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Title: An Outbreak In Wisconson
Description: Leon's pre-FVZA zombie experience

Abnet - September 24, 2007 09:27 PM (GMT)
So I mentioned in Leon's bio that he dealt with zombies before he joined the FVZA. I'm bored at the moment so I figure I'll shed a little light on that. I don't plan on finishing this in one sitting so keep checking back for more as the story progresses.

Astic City (I made the place up. Don't bother looking for it), Wisconson, a small city of about one thousand (I don't know the average population of a small city but I'm gonna go with 1,000.) It was practically untouched by big bussineses and chain stores, all of the stores were independently owned, there was an almost non-existant crime rate, friendly people, it was the place where everybody knew each other.

Leon walked from his apartment across the street to Bob's Electric, a small electrician bussiness that Leon worked at.

"Morning, Leon." said Bob, an older man in his mid fourties.

"Hey, Bob." said Leon, "What do you have on the radio?"

"The news..." replied Bob, " hear about the murders that have been going on lately?"

"No..." said Leon, "...what's the story?"

"Five people were found dead a few nights ago. Really grizly stuff, some of their organs were ripped out, and even eaten, the cops think its some sort of ritual-thing. They're still looking for the whoever did it."

"Whoa, that's a bit unusual for around here."

"Yeah. I don't know about you but I'm thinking about going down to Jeff's and getting a gun. Just in case, you know."

"Hm, if anything else comes up tommorow, I might head down and get one too." said Leon, "Well, I'm gonna get to work. Let me know if anybody calls."

"Will do." said Bob.

Leon walked to the back room where his desk was. The other two employees, Steve and Eddie, weren't there, probably out answering calls. It was a typical day, a few people with a broken TV or their power went out, the usual. At the end of the day, Leon, collected his pay for the day, said his goodbyes and, headed back to his appartment.

Leon's appartment was fairly small, three rooms, the kitchen, the living room with just a sofa and TV in it, and the bathroom. He turned the TV on to one of the local news channel, hoping to hear more about the murders while he microwaved himself a TV dinner. After he finished eating, he pushed his sofa into the corner of the living room and brushed up on his martial arts a bit and did some pushups and situps before he pushed the sofa back into place and fell asleep.

Leon woke up the next day at around 6:30 am. It was Saturday and he had the day off. What Bob said about buying a gun was still ringing in Leon's mind and he decided to go down to Jeff's Gun Store. He was about to grab the keys to his car but he decided he would walk down. It wasn't that far and a little walk never killed anybody.

Leon walked into Jeff's Gun Store. There were alot of rifles and shotguns with some revolvers and a few more "modern" handguns, the place mainly serviced hunters and the like so there wasn't much need for heavy artilery. Jeff kept a .45 caliber magnum behind the desk, he never had to use it but he figured it would be good to have around.

"How are ya Leon?" asked Jeff, a real cowboy type guy in his twenties. Jeff and Leon knew each other well enough for them to be concidered friends. They had each other over for drinks at several occasioans an stuff like that.

"Not bad." replied Leon, "How about you?"

"Pretty good. I've been gettin' good bussiness with those merders goin' around. Everybody wants some extra protection and since yer here I guess yer lookin' fer the same."

"You guessed it. What can you give me on a low budget?"

"Hmmmm... ah! I got it, how 'bout a Glock, some clips, a shoulder holster, some shooting gloves, and some pouches to go on the belt for, let's say, 700 bucks?"

"Wow, what's with the deal?"

"Hey, the more customers I keep alive, the more'll come back."

"... Good point..." Leon went out to the shooting range Jeff had in the back and put on the stuff he bought, "I'm gonna head out. Thanks for the stuff."

"No problem, Leon, stay alive now."

Hmph. That's encouraging. Leon thought.

Leon was walking back to his appartment when he noticed something big in the road.

What the hell? Did somebody hit a deer?

Leon walked past it and noticed that it was a person laying in a huge pool of blood. The roads and sidewalkes were deserted and Leon didn't have a phone.

Looks like I'm gonna have to check this out.

The body was lying face down and looked pretty bad. Leon put his fingers on the neck to check for a pulse. Nothing. When he turned the body over the first things he noticed were how pale the skin was and the eyes. Completely white.

This guy must have been dead for a while.

