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Title: Operation Interior Exoskeleton

Cyber78 - October 27, 2009 03:26 AM (GMT)
FROM: Bruce Montana, Director, Miami Branch Office
SUBJECT: Request for backup

To all concerned, I am requesting personnel to assist in an operation that we are conducting in the Miami area. Please review the briefing and if interested please request to your supervisors that you be assigned to this case.

Thank you,
Director Montana, Miami Branch Office


Operation Interior Exoskeleton
MISSION SUMMARY: Locate and eliminate a vampire pack operating outside of the agreement with the Order.

1. Identify, locate, and eliminate the rogue vampire pack (or alternatively bring the pack under the control of the Order of the Broken Cross).
2. Ensure the safety of civilians.
3. Attempt to prevent the media from learning of this operation.

BACKGROUND: While our agreements with the Order of the Broken Cross have for the most part been a worthwhile relationship, particularly during the joint operation in Dallas, there have been exceptions. During the past few months numerous incidents in the Miami area have occurred that are believed to be the work of vampires. Our liaison with the Order here in Miami has denied any involvement from the Order, which leads us to believe that we are dealing with a vampire pack that is not under the command of the Order. Because of this, they are not covered by our agreements with the Order and therefore must be neutralized.

OPERATING ZONE: The operating zone will be in the Miami metropolitan area, with most of the target vampire population residing and hunting in the city limits of Miami. However it is believed that the rogue pack in question could extend from Homestead in the south all the way up to West Palm Beach in the north. Although it is possible that vampires may flee into the Everglades it is considered unlikely that they will move there until alerted to this operation.

OPPOSITION: Little information on this pack is known at this time. However we have managed to establish a few parameters. The first incidents that we've been able to confirm as vampire related happened in July of this year, but earlier unconfirmed attacks have been reported as far back as March. Based on the number of victims we have deduced that the pack cannot be any larger than sixty vampires, although it is most likely less for them to live comfortably based on their food supply. We can also infer that with the possibly exception of the first vampire or so that started this, all of the vampires have been infected for only a few months at maximum.

Whether or not this is one large vampire pack or several smaller packs is currently unknown. It is also unknown how much power the original founder have, assuming that he/she is still alive. While we suspect that the original vampire would be in command of at least his/her immediate pack, given the sociology of vampires outside the Order it is possible that he/she has already been deposed. In terms of how well this pack or packs are armed, that is also unknown at this time.

OTHER FACTORS: Weather reports indicate a tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic that by next week could turn to a hurricane which will most likely strike Miami. As you all may know, the job of vampire hunting gets substantially more difficult in hurricane weather, it is therefore recommended that this operation be completed as soon as possible.

EQUIPMENT: All equipment should be appropriate for a dense urban environment with numerous civilians.

Rhodes - November 2, 2009 07:27 PM (GMT)
((OOC: this the mission post?))

Cyber78 - November 2, 2009 08:19 PM (GMT)
OOC: Yeah, I figured that since the Order and Agency are working together on this one the briefing would be disseminated to both. And since we don't have a lot of people right now I'm just going to start the mission with the briefing.

O_O - November 3, 2009 03:56 AM (GMT)
((Civilians? so is America no longer completely zombie-fied? ))

Cyber78 - November 3, 2009 05:05 AM (GMT)
OOC: We're pulling a mulligan. Just imagine it as a what could have been type scenario if the FVZA messes up too badly.

IC: Short article from The Dallas Morning News

Earlier this week federal agents conducted a series of raids throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. While gunfire was heard during many of these raids, little is known. Both the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security have yet to make any sort of comment on the situation, leading to speculation that the operation was of high importance due to its high level of secrecy.

However eyewitnesses report that several men in hazardous material suits were seen in the areas following the quelling of gunfire, suggesting that some sort of nuclear, biological, or chemical material may have been involved. The terrorist organization targeted by the raids have yet to be publicly identified. Could terrorists finally have access to weapons of mass destruction? Only time will tell.

After a few hours of airline travel, Special Agent John Miller had arrived in Miami, Florida. Given the events that had recently transpired, he was grateful to finally get an assignment to a nice location for once. Having recently stepped down from the post of Deputy Director he had taken up position as the leader of Victory team, a special unit based at the national headquarters for the purpose of assisting the local branch offices. With his most recent assignment being a lone but crafty vampire in North Dakota, Miami was just what he needed.

Wearing a button up silk t-shirt, khaki pants, and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses; to the naked eye he was just another tourist. Once he had spent an irritatingly long time retrieving his luggage he stepped outside to hail a cab. Entering the cab he instructed the driver to procede to an address on 2nd Avenue in North Miami Beach, a building located adjacent to the FBI's Miami office.

Rhodes - November 3, 2009 01:05 PM (GMT)
"ETA Five minutes buddy."

