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Title: Hello, My Name Is Victer, Lucas Victer

LucasVicter - November 19, 2011 07:09 PM (GMT)
Name: Lucas Victer

Date of birth: October 13, 1980

Place of birth: Des Moines, Iowa

Eye color: Blue-Green.

Hair color: Light Brown, cut in a militar hairstyle.

Complexion: Caucasian.

Height: 6'3.

Weight: +- 230 lbs.

Build: robust and muscular.

Marital/family status: Single.

Typical attire: Jeans, leather jacket with a white T-shirt.

Tattoos/Piercings: A Large Skull tattoo on his back.

Significant medical history:Scar on left shoulder in the course of a shot from a .45 caliber.

Qualifications: Wrestling champion in high school, Kruang black in MuayThai, national champion of MuayThai, basic training in the United States Navy, intense training in swordsmanship, hunter for 18 years (in his spare time), an expert on handguns.

Personality: He speaks little, does not attach much people like dogs more than people, has a weak to lust, has over-confidence and a bit impulsive.

History: Grew up in Des Moines, with an absent father he never knew his mother was a religious fanatic with a problem with gambling. For natural aptitude was selected to be captain of the wrestling team in high school, he enlisted at age 17, lying about his age. He served in the Iraq War, serving at Camp Victory. During his stay he learned MuayThai, in 2007 he returned to America and continued his training, then becoming national champion, after a while learned about FVZA and decided to enlist, but due to his behavioral problems do not fit into the assault team, but by being so qualified has become a shadow.

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