Leon looked around for a pay phone to call an ambulance or the police but didn't see any. He stood up and turned around to head home and use his phone. He barely made it to the sidewalk before he heard a moan from behind him.

What the hell?

Leon turned around and saw that the person in the road was trying to crawl toward him. Leon walked back over to him.

"Hey, don't move, I think your legs are broken so you'll just hurt yourself more." said Leon.

Leon heard something behind him. He looked back and saw three teenage kids, all covered in blood, stumbling toward him.

"Oh, what's this? One of your friends fakes being hurt and you show up and rob me? Well you kids chose the wrong guy to rob." Leon lifted his jacket to flash his gun.

The teenagers weren't even phased by it and kept coming for him.

"Determined little pricks aren't you?"

Leon felt something grab his leg. He looked down and saw that the guy had a hold of his leg and was about to bite it. Leon spun his free leg around and kicked him in the chin. What Leon wasn't expecting was for the guy's head to fly off from the impact of the kick.

What the fuck?! Is this some kind of robot?

Then it hit Leon like a ton of bricks. The murders, eaten organs, everything was coming together all at once. He heard about it while he was travelling but he figured it was all some kind of Halloween prank, then he noticed bite marks on the three teenagers.


^^^Let's call it Chapter 2

Abnet - September 25, 2007 09:22 PM (GMT)
I added some more to the story today. Check it out.

Abnet - September 27, 2007 01:34 AM (GMT)

Figuring shooting a kid in the face in the middle of the street, zombie or not, would be a bad idea, Leon made a run back for Jeff's. He heard some talk that Jeff was really into the whole zombie-thing and figured that he would have a better idea of what to do. And he had guns. Lots of guns.

Realizing it would be the safest place to be, Leon stayed on the road. He saw the occasional person being eaten alive in an alley and he almost stopped to help a few. If what he saw in movies was true, once you get bit by a zombie, you're pretty screwed so he bypassed them, knowing it was too late.

When Leon reached Jeff's he saw at least ten dead zombies laying around the store. He looked up and saw Jeff on the roof holding a Winchester lever action rifle.

"Leon! That you?" yelled Jeff.

"Yeah. Let me in before more of these things show up."

Jeff ran out of site. About a minute later Leon heard movement behind the door and it opened a little, revealing half of Jeff's face.

"Come on in." said Jeff as he opened the door, let Leon in, and put a board back in place on the door.

"Thanks." said Leon, "What took you?

"I had some stuff set up around here that I had to work around. You... ya know?"

"No... Wait, you had some stuff set up? You knew what was going to happen?"


"Why didn't you tell anybody?"

"You serious? I go around tellin' people all of these 'murders' were the start of a zombie virus I'd get thrown in a nuthouse!"

"Yeah, you're right. You might want to board the place up. You have some nails and boards?"

"Yeah, I keep it all in the back room. Keep watch on the window fer me, lemme know if anybody shows up."

"Will do."

Leon kept watch at the window. He didn't see anything, zombies, humans, nothing. Jeff can back with an armfull of boards and a toolkit.

"How long have you been planning for this?" asked Leon.

"A few years." replied Jeff, "You see anybody out there?"

"Nothing. Not even a bird."

"Shit. They must have moved into the bigger part of the city by now."

"How do you know all of this?"

"... See this rifle?" Jeff pointed to the Winchester he was holding on the roof, "My daddy gave this to me before he was killed by zombies five years ago."

"Sorry, but what does that have to do with my question?"

"I'm gettin' to that, ya see, my daddy was in the FVZA."

"The FVZA?"

"Yep, it's the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. It's a secret branch of the government that hunts down, well, vampires and zombies. And when he died, I took his place."

"Wait, you're telling me that vampires exist too?"

"Exactly. And my daddy left some of his FVZA gear here and I've been trackin' the zombie virus until it showed up around this area and I got ready for it."

"Wow. If we were in any other situation, I'd never belive you."

"Heh. If I were in yer shoes I'd be sayin' the same thing."

When Leon and Jeff finished boarding the place up, Leon grabbed one of the hunting rifles.

"I'm gonna go to the roof and get some air." Said Leon.

"Alright. I can hold the fort down here but take these." Said Jeff, tossing a pair of binoculars and a walkie-talkie to Leon.


Leon walked upstairs,climbing over several barracades that were set up in the staircases. When he reached the living area above the store he saw an M16, some mp5s, a G36C, and some machetes displayed on the walls along with a laptop computer with a government logo on a table unerneath the guns and what he thought was a police scanner.