"Roger that," replied the tall vampire as he removed his headset when the large red light attached to the roof of the small cargo plane flying just north of Miami lit up.

Rhodes, one of the Order of the Broken Cross' elite freelance agents, was looking forward to some R&R after the last few months of hell he'd been put thru exterminating zombies and keeping one eye on the FVZA.

The airplane rose to a blissfully peaceful 15,000 feet...perfect for a parachute jump.

Rhodes checked his straps and gear for the third time and when the light above flicked green he stood up and moved to the side rear door that was open and glanced out before jumping into the great wide open.

The freefall sensation was one of the scant few feeling the centurys old vampire still took pleasure in enjoying. The rush of air filling his ears while the sharp bite of cool upper air bit into his pale flesh as he plummeted to the earth below.
The gorgeous blue water of the atlantic and gulf of mexico was breathtaking to say the least. After performing millions of jumps in his extended lifetime, nothing compared to the sparkling blue contrasted against the lush green of Florida.

At just under 9,000 feet, the vamp-agent yanked his ripcord, releasing his main chute. The sudden lurch of his decent, slowing to a gentle float downward was the end of the sensation for the undead man. Adjusting his decent path via the steering cords, Rhodes was aiming for a large field by a small local airport commonly used by parachuting enthusiasts.

Swooping down, Rhodes pulled hard on the right turn cord, causing his chute to swing him around. As his feet hit the ground, he took several quick sprinting steps to get ahead of his chute as it hit the ground behind him.

"Nice landing man !" came a voice from over by a Ford Ranger pickup.

Rhodes turned and nodded with a short smile, "Thanks. One of my better touch downs."

The guy jogged over and helped him pull in his canopy into a ball and carry it over to the truckbed.

"Hey, you have a missed call there," the guy said as he pointed to the small pda phone strapped to his jumpsuit.

Closing his eyes, the vampire shook his head and took out the electronic device. Looking at it he recognized the three digit code in front of the "missed call" symbol.

"Fuck," he said under his breath.

"What was that?" asked the guy as he stuffed the chute into the bed box, closing the lid.

"Vacations over, time to go to work," replied Rhodes as he got into the passenger seat, slamming the door.

O_O - November 5, 2009 12:27 AM (GMT)
Ray was asleep on the bench outside the Miami FBI office, waiting for Miller, whom he had been told to meet there. He was wearing dark cloth shorts reaching just past his knees, a gray T-shirt with a blue whirlpool design on it, some black Converse low-tops, and a white cap with a black design of a skull with wings. He fit in well enough, he looked like he had just had a late night, fallen asleep on the bench. The look's authenticity was increased by his 5 O'clock shadow which he had gained from the long drive to Miami from Dallas. He didn't get a plane ride, he had to drive in a beat-up Chevy Camarro. He envied Miller, though at the time, he didn't mind. He was too busy sleeping.

O_O - November 8, 2009 07:07 AM (GMT)

Rhodes - November 9, 2009 05:06 PM (GMT)
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O_O - November 11, 2009 02:02 AM (GMT)
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Rhodes - November 12, 2009 03:41 PM (GMT)
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Abnet - November 13, 2009 12:25 AM (GMT)
(Yeah my free time has been pretty dominated by Call of Duty lately too.)

Miami, Florida. 11:28 PM

Leon pull into the parking lot of an apartment complex where the latest murder had taken place. Branches of the FVZA had been working with the police ever since the possibility of vampire activity was comfirmed and Leon had been checking in on all of the recent murders.

He walked up to the police line, flashed his badge and was let into the apartment.

"What do we have, Joe?"
"Same as the rest of 'em, Leon: Killed in his sleep. No sign of struggle. The perp was quick about it. We're guessing it happened a few hours ago." said Joe, a heavy set mustachioed cop in his fifties who probably grew up in New York. Leon couldn't have guessed how this guy ended up in Miami. "Think you can tell us anything more?"
"It's why I'm here, Joe."

Leon walked into the bedroom of the apartment. It looked pretty average except for the dead body of a man in his thirties on the bed. He'd seen it before: two puncture wounds on the neck, pale from the blood loss, paler than normal. This vamp must have been hungry.

As Leon inspected the body he saw something that surprised him.

The body's hand twitched.


The corpse's eyes snapped open and he leaped off of the bed with the speed of a newly risen vampire. He smiled a hungry, fanged grin at Leon.

Leon drew a USP pistol from his shoulder holster and trained the sights on the vampire's head.

"Joe, get out of here! Hold the door shut."

Joe thought it over for a split second before realizing Leon knew what he was doing and left the room. Leon heard him thump against the other side of the door.

The vampire leaped in Leon's directon. He dove out of the way and the vampire hit the wall, knocking a mirror and a couple of pictures loose from their fastenings. Leon took a knee and fired three rounds into the vampire's chest. The bullents didn't do much more than stun him.

"Tough son of a bitch, huh?"

