards the bathroom. Turning around he says "Hey john, get me some coffee" With that Judder dissapears into the bathroom.

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 03:49 AM (GMT)
"Make that four cups please." I said to the waitress as I pulled out six dollars.

Jason Drake - November 17, 2006 03:54 AM (GMT)
*Notices the two men getting thing to go. I put my picture back in my pocket and return to my cup of coffee*

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 04:21 AM (GMT)
"They bit me! They f***in bit me!" Shouted a man behind me, much to my suprise.

I looked behind, and there a man was standing, trembling by the door having apparently just rushed in. A man yelling about being bitten was never a good sign, but the fact that his right wrist was bleeding quite profusely didn't make me any less concerned. Deciding that this might be within my line of work I got up and walked over to the man as the waitress took him to a seat. One of the other wait staff was already on the phone calling for an ambulance.

"Sir, I'm from the government and I'm here to help." I said in a calm, yet firm tone. Then I realized I'd just quoted what Reagen said as the scariets words ever spoken in a pretty conservative part of the country. Oops.

"What makes you think I can trust you?!" Shouted the bleeding man.

"Sir please just calm down, I'm really here to help. Here's my ID." I told him as I reached into my wallet and showed him my FVZA ID. This made him look a bit confused.

"I don't know who you are, but what happened was I was going out the rear enterance of the hotel to go to my car when from nowhere these two guys that looked about college age, and about two girls of the same age came from behind the dumpster and attacked me. I tried to tell them off but then they kept coming. I tried shoving away one of the guys but he grabbed me and then he bit me!" Exclaimed the man. He was clearly under a lot of duress. So I didn't tell him that he'd most likely die of an infection, come back, and then have to be shot once in the cranium.

"Ok sir, listen the ambulance is going to be here soon. You are going to be perfectly fine. I'm going to go take care of those people that attacked you in just a min..." I was saying just as the man cut me off.

"I ran away but I think they followed me here! Please, don't let them get me. I beg of you." He said.

That was the part that a lot of the other occupants seemed to overhear. All of a sudden a few of them drew revolvers that were previously concealed. One man muttered something about the shotgun in the truck.

"Well shit, if they're coming here I suppose we ought to go take care of them" Announced one of the guys who looked to be a truck driver in his late 30's. Several of them seemed to agree and within less than a minute a mob had organized to go fight the menace.

"Hold on gentlemen. I personally don't believe that you know quite what you're dealing with here. Please allow me the trained professional to handle this situation so as to minimize the risk to human life here." I responded to the men as I stood in front of them. All I got for my efforts were a few comments about government, and then a shove out of the way. I simply sighed and waited for Judder to come out of the bathroom so I could show him how we did things in the agency.

As for the mob of truck drivers, well I knew they probably wouldn't end their day on a very happy note. I realized that this could very well end up as a very bad idea for me, so I put away my ID, drew my gun looked towards the bleeding man who'd been attacked.

"Sir you coffee is ready." Said the waitress as if nothing had happened. I kind of had the impression that this sort of thing wasn't unusual for her.

Judder - November 17, 2006 04:24 AM (GMT)
Judder walked out of the bathroom, into what looked like a WorldWar two barracks.
Looking at John he mouthed the words "What the fuck?". Judder walked over to his bag and got his shotgun out, checked it, and loaded it with his favorite shells, 000 buckshot.
Turning back towards John he asks "What is going on now?"

Jason Drake - November 17, 2006 04:28 AM (GMT)
*I look at the man who said he was a goverment agent and stood up, drew my concealed Colt M1911, and approached the man*

"The name is Jason, you might need my help. Im a retired U.S. Army Ranger"

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 04:35 AM (GMT)
"First off, Judder the shit just hit the fan over by the hotel apparently. Jason, very nice to meet you. Now here's what's most likely going to happen. Those guys are going to go over, somebody will get bitten, they'll shoot at the assailants, the gunfire will do nothing since they'll be making torso shots if anything that hits. So we'll be left with at least four Z's to deal with, pretty hungry Z's mind you.

Then there's the fact that every zombie has it's origins. And considering that there's not much around here besides the hotel, that means we're going to need to search the hotel for more Z's. I'll call for backup, but there aren't any other agents for another couple hundred miles, so for today at least it's just us. Now just remember that the key is to aim for the head. Now in the meantime I'd appreciate it if you gents would follow me to my truck so I can grab a decent rifle. No sense in to getting too close to the buggers." I carefully explained as I picked up my coffee and then drank a sip.

