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Title: Survive !
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Rhodes - November 16, 2010 08:59 PM (GMT)
Rhodes: 30 miles East of Tower #A001
Age: 36
Equipment: .270 Rifle - 48 rounds
9mm semi-auto - 57 rounds
Hunting knife
Consumables: - 9 cans ravioli
1 gallon water
Ibuprophen - 147 pills
Vitamins - 8 pills

Rhodes squatted on the roof of the small farm house looking thru a pair of cheap walmart binoculars. Scanning the surrounding fields, he was looking for game to possibly shoot as well as on the lookout for any undead. The last few days only yielded about half a doz geek zombies. Many he'd killed by bashing in their skulls or putting a single pistol round into their forehead then burning the bodies during the day.

Deer and cattle were becoming scarce since the outbreak. Many cattle were killed being slower than deer. A small hunting party was spotted on the outskirt of the treeline by the highway. Rhodes had signaled them with a flash of a small mirror inside a makeup compact. They waved as they quietly went and began moving up the highway to the north. Several small community stores were only a couple miles from the farm Rhodes had set up a base camp.
Being a country boy all his life, he knew how to hunt/fish, basic wilderness survival as well as having a head for engineering and science. Rhodes picked this small farm due to its geography. The land was flat with small rolling hills, a nearby water well as well as lots of game trails. The highway gave him access to vehicles if the need arised to leave quickly. There was a generator onsight, but knowing the undead gravitate towards noise...he'd avoided using it.

"Well, i suppose i should open up a can of ravioli and get some food in this growling belly."

Rhodes let the binoculars hang around his neck as he dug in a small backpack and got the can of ravioli out and his can opener. He devoured the contents before carefully running his finger on the inside of the can to get every bit of sauce.

He took out a knife and carefully poked a small hole in the can lid. Climbing down from the roof, Rhodes walked cautiously towards the water well shack and untied a small piece of clear fishing line from the door knob and opened the door. Inside was a small electric motor and water spigot. Several car batteries sat on a shelf. Rhodes tied the can to a string full of cans suspended. Acting like a makeshift alarm, he picked up a canteen and shook it. The pump was battery operated by just attaching a wire the electric motored whirred with little noise and would suck the water up from the clean well.

Fixing the string to the door, Rhodes walked quickly back to the house, always turning his head on the lookout for the undead. Climbing back up the roof under a sunny sky, Rhodes leaned back on the roof of the house and closed his eyes for a quick nap before the sun went down.

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