The vampire made another rush for Leon. He wasn't as quick on the dodge this time and the vampire sent him flying onto the bed. He rolled backwards off the bed and landed on his back.

The room was quiet for a second. Leon stayed on the ground, gun ready.

The vampire's popped up from over the bed and Leon fired a shot through his brain.

Leon got up and wiped the blood from his face and suit. He made sure the vampire was dead and turned on his earpiece.

"HQ? Agent Stevens. Had a run in with a live one. Get a cleanup crew to the Beachview Apartments on Palmwood Avenue ASAP."

Rhodes - November 16, 2009 02:11 PM (GMT)
Rhodes spent a few days making the usual arrangements when working within a new city. Secured temporary safe house in case the shit hit the fan hard and fast. Located several 'helping hands' operating within the Order in which to procure supplies, ammo, and weaponry.
Lastly he checked into a secure network in which to receive his operating intelligence.
The secure site had postings of what seemed like random information. Anyone managing to get unauthorized access wouldn't be able to make much sense of the information.
Rhodes scanned the network postings and filtered on most recent.

"Hmm Lakeview... fresh...and terminated by an "agent"."

Finding his starting point, the vampire agent left the small internet cafe and went to the county morgue.
He 'persuaded' the clerk to let him him, flashing a badge he'd kept from one of his previous jobs.
He got the clerk to take him to the body.

"Dunno them. No id, just John Doe as usual. Cause of death was originally bloodloss, but the 'secondary' would be the bullet holes to the brain by a law official."

"Thanks. Just gimme a few minutes ok?" said the vampire with authority.

As the clerk left, he watched until the sliding doors closed. Turning to the corpse, he pulled back the sterile sheeting and inspected.
Pretty much as corpses come. Greyish skin, male, average height and build. Rhodes leaned in closer and sniffed at the body.

"Hrm, don't recognize this ones mark," he mumbled as he looked into the milky eyes of the dead body.

Twitching his face at the two puncture marks in the neck, Rhodes frowned and began looking all over the body along the major artery lines.
As he spread the legs apart slightly he spotted the bite scar on the inner right thigh.

"Bingo," he said and pulled out his cell phone.

"It's me. We got a strange one. Poser bites on the neck, but turning from the thigh artery. This one's male, my guess, female sire. I'll give more when i get it."

He pressed the end button and took a quick pic of the bite scar. Technology had come a long way since his 'rebirth'.

Leaving the morgue, Rhodes hailed a cab and gave the driver an address in a rather 'rough' neighborhood in south Miami. Hopping out he handed the driver the money and instantly drew several glares and looks.

"What's a pale ass puto doin here man?" asked the hispanic thug as he strutted up to Rhodes, flanked by 3 others wearing bandanas, baggy jeans with chains on wallets.

Rhodes turned and squinted an eye at the three.

"Fucking sun," he muttered.

"Oh you know, just trying to buy drugs, women and guns. But i guess i get the local welcoming committee instead. I'm lookin for Juan," he said sarcastically, knowing the outcome before events even began.

"Oh so funny ass here is lost? Wanna buy that shit right? How bout you catch a cab back to the strip with the other homo's eh whitey?" the one said as the others began to slowly circle the vampire.

Rhodes sighed, flexed, and instantly had the thug by the throat.

"Look Paco, I'm looking for Juan, either you know him, or your just another useless piece of street trash in my god damn way. know where i can find him?" Rhodes said flatly as the man's eyes bulged under his vice grip.

A gun barrel was pressed to the back of the vampires head.
"Puta, you have two seconds to let him go before I..." was all the words the thug got before Rhodes had used his free hand to strike and snatch the gun from the man.

"Fine," replied the vampire as he crushed the mexican's neck like a beer can.

The other thug was fumbling with his hand in his jeans trying to presumably pull his weapon out. The one behind Rhodes was recovering from the hit he took. He tried to grab the vampire in a tackle but wouldve had more luck with a light post. Spinning around and head butting the shorter man, Rhodes jumped up about 8 feet in the air and landed on the punks skull, crushin it against the pavement.

The last thug decided to beat feet away from this ivory skinned murderer. Sprinting down an alley and cutting thru several more, his heart thundered in his chest and ears as he ran with everything in him.
Looking over his shoulder for any signs of pursuit the man was caught in the chest with something rock solid, causing him to flip and land on his back. As the grey wash vision cleared, standing over him was the vampire agent.

"Like i said, you know where i can find Juan?" asked Rhodes with his foot on the man's shoulder.

"L, L, Look man, I dont know nothing or nobody named Juan, ok?" he stammered.

"Useless as the other two i guess," said Rhodes as he lifted his foot in order to stomp the man.

"WAIT!!! Wait i know someone who does tho, maybe... just please man don't kill me," he said in accented english.

Rhodes nodded and jerked the man to his feet violently before they started walking back to the main street.

