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Title: Ixiah Ravencrest Kitsunei
Description: Silence is Golden. Duct Tape is Silver.

TacticalWolf - February 25, 2008 01:19 PM (GMT)
Okay. I realize that since there have been no posts in some odd three or four months (I'm too lazy to actually take a day-count.) That the forum is probably dead. Not long-dead, but dead enough. I looked through the OOC board, Guideline board and... pretty much everything besides the Battlefield board, and saw no notification of an official board shutdown or anything of that nature, so I'm assuming people simply stopped posting. Now, at this point you're probably wondering what I'm doing, posting on a (possibly) dead board. That one has me stumped too, folks, but I'm going to say what I'm going to say and get on with my life, so here goes.

First of all, I'd like to know if this board is, indeed, dead. If it is, let me be the first outsider to cite that as a damn shame (pardon my French.) Even through a simple precursory glance around the board, I can confidently say that you guys are up there with some of the best writers and RPers I've ever had the pleasure of boarding-it with. I would have enjoyed the RP, the writing, and the companionship, had I gotten here only a few months before. Hats off to all of you. If it isn't dead on a permanent scale, I'd like to know if anything can be done to resurrect the board. I'd be truly honored to become a part of this community, even if the story-esque writing style is something of an oddity among my own personal RP experience.

Let it also be known that I am fully aware of the need to place a character biography in this post. I see little point in doing so if the board is going to remain dead. Sorry, mods, but I'd like to know if someone is going to look at it before I write it up. You can understand, can't you?

In the full likelihood of the possibility that none of you will ever read this post, or for that matter, post a reply of any kind... just let it be known that I respect this community, what it has done, and what it has tried to do - alongside everyone who made it possible... and if the forum is truly dead, may it rest well.

Abnet - February 25, 2008 08:43 PM (GMT)
Wow, somebody posted. You're right, if this forum is dead, that is a shame (this just started getting interresting.) But, hey, maybe if there are some people that read this they will get in touch with some of the other players and there will be a small chance that things will get started again (hint hint).

TacticalWolf - April 1, 2008 08:13 PM (GMT)
Name: Ixiah Kitsunei (Pronounced Ix-eye-uh Kit-soo-nay)
Age: 32
Location: Mostly Nomadic (Owns a home in Seattle, Washington, but rarely visits)
Race: Caucasian (Very pale, almost albino-looking)
Physical Description: 5'11'', very slim (little to no visible muscle mass), pale white, slicked-back black hair, a tattoo on his left shoulder in the shape of a wolf's head with copious amounts of blood dripping from its fangs.

Bio: A video game and firearm nut, Ixiah grew up the only child of a regular middle-class family in Seattle, Washington. From his time in Junior High and High School, he came to realize that while he had little gift for fighting, he had a penchant for telling people exactly what they wanted to hear (and abused it just as frequently). He attracts friends easily and forms strong bonds with the people around him, once forcing one friend to remark, jokingly, "We'd follow you through a black hole and out the other side." While he has little more than basic unarmed combat training, he seems to have a real talent for marksmanship after having been brought up around firearms (thanks to his grandfather, who spent thirty-two years in the USMC and taught him how to fire a gun fairly early on) and refuses to go anywhere without his Beretta on his person. His penchant for firearms brought him into the police force, where he was ejected after only a few months for "Disrespecting the Rank". Some time later, He encountered his first zombie, an isolated incident involving only a few zeds in a slum in downtown Seattle. Since then, he has actively sought out any information on this phenomena, which eventually brought him to the doors of the FVZA.

Clothes: Black Denim Jeans, Assorted smart-assed T-shirts (Will state what's on my current T-shirt in the first post of each mission or RP I join for everyone's amusement) self-owned trimmed-down police-issue Kevlar Vest (Will be explained later if okayed)

Weapons of choice: Beretta 96 (That's .40 S&W Cartridges, rather than 9mm. Mods, look it up, tell me if it's okay - if not, default to the Beretta 92's 9mm Parabellum.)
.22 Rimfire rifle. (Not much damage in that, so I'm assuming the caliber is okay as it won't exactly give me an unfair advantage, but again, mods, take a look.)

Specialty: Gun Nut, Resident Smart-Ass.

Additional Info: No real martial prowess. Considered proficient with most standard handguns, and some basic models of shotgun and rifle. Something of a strategist after years of gaming (Which also caused his skin coloration) and has a head for numbers. Generally persuasive, but often pushes people away just as quickly when he decides to be a smart-ass.

"I'm still missin' you baby, but my aim's gettin' better."

A reporter once asked an American soldier returning home from Iraq what he felt after shooting an Iraqi insurgent. The man replied, "Recoil".

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