And to think that they told me this little roadtrip would be a piece of cake.

Jason Drake - November 17, 2006 04:50 AM (GMT)
*listens to him and shurg. Ejects his clip and checks his bullets, .45 ACP's. He puts the clip back in and waits for more orders*

OOC: I got to go, i got work tommorrow, so cyber if you want to take over for me thats cool.

Roncas - November 17, 2006 05:32 AM (GMT)
I was driving home down Route 66 after a lecture I had done at the states university. My theories where critisized on the undead and was shunned out of there. They did not understand history and much less paranormal history. I have witnessed many things that would make the manliess of men shit there pants. Zombies yeah they were real. Some voodoo priest down in the bayous near my old home town had found some zombies and believed it was through his magic powers. It didnt end prety. He was eaten alive and I was barely able to kill the group and I wouldn't have survived if I had trained in the marines.

I was passing through a small town right outside the city and about 5-10miles fromt he university. I had done a 7AM lecture and I just got out at about 9. I hadn't had breakfast and I needed to get my bags from the hotel. I decided I would go to the hotel and get my bags so I can be on the road in a split.

I had packed my bags and was loading my car when the too famliar and eerie sound was heard. A low moan from a creature that I had only hear once before. A man was yelling and ran to the diner a bit down the street.

I reached into my bag and pulled out my old issued Beretta M9 and loaded the clip. After bieng in the military you never leave home without it. I am licensed in almost every state to carry a pistol on me so I'm not to worried about cops knowing I have it. I was hesitant to take a shot because they were still about 30yds away and I was in a populated area. I took off running to get a better angle as not to have a stray round flying into the hotel building.

Two more zombies came around on my left so I was unable to move. They looked to be college students so I was hesitant to shoot.

These kids better not be pulling a prank on me because of my teachings.

I shouted out. "Stop what you are doing or I will shoot." I recieved no answer but a slight groan and them progressing closer to me.

"I said stop or I will shoot!" I shot a warning shot to stop them in their tracks. They began moving towards me a bit faster.

Fuck... Okay. Disarm or dismobilize them. It is not assult if I do that.

The closest one was about 15 yds. Wll close enough for me to get a clean shot.

I fired one off and it pierced to through the knee. He buckled to the ground and looked at me. I saw his souless eyes and he continued to crawl towards me.

Alright this is the real deal. These kids aren't faking.

I aimed my weapon and fired. The bullet pierced through his skull and he stopped dead in his tracks. A slight shriek escaped his mouth and that was all. The other 3 stopped in confusement and then began slowly advancing towards me...

Alexandria - November 17, 2006 11:47 AM (GMT)
Alex stood up, a little hesitant at first but walked over to where the man who was taking control of the situation was standing. “I can watch him.” Alex said in a low mutter as she gestured to the man who had been bitten.
Alex had only taken a short course in health and in a short medical class before leaving. “I’ll keep him from getting into any trouble.” Alex said louder this time.

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 09:53 PM (GMT)
First thing to happen was hearing three shots from what sounded like a handgun of some kind. My guess was that the trucker mob had made it's way over and had started combat.

"That'd help us out a lot miss. Now I want you to understand that if you see anybody approaching that looks like they'd like to eat your flesh make sure you run for it. You can run for the Jeep that's out there and lock the doors once you're inside should anything unwanted follow you. Oh, and what's your name?" I asked the young lady who'd offered to take care of the wounded man.

Come to think of it, that guy wasn't looking too healthy. But at least we'd have at least we'd probably have three hours before he slipped into a coma assuming he still had enough blood left, and even once he slipped into a coma we'd have another three hours before he woke up and starting eating people.

Tsumari - November 17, 2006 10:31 PM (GMT)
Holding a grayish fedora hat with a press pass in the band to his head as the wind tries to steal it, Alan enters the cafe looking confused and slightly anxious.

"Can anyone tell me what's going on here? I showed up about fifteen minutes ago to interview some of the locals about some strange homicide story, and now I hear gunshots!"

Calms down, breathing a bit as he eyes the other denizens of the diner.

"I'm sorry. Just a little shaken up. I'm Alan Rowan with Travel Life Magazine. Can I get an explanation here, please?"

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 10:38 PM (GMT)
"Aww shit, it's the press." I mutter to myself.

The press hasn't been a friend of the FVZA for a very long time, even during the time of the original agency. Allegations of racism, incompetance, and overfunding were common from the media. So as you can guess, most of the FVZA wasn't too fond of reporters.