Rhodes - November 19, 2009 12:45 PM (GMT)
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Cyber78 - November 21, 2009 07:40 PM (GMT)
(Sorry, work has been hectic as hell. I've only actually gotten to play no more than an hour or so of Call of Duty)

By the time the cab arrived in North Miami Beach the sun had fallen below the horizon, and day turned to night. Shedding his Ray Bans, Miller stepped out of the cab and savored the fact that it was still warm out after dusk. As he looked around for a member of Victory team that he was supposed to meet, his phone gave a quick vibration, indicating a text message.

Checking his phone, the message read;
From: FVZA Miami Dispatch
Cleanup crew dispatched to Beachview Apartments on Palmwood Ave, one active Voodoo exterminated by personnel Stevens.


Looking around once again for his agent, he did a second take, this time taking more than just a glance at the man he assumed was a beach bum asleep on the bench. Evidently not only had his trip been long, but he was also aiming to fit in with the local populace. Miller had one agent who fit in so well he didn't recognize him at first, and he had another agent who had already located and taken down one of the rogue vampires. Should be an easy case, Miller thought.

After paying the cab driver who was growing anxious for his payment, he grabbed his two duffel bags out of the back seat. One had all the typical stuff a tourist would take on a trip, while the other had everything he needed to make a Stallone character look like a member of the Peace Corps.

Walking over to Ray, he nudged him and said, "Come on wake up, we need to be somewhere and I'm too cheap to pay for another cab driver so you'll have to do."

Rhodes - November 23, 2009 05:21 PM (GMT)
((That sir is a crime !! only an hour... pfftt.. ;) ))

Rhodes walked with the thug back to the street and after making several turns around the low income housing district, arrived at a rather crummy looking house. Several gutted cars and pickups sat in the yard and in the driveway.
Glancing out back before going to the iron fence front door, the vampire noticed a closed garage out back.

The thug wrapped on the iron gate with a loud banging.
As the interior door opened, a small short dumpy hispanic woman stood with a sawed off double barrel gun aimed thru the slot in the grating.

"Eh? what you want?!" she barked crisply.

"Uh my boy here's looking for Juan?" the thug said nervously, his eyes glued to the barrels pointed right at his navel, 6 inches away.

The women snorted as she looked us up and down.

"Tell Juan, a VERY old friend of his is here to pick up some of his things," Rhodes said with a very cold, low tone.
The woman eyeballed the vampire up and down before pulling the shotgun back and walking into the house interior, rattling off a string of spanish.

A few moments later a rather tall hispanic male, of mixed background strolled up to the door.

"As i live and drink, Rhodes. I'd wondered how long it'd be before you darkend my doorstep," the man presumably Juan, said cooly.

Rhodes grinned as the thug in his grip continued to sweat, "Yeah Juan I know, but i never figured on such a ...warm reception by your dogs here."

Juan shrugged with a grin before unlatching the door and opening it. Rhodes marched the thug in by the back of the neck. As Juan stepped back and let the door close, Rhodes open handed struck the thug, dropping him instantly to the floor unconscience. Juan looked down with an eyebrow raised.

"Hard to get good help these days you know. How many did you kill?" he asked.

"Only a couple. Really Juan, you don't bother to let your pets know about how we operate?" the vampire said looking around as if surveying the place to buy or burn down.

The hispanic vampire just shrugged one shoulder and gestureed.

"So... i take it your here about the unauthorized killings and such? Can't say i blame the order for sending you. Seems to me that whoever is behind it, has good information. I also gather your here about some of your stuff?" the hispanic male said as he stepped over the thugs body and walked towards the back of the house and out to the garage.

As Rhodes followed, "Well it occured to me that you of all might have a reliable source of info. Gimme a starting point."

Juan winked and unlocked a heavy by well concealed door into the side of the building via a keypad.

"This is true. Other than the usual info found on the police band... my sources have said its not a local," Juan said as he pushed the door open which lead into a modest sized weapons room full of a wide variety of firearms.

Rhodes stopped inside the door as the lights came on and nodded with approval.

"This all mine?" Rhodes chuckled.

"No Essay its not. But you can have anything you see for a price. Hehehhe," the other laughed and gestured with his hand.

Juan retrieved Rhodes things, a few semi-auto pistols and a small assault rifle, all equipped with suppressors and plenty of ammo.

Rhodes bought on the spot a few transmitters and wiretap devices as well as a well modified uzi. After haggling on price, Juan finally relented as the other vampire dropped a few thousand dollars in his hand.

"Pleasure Rhodes."
"Likewise Juan, and theres an extra thousand for the info and anything else you or your underground can dig up on me. My cell is on this card."

Juan took the card and nodded.

As they left, Juan took Rhodes by the shoulder.

