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Title: Hello~!

Tsuki - September 23, 2008 04:08 AM (GMT)
Hello fellow FVZA agents, hunters, vampires and what-not ~ Mochizuki here...

I've been following the agency for quite a few years now - it's just such a cool concept and history and everything!!

So...Well, just out of boredom, I've created a roleplaying myspace account. I'm tried to make it as realistic as possible, complete with pictures.

It'll be really awesome if someone can join me. I can help with any form of artworks needed or photo-manipulation stuff. I know that Dr Hugo Pecos has a myspace account, but it's been flooded with irrelevant stuff, so it'll be cool to have a more focused community.

All that being said, feel free to correct me of any discrepancies in regards to facts of vampires or Santa Rosa Insitute [:

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