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Title: Wide Band Announcements
Description: Look here for up to date news!!

Rhodes - November 16, 2010 08:26 PM (GMT)
Area of Transmission: 50 mile radius from Fortified Tower #A001

"Attention survivors, this is Tower #A001 with a regular report. We realize the radius of our transmission is roughly 50 miles, centering in the City of Charestown (0 miles). We had recenet radio contacts from the following outlying areas:
(48 miles North)
(39 miles West)
(32 miles South)
(20 miles East)

Anyone with information regarding survivors, fortified shelters, food surplus, potable water supplies, or weapons info... please try to locate a citizens band radio and try to make contact on channel 01. We'll try to keep this station operational for as long as possible.
In the meanwhile, here's the weekly rundown.

Survivor camp Watkins has moved further south, any forage parties should proceed along highway 95 south and look for signs.

Fort Blankenship (20 miles East) is overrun. There was reports of high power ammo and some limited weapons. No provisions found.

44 miles North reports by lone survivor that water supply is contaminated. Provisions are available, Geek count moderate.

That is all for this transmission.


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