"Something you should know old friend. The order has been keeping very loose company and eyes on the Agency. We know about the truce and lots of others are not at ease with that decision. They find the treaty as distasteful as an old steer," Juan said softly, as if in warning.

Rhodes looked into the tan vampires face, as if searching for the hidden meaning.

"I know, old friend. But wisdom comes in many ways, and orders must be followed without question otherwise, chaos ensues," he replied with a smile.

"Watch your back Rhodes....not many around here will. Go sniff around the condo's over on Renault Avenue."

Rhodes hesitated and dug into memories, "The hi-rise ritzy hood?"

Juan nodded and walked back into the house via the back door.

Rhodes walked out front where a cab was already waiting for him. After getting in, he gave the cabbie directions to a small apartment complex not too far from the Beachview Apartments where a safe house was set up for him by the Order.


O_O - November 25, 2009 12:12 AM (GMT)
((Sorry, I've been doing a lot of stuff lately, out of town a bunch. ))

Ray looked out from under his cap and looked at Miller. "A guy can't even take a nap?" He sat up, shaking his head "I don't know anything yet, so if you do, clue me in. I was told to drive here, from Dallas, in the middle of the night, with no briefing what-so-ever. I slept for a few hours beside the road in my car during the trip once, and to top it all of, me and Samantha still haven't gotten hitched. I'm pretty pissed over all." After a long, drawn-out sigh, he stood up with his hand out for Miller to shake "So, how's things with you?"

Rhodes - December 1, 2009 04:44 PM (GMT)
After arriving at the safehouse condo, Rhodes unpacked his gear and took account of what he had brought from Juans. Making sure everything was in tip top working order, the vampire picked up his cell phone and dialed a secure number.

"This is agent Rhodes with status report. Gear secured. Lead acquired. Proceeding to hi rise condos to follow up on lead information. Will report back at 0200 hours," and hung up the phone, stuffing it into his pants pocket.

While looking over a city map, the vampire agent made a few marks with a sharpie pen, noting the attack sites hoping a pattern would emerge. After folding up the paper, the vampire strapped on his pistols under his coat and headed out.

Rhodes - December 7, 2009 12:08 PM (GMT)
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O_O - December 14, 2009 04:21 AM (GMT)

Cyber78 - December 26, 2009 08:28 AM (GMT)
OOC: Several twelve hour shifts, holiday madness, and a fully written post that I accidentally deleted before posting here it is...

"Here's what's going down. As you know, we've got a pretty rough truce going with the Order of the Broken Cross. In a nutshell it says that they are responsible for regulating hunting in the US to within certain quotas, and in exchange we don't kill their members. This means that any time there's a rogue pack that's hunting more humans than they're allowed, the Order is responsible for stepping in and getting the situation under control by any means they deem necessary. However lately there's been a rogue pack down here that's been running wild, and the Order has yet to put a lid on it. We're here to take care of it ourselves. It's in the best interest of the Order to either kill or control these vampires, but naturally we'd rather they simply be dead. No need to give the Order additional power you know. So since we're not entirely sure what their objectives here are we're essentially in a race to this rogue pack. We're working with them, but I'd rather we get there first. Kind of like the end of World War II when we had to race the Soviets across Germany.

Anyhow sorry to hear things aren't going all that great for you. But hey, where else would you rather be this time of year? Now let's get rolling before those guys from the Order get to ahead of us."

Rhodes - December 29, 2009 05:26 PM (GMT)
((OOC: Holiday best to all (prolly three maybe four of us.. rofl))

Rhodes arrived at the hi rise condo's and began to sniff around. He bribed the manager on duty to allow him access to the buildings upper floors under the guise of a PI looking to catch a cheating wife. Cost was minimal, $100, compared to just busting his way into the place.

Upper three floors were reserved for the weathier denizens of the area. Views were available of the beach front less than a half mile away. The sea air was more noticable as a breeze from the ocean was constant.

The vampire agent browsed his way thru the halls, letting his heightened senses guide him until he came to an apartment with the tell tale bright red DO NOT CROSS police investigation tape. Arching his brow, Rhodes looked around and even considered the apartment across the hallway before knocking on the apt beside the taped up one where the grizzly murders occured.

Getting no answer, and not detecting any heartbeats within, Rhodes simply applied some super vampire strength and popped the door open. Closing the door quietly behind him, the vampire found the modest apartment rather quaintly furnished with a few extravagant pieces of art. Making his way to the balcony, he slid open the double doors and quickly leapt to the next door apartment ledge with ease.
Trying the patio doors he found them unlocked and entered thru several heavy dark drapes.

Upon entering the stench of blood, albeit stale, assaulted him.
Beginning to survey the carnage, Rhodes located the room with the most blood spatter and began sniffing. His senses told him a vampire was at least present within a short time period. Vampires when feeding give off a strong saliva which carries a distinct odor.
Rhodes did not recognize this one. No big deal.

Looking around the room, he could find no noticeable trace of any evidence that would lead him to the vampire in question.