"Alright Mr. Rowan, the situation is that a man just came in with a bite on his arm saying something about people attacking and biting him. Now if you'll excuse us, this is now an federal operation and we're going to clean up this mess." I say to the reporter.

Tsumari - November 17, 2006 10:47 PM (GMT)
Alan stares at the agent with a degree of both shock and disbelief.

"Federal.... Federal operation? What are you talking about? Some guy gets bitten and they call in the MIBs? Who exactly are we dealing with here, Ted Bundy?"

He discreetly flips out a legal pad and pen, deciding he should probably be taking this down. The Tribune was offering him a large freelance commission to cover this story- something Travel Life Magazine could only joke about paying him- and now things were getting more interesting than he ever could have expected.

Cyber78 - November 17, 2006 11:19 PM (GMT)
"You see what happened was some light from Venus refracted off of some swamp gas trapped in a weather balloon, and this man here was staring at it too long, didn't watch his step, tripped, fell, and cut himself on some shards of glass from a broken vodka bottle somebody had thrown out. We're going out to cleanup the glass, so in the meantime don't panic because there's nothing to see here." I quickly explained to the reporter.

Sometimes the only way to keep a reporter quiet for a while was make up something that was so obviously bullshit that they'd start contemplating how dumb you thought they were.

Tsumari - November 18, 2006 04:50 AM (GMT)
Alan scowls.

"You can't seriously take me for that stupid. If you need to go about your business, Agent K, go right ahead. But I'm coming along and I AM getting this story."

He sounds noticeably more Scottish when he's agitated.

Judder - November 18, 2006 04:55 AM (GMT)
Judder looks outside of the windows as he walks around behind the reporter. He looks John in the eye and makes a sign for knocking the reporter out quietly. Judder gets a good grip on the gun, and gets ready for anything.

Cyber78 - November 18, 2006 11:20 PM (GMT)
I see Judder making a signal for knocking out the reporter and in response I give a quick nod in disagreement. As much as I'd love to have that reporter knocked out, they tend to become even more of a pain in the ass when you forcibly remove them from a potential story. That and Congress "forgot" to give us the right to supress the first amendment, f***in politicians.

"Look Mr. Rowan, you can come along on the condition that you agree that if any sort of injury were to happen to you you cannot hold us, our employers, or anyone but yourself responsible. Also the guys that had drank and threw that vodka bottle are a little hungover so give them there space. And finally, you can cover the story so long as you don't interfere with what we're doing. Understood?" I explained to the reporter.

Alexandria - November 19, 2006 12:11 AM (GMT)
Alex would have answered the man who had taken charge of the situation but the reporter had started to talk to him. Alex shuffled the man over the booth she had been sitting in.
"The guy f***ing bit me." The man said looking pale and sick.
Alex held some napikins against the mans apperent bite wound and said. "Don't worry it'll be fine. The only thing that can happen now is you bleed to death." Alex wasn't sure what was worng with the man but she knew that wasn't his only problem.
"Sir." Alex called to the man who had taken charge.

Jason Drake - November 19, 2006 12:45 AM (GMT)
*Hears the girl call for the goverment agent but says nothing and waits for the reporter to shut the hell up*

Cyber78 - November 19, 2006 12:46 AM (GMT)
"Yes?" I responded to the girl taking care of the bleeding man.

Alexandria - November 19, 2006 12:51 AM (GMT)
"If you don't mind me asking, what's happening. Why did this man get bitten?" Alex asked him in slight confusion as the man continued to mumble.

Roncas - November 19, 2006 12:55 AM (GMT)
((OOC: Am I going to have to talke these zombies out myselves? Jeeze... you slow pokes.))

Cyber78 - November 19, 2006 01:26 AM (GMT)
The time came when I'd have to make a choice. Continue to confuse the news reporter in hopes of downplaying the story and potentially risk lives, or tell all in front of a reporter and potentially risk lives. This was a choice that many agents in the past had to make. Some made the right decision, some made the wrong decision, others made a decision that was both right and wrong. So I considered the situation.

There was anywhere from one to four zombies out behind the hotel, and probably several more somewhere nearby. Although considering we were on a busy route and the bites could've occured around twelve hours ago, the original zombies could potentially be hundreds of miles away, or even inside the hotel somewhere. If those four zombies had bitten anyone else earlier then the hotel could in theory be swarming with them.

But on the other hand the reporter's timing was impeccable, suggesting that he was possibly investigating mysterious deaths in the area. That meant that even though the source could've been hundreds of miles away, it also meant that there were likely to be more zombies in the immediate area. All meaning that we might have to do a lot of zombie busting now, and probably keep an eye on this particular road for any other attacks.

