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Title: Guidelines for Missions

Adminbot3000 - November 14, 2006 11:50 PM (GMT)
Alright some of the first potential topics for missions have come in, and a few of them are good. A few aren't as good. One was an advertisement for cellphones.

So I'm going to establish a few guidelines so as to keep from drifting too far from the FVZA mainpage and to keep things fun.

- For now I'd prefer to keep all of our missions inside of the United States. Eventually we may move into Canada and Mexico, but for now it'd be best to stay inside the US. But for those of you from out of the US, don't worry, the plan is to eventually incorporate the Vampire Investigative Bureau from the UK, and some others. But that may be a while before it happens.

- For now it's preferable to keep the outbreaks we're dealing with somewhat small and isolated. Since FVZA type zombies are a bit different from Romero zombies it won't take away too much to keep things small for now. Remember, we're underfunded and for the sake of RP purposes we'll want to keep it that way. Having a major city get cleared out and having lot's of media attention might hurt that. Same goes for the Order of the Broken Cross, you guys will want to keep a low profile too.

- Try not to center the mission around just you. Nobody likes a mission based around one person. A good mission let's everyone participating enjoy their time RPing.

- Try using police tactics instead of military tactics for those of you on the FVZA. Remember that we want to be clean and professional, none of that charging in with a minigun and shooting anything that moves.

More suggestions may follow.

Templar - November 22, 2006 01:50 AM (GMT)
Here is my two cents:

+ Sure, it is nice every once and awhile to take out a room-full of bad guys by yourself within seconds, scoring headshots on all of the dudes... but don't do it at every other turn. Be realistic. Not every bullet will hit and not every shot makes people exclaim "BOOM! HEADSHOT!" Work with the others on your side in the mission. It is rare that agents work purely alone. Sure it happens, but normally the FVZA is deployed in teams, and there is no I in team. Vamps should take a hint along with that too… we aren’t known to work in packs for nothing.

+ Like it has been said, keep it basic and somewhat down-scaled from Raccoon City. What you don't want to do is make it too small that it is over than it is begun.

+ OPEN ENDED. This is GOD to an RPG. Set up the background for the teams, allow for variables, and let the ball roll.

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