"Fucker cleaned up good," he muttered to himself as he sighed and looked around.

Glancing up at the ceiling, something caught Rhodes keen vampiric vision. A slight smudge just above the doorway into the living room where the greatest volume of bloodloss occured.

"SOB was hanging onto the ceiling, hiding from his prey," the vampire said as he got a chair from the kitchen and stood on it after finding some scotch tape and an index card from a desk nearby.

Rhodes got a partial print from the ceiling and smiled to himself before stepping down and putting back everything in its place perfectly.

"Guess them SI boys never think about prints being on a ceiling," chuckled the vamp-agent to himself.

Several voices coming from down the hallway towards the elevator pinged in Rhodes' ears. Quickly exiting via the balcony, the vamp dropped down several floors, grabbing onto the patio ledges until he could safely drop several stories to the alleyway in back.

Smoothing out his coat, Rhodes pulled his cellphone out and made a quick call.

"It's Rhodes. I need a favor. I need to run a print found on every know sucker in the city. Can you do that for me quick?" he asked as he put on a pair of rayban sunglasses with a slight reddish tint.

"Great great. I appreciate it. There'll be a lil bonus in it for you too. Be there in a few," he said stuffin the device back in his pocket before trotting off the property and hailing a cab.

Judder - January 5, 2010 09:52 PM (GMT)
Judder cruised down the street into Miami after getting off of the interstate in his dark blue ford ranger. The small pickup boasted a powerful communications array that had been custom built into the vehicle so that it would not noticeable from the outside. The small pickup also boasted a fuel injected 5.0 V8 with several modifications to it. A beefed up suspension and a rebuilt customized transmission topped off the performance side of the vehicle. A matching bed cover on the back of the truck covered up twenty weapons with gear and plenty of ammo, not too mention his vacation clothes.....

Rhodes - January 8, 2010 05:49 PM (GMT)
Less than an hour later, Rhodes exited the cab in front of a large commercial building. He leaned in to hand the cabbie the money.

"Hey, you sure this is the place?" he asked, handing over the $20 bill.

"Yup. Says right there on the sign," the driver said before pulling out quickly into honking traffic.

The vampire turned and looked at the sign that said, "IQ Solutions Inc".

Clucking his tongue, the vampire entered the building, blew right past the security desk without anyone stopping him and pressed the lift button for the 14th floor after scanning a building directory.

After a minute ride up the highrise building, he exited on the floor and saw a hand waving from inside a cubical a few rows back.

Walking to the hand, Rhodes came upon his favorite energy drink addicted informations specialist and hacker elite, Jim.

"Soo if it aint my lil tweaker Jimbo," the vampire grinned.

Jim, a short, bone thin man in his early thirties turned around and grinned a very bad set of teeth grin.

"In the flesh man. What'cha got and you mentioned a 'bonus'?" he replied as he licked his chapped lips.

"Geezus Jim i thought i told you to fix them teeth and cut back on the sweets?"

"Hey, i did... i switched to a low carb one...see?" he said showing off the blue low carb Monster can as he took a big gulp.

Rhodes shook his head and handed the man the piece of tape with the print.

"Hrmm. Looks decent nuff for a hit or two. Gimme a minute mkay."

Jim used some piece of hi-tech equipment to scan the print in and began running it thru the database.

A few minutes later a name flashed on the screen as the computer savvy geek pointed, "There's your match. 98% positive. Pretty good odds."

"Fuck me," muttered Rhodes at seeing the name Lucious Malvo.

"Uhhh. Is he a problem?" asked Jim as he turned to look at Rhodes but found the vampire gone and sitting on the corner of his desk a neat stack of 5- $100 bills with a gold coin sitting atop it.

Rhodes exited the building and pulled out his cell. He stabbed the buttons furiously.

"Judd man, it's me. We got a fucking big problem. I just ran a print at one of the scenes of the attacks and guess who it matched up to. Our good friend Lucious fucking Malvo. Guess the dead undead dont always stay fucking DEAD !!" he yelled into the device, startling several passerby's with his outburst.

Judder - January 18, 2010 07:46 PM (GMT)
Judder’s cell phone rang and he answered it, listening to Rhode’s voice. A flash of disbelief flies across his face.

The anger builds up causing his pale skin to flash red for just a brief instant before Judder yells into the phone,"How can that fucker not be dead, I chopped his arms and fucking legs off!!"

Silence flows through the phone speakers for a moment as Judder vents and then

He quickly says,” Man, I am supposed to be on vacation, but where are you?”

Judder pulls off of the street into a parking lot and quickly taps the touch screen on his GPS device as he waits for the street address via phone.

O_O - January 18, 2010 08:27 PM (GMT)
Ray walked to the old, rusty Camarro and reached inside the open window and took out a bottle of water, chugging it down quickly. "Where to?"