So the conclusion was simple, until we could confirm that the area was secure we couldn't risk the lives of the innocent and ignorant. Even if that meant letting the press cover one of our stories. Although on the other hand if we handled this professionally, which was a longshot considering the lack of training, we could perhaps get an article that was favorable towards us. Like I said, it was a longshot in a lot of respects, mainly in how we would perform, partially in how the press was always so damn negative, but if this guy was already investigating all we could do was make the best of it.

"Alright, after a bit of thought about all this, I'll tell you exactly what's going on. There are anywhere from one to four confirmed zombies out there. Most likely there's some in the hotel or somewhere else in the surrounding area, and possibly more down the road in either direction. Until we investigate I don't know too much about the grand scale of the situation, but I'd estimate that we'll find at least ten of the buggers by the end of the day.

And that's right, I said it, zombies. Now they aren't actually dead yet, but we are talking about rotting flesh eating zombies. Gotta kill them by destroying the brain and everything. From a practical perspective, just think back to what you know from Romero's time of the day of the dead movies." I answered.

Jay - November 19, 2006 04:05 AM (GMT)
Perched on the roof of a 2-storey building, Jay looked through the cafe's windows and compared the man talking to the reporter with a crumpled photograph.
"Bingo," he said softly to himself. This was the target. He thought back to the file he had been given on the man before he had taken the assignment.

"John Miller, 27, member of a governmental agency called the FVZA, an organization whose purpose is to keep the number of zombies and vampires in the world under control. Experienced operative, very dangerous."

Jay set up the tripod on the edge of the roof, then turned around and picked up his rifle from behind him. "Tim, I think this one will be a kill to remember," he said to it as he attached it to the tripod.
"It's a shame, really. In other circumstances, Miller would have been a excellent person to work with."
Taking aim through the scope, he lined up Miller's head with the target, and prepared to fire. But a movement out of the corner of his eye made him pause. 3 men were shuffling towards the cafe in a way that teminded him of a...
Jay grinned, and settled back. "Hey, Tim. Let's see how the zombie guy gets his way out of this."

Cyber78 - November 19, 2006 04:38 AM (GMT)
With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound, three zombies approached the diner and one let out a moan that sounded like a drunk man who'd lost a bet. I turned my head to see them coming once I heard the moan.

"Ok, here's the plan. I'm going to take these plates..." I say picking up a few plates from around the diner, some still covered in syrup and stuff.

"...and I'm going to run past those zombies, and then throw the plates at them to get their attention. That way anyone who wants out of here can sneak past them, or sneak up behind them and shoot at point blank range so you can't miss." I explained.

I readied my plates, took a sip of my coffee, put my sidearm back in it's holster, and then thought about tieing my shoes and straightening my tie. But with the zombies getting closer I have no time to do the last two so I simply fly out the front door and run right past the three z's.

I had seven plates to use, so I needed to make them count. I started by throwing one plate at each zombie, and then repeating the process. Out of six plates thrown, only two of them met their target, and neither of those two scored hit to the head. Infact, they didn't do anything aside from grabbing the attention of the three zombies. All according to plan. So with about twenty feet between me and the nearest zombie I simply waited for Judder to do his thing while I licked the syrup covered plate I had that was used to serve my pancakes and bacon.

Roncas - November 19, 2006 04:42 AM (GMT)
A sudden wind change alerted me. The zombies raised thier heads and smelled the air. They knew a pack of fresh food was near by and turned their backs to me. They were walking in the direction of the diner and I knew something was going to go wrong.

I raised my weapon and fired 3 more shots into a the back of a zombie around 10yds ahead of me.

Shit 6 shots down 9 more to go...

The zombie that I shot started to move slower do to different tendings bieng severed. I fired another shot into its leg and it started moving slower. I couldn't afford to shoot at the head right now. I dind't want a bullet hitting a pedestiran in one of the buildings. I was already getting curious looks and sirens could be heard off in the distance.

I was being stared down from people in some of the business around horrified that I was shooting people in the street. I prayed someone would be able to get me out of this mess instead of bieng accused of murder.

And how can i murder something thats already dead! Bah. The shit I get myself into.

To my suprise someone jumped out of the diner and was throwing plates at teh zombies. I started laughing and I couldn't aim straight so I was unable to fire. I slowed down my pace and let him take care of the rest. I did my part and got this one zombie nearly out of commisiona nd another iwht its brains splatted all over the gorund at the hotel.

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