Abnet - January 19, 2010 02:26 AM (GMT)
Leon walked out of a nearby food joint with a paper bag in one hand and his cell phone in the other. He wrapped up his conversation and walked over to Ray's car.

"Good news and bad news, guys." he began, "Good news is I heard some talk around some of the crime scenes and I think I got a name: Lucious Malvo. Bad news is I have no clue who this guy is. The name ring any bells to you guys?"

He held the bag up to Ray and Miller.


Rhodes - January 19, 2010 01:27 PM (GMT)
Rhodes regained his composure quickly and begins walking down the street.

"Miami, just outside Jim's work where we got the match. Now, explain to me why you chopped off ONLY his arms and legs, and not his friggin head? AND further... how can an armless man leave a print on a ceiling? Don't fucking make sense. He SHOULD be completely, not mosting, not slightly but COMPLETELY fucking dead."

The vampire squinted as a cloud moved out from the sun and bathed him in blinding light.

His gait hesitated a moment as he turned and looked up at Jim's work building and a thought struck him.

"Of course, there was Boris...Boris the Red. The one who Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein from. Vampire looses an arm... gets a stiff and attaches the cadaver and then feeds heavy for a week and the limb becomes useable?"

He started to walk fast again.

"But that don't explain the print. What'd you do with the limbs after cutting them?" asked Rhodes pointedly.

Cyber78 - January 21, 2010 05:36 PM (GMT)
OOC: Rhodes, that was downright brilliant. I love the Frankenstein idea.

Reaching into the bag, Miller readily took a sandwich. Not so much because he was hungry, but to give him something to do. And also because it was his belief that a sandwich tastes approximately one third better when made by someone else.

"Thanks for the sandwich man. Now Lucious Malvo... I know him, guy used to be my roommate way back in tech school. Caught him doing unholy things with one of my magazines one day and haven't talked to him since. Or wait a minute... that guy's name was Lucas Maltori. Never mind, no idea who Malvo is.

Miller gave it some thought. If Malvo was a vampire, then the Order of the Broken Cross might know who he is. And if not, then it probably meant that he was a relatively new rogue, which meant that the police or DMV would still probably have an address or some clue to help track him down.

Miller had been given a contact number for an old archrival of his, Rhodes, and still had an idea of how to get a hold of the former agent Judder. The question was whether or not it was worth calling them. On one hand the FVZA wanted to find these rogue vampires before the Order did to ensure an elimination as opposed them being forced into the Order still capable of hunting human prey. This meant that if Rhodes didn't already know about Malvo, Miller would be needlessly giving a clue to his rivals. But if Rhodes already knew who it was then at best Rhodes would give him a straight answer, and at worst Miller could probably get a push in the right direction based on Rhodes' response whether or not that response was true. It was a gamble, one with a good potential payoff, but with a large price if not.

Quickly sending a text to the agency's field headquarters for them to look up the name Lucious Malvo, Miller hoped they would be able to find something so that he could avoid having to risk giving such information to the Order.

"I just put in a request for information on that name. If nothing comes up then I have another contact that might just know, but that's really the less preferable choice. So unless either of you has an idea in the meantime while we wait for a response, I guess we may as well head towards the hotel and try to get settled in" Said Miller.

Rhodes - January 21, 2010 07:44 PM (GMT)
((OOC yeah i got my moments... after all Windows 7 was MY idea.. ROFL -- and waiting on a likewise brillant post from Judder))

Judder - January 24, 2010 12:08 AM (GMT)
(One brilliant post is here.)

Judder pulls out of the parking lot with a small squeal of rubber, making the turn towards Rhode's location.

"I uh...I uh...." Judder thinks outloud as he rounds another street corner.

Judder stops at a red light and just as it hits him what he did with the rended bodyparts, Lucious Malvo walks across the crosswalk acting just as innocent as the pope.

Judder exclaims, " Agh...your humming me balls" as Malvo turns and looks at his truck. A look of recognition flashes across Malvo's face.

"Boss, Im gonna have to call ya back" Judder says sharply the anger in his voice as he drops the phone onto the seat unaware that instead of switching off his phone, he turned on the speaker phone option.

Judder slaps the truck in gear and with a roar of the motor jumps across the crosswalk and nails Lucious with the front of the truck.

The stricken vampire rolls up onto the hood as Judder opens the door and places a pistol in the vampire's face.

"Don't move miho" Judder says with a smile.

Malvo groans a bit before showing a toothy grin.
"Ahh...Lad, I never thought i'd see you again, much less get to tear your heart out"

Judder spits off to the side with out glancing away from his target.

Just then he feels the unwelcome but familiar cold circle of a pistol barrel on his neck.

"Miami..PD, Im gonna ask you to drop the weapon sir!"

Judder stiffens as the officer pushes the pistol barrel into his neck for emphasis

Abnet - January 24, 2010 04:56 AM (GMT)
(Time for my tired induced not quite as brilliant post.)

Leon sat on a nearby bench and weighed the options until his thought procces was interrupted by the sound of tires screeching folowed by the thud of what was probably someone getting hit by a pretty sizeable car.

He saw a cop standing behind someone with a gun to the head of the guy that he ran over about a block down the street.

Man, that guy is pale...Oh shit it's Judder.

Leon looked back to Ray and Miller.

"You guys seeing this? Call it a hunch, but if Judder went out of his way to run this guy over he must be important." he began "I don't think he's seen us yet so if we play this sneaky we might be able to get some info on this Malvo guy from one of them."

Rhodes - January 25, 2010 02:42 PM (GMT)
Rhodes continued down the street, his cell phone pressed to his ear listening to his buddy's engine roar. With his acute hearing he could pick up the faint voices of what was going on via other end.

"Fuck half cocked Judder," the vampire agent muttered as he started to look around for another Miami PD officer or squad car.

He spotted one across the street and in a blink of vampiric movement was standing very close to the car when the call came thru the dispatcher.

"All units in the vicinity, be advised officer needs assistance with a suspect running down a pedestrian at the corner of Alvarez and 8th ave..." the squad dispatcher relayed.

Rhodes was already scaling a building's fire escape and began to fly at supra-human speed across the rooftops. In less than 5 minutes, the undead had spanned the distance before backup could arrive. Looking down from the roof of a convenience mart adjacent to the held at gunpoint vampire, Rhodes could see the lone PD with his service .40cal pressed to his buddies neck and was reaching for his cuffs.

With a roll of his eyes, Rhodes backpedaled a few feet then sprinted and dove off the roof like a gymnist. Flipping in mid-air he landed just behind the officer and struck him across the neck, rendering him unconscience.

"Some century or another you might learn a little thing called 'tact'?" replied Rhodes as he turned to stare at Malvo in the eyes.

Something caught his attention suddenly.

"Judder... we're not alone. I smell something too familiar," the vampire said as his keenly honed sense of smell alerted him.

Turning and scanning with his eyes, he spotted three old 'friends' of his standing near a sidewalk bench not too far away.

"Agents, and one is your buddy Miller. I'll bet they are here for this blood-fuck too. Let's get him topside and outta sight for questioning. If those three follow us, you slow em down WITHOUT killing them!"

Rhodes pulled out a syringe tucked into a small concealed pocket in his jacket and stuck it in the neck of the wounded vampire and pressed the plunger. As Malvo's eyes rolled into the back of his head, Rhodes lifted him over his shoulder and took him into the nearest alley and climbed up to the rooftop.

O_O - January 30, 2010 11:18 PM (GMT)
Ray shoved half the sandwich in his mouth and swallowed, drawing his pistol from his holster and putting his badge on his belt, readily visible. He didn't wan to be arrested doing his job. His revolver was heavy in his hand, ad reminded him of an earlier time, when life was hell of a lot easier.

I used to think this was an amazing gun. Too be young and impressionable...

Slowly, he pulled back the hammer and turned to Miller. "Just go for it?"

Judder - February 3, 2010 07:16 PM (GMT)
Judder knods at Rhodes while quickly saying,"Just be ready to get me outta jail"

Judder works quickly taking the Officer's handcuffs and in view of the Agents he begins to handcuff himself.

He looks over at the agents, "Well, what are you waiting for, I just incapacitated a fellow law enforcement officer."

He makes his statement as loud as possible, his voice echoing up and down the street causing people to pop thier heads out of doors and windows.

Judder offers his hands to the Agents with the cuffs on them but not too tight as for him to get out of them, not even though as the tiny metal things would only hold him still for a few moments if he wanted out of them.

"Well, come on then, arrest me, officer" Judder challenges the agents boastfully, the knowledge of being a former S.W.A.T team member being used against them.

He calls out loudly, "You have just witnessed a hit and run with the perp incapacitating the officer who stopped him, the victim has recovered and run away."

He waits a moment, as siren sound in the distance, even though it will still take the responding units more than twenty minutes to get there due to traffic and distance.

"Come on, you are the fastest responding officers" Judder boasts

He looks at the agents with a wicked grin as the local populace begin to fill the streets watching the scene unfold, blocking any possible way of following Rhodes.

Rhodes - February 16, 2010 09:03 PM (GMT)
((ooc: oy geebus .. come on fellers))

Judder - February 23, 2010 05:38 PM (GMT)
((OOC: Looks like it died again Rhodes... Hey you get on other RP sites? Id like to join ya on other ones if you do.)

Rhodes - February 24, 2010 03:58 PM (GMT)
((ooc : yeah i see that... ughhhhhhh.... not really on other

O_O - February 26, 2010 04:04 AM (GMT)
((Damn it Miller.

I'm totally blaming this shit on you. >:( ))

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