Holy shit. I guess he wasn't kidding.

Once Leon reached the roof, he took a look around through the binoculars. The town was frieghteningly silent.

I guess he was right about them moving into the city too.

Leon turned on his walkie-talkie.

"There's nothing out here. It's completely silent. Wait--- Holy shit! There's smoke coming from the city! The whole place is on fire!"

"Shit. That's no good. I need to get a hold of somebody high up. We need to clean this place out before the outbreak spreads."

"What? You mean a nuke? You can do that?"

"Not quite. We don't want to take out half the state."

"Still, bomb the city? That's crazy, how can you possibly have the connections needed to do that?"

"Even though the FVZA is a branch of the government, they still aren't completely trusted so they got guys on the inside to 'take care' of stuff like this secretly and then blame other countries for it."

"Whatever. This doesn't feel right though. How can we just be hanging around here while the whole city is going to hell? Shouldn't we be in there saving people?"

"I know but it's too late for that now. We just need to hold off here until I can get through with the guys on the inside and then get out of here before the fireworks start."

"And how long will that take?"

"A while. A few days maybe."

"A few days?!"

"Do you have any idea how much paperwork has to go through for this? We can't just go around bomin' our own country whenever we want!"

Leon looked through the binoculars toward the city and saw something coming over the hill. It started with just one then there were more, lots more.

Oh shit!

"Jeff! Get ready down there, we are gonna have company!" Leon yelled into the walkie-talkie.

"What? How many?"



Abnet - September 28, 2007 12:53 AM (GMT)
The plot thickens... or something. Anyway, I added more to chapter 2 and added a chapter 3. Check them out.

Abnet - September 28, 2007 01:36 AM (GMT)

Soon the hill leading down to Jeff's was filled with hundreds of zombies. Leon loaded his rifle and waited for them to come into range. Jeff came in on the walkie-talkie, breaking the silence.

"I'm gonna try to radio my guys. Get down here and grab some more guns."

Leon ran down and grabbed some mp5s and the M16. Jeff threw him some clips and a couple hand grenades. Leon went back up to the roof and got ready to defend the store. His stomach cramped a little from the nervousness as the zombies came closer and closer.

Once they came within 100 yards of the store Leon picked up the rifle and started firing. He was aiming for the head and even if he missed the one he was aiming for he hit the one behind it and made it stumble a little. Leon ran out of ammo in the rifle quicker than he thought he would and switched over to the M16. As the zombies got closer to the door, Leon began to fire more wildly, he knew he would hit something so he stopped aiming and just watched them fall. When he ran out of ammo in for the M16 he threw both rifles down into the sea of undead. He was about to head down to Jeff but he remembered the grenades Jeff threw him. He took one grenade in each hand, bit off the pins and threw them into different parts of the crowd. They both made spectacular explosions followed by flying body parts filled with shrapnel. He threw down another three before he ran out and headed downstairs

"They never fucking stop!" yelled Leon when he reached the living area.

"Better get used to it. We got a few hundred more to go." said Jeff, "Grab a shotgun and fire out of the windows. I'm still tryin' to get through to my guys. And take this."

Jeff threw a little remote control looking thing with a big red button in the center.

"If any of them get to the stairs, push the botton."

Leon broke out the window and started firing. When he went to reload he checked his watch. It was 7:30 pm.

"You have any more grenades?" Leon yelled between shots.

"No, I gave ya all I got." replied Jeff, "I can whip ya up some molotovs though once I get this transmition through. And grab yerself some coffee or a Red Bull. We can start doin' shifts in a bit but ya gotta keep awake for a little longer."

"That shouldn't be tough."

The zombies were starting to reach the doors and windows.

"They're getting close!" yelled Leon.

"How close?"

"Like, zombies on top of zombies close."

"Perfect. Now watch this." said Jeff and he pressed a few keys on his laptop. Leon looked outside and saw several ten foot long spikes shoot out of the sides of the building, impailing the zombies next to the walls and slowly retract back into the ground.

"Holy shit!" Leon couldn't help but laugh a little in shock, "How did you do that?"

"This store ain't all it seems to be." said Jeff.

"What do you mean?"

"This place is really one of many FVZA safe houses set up around the country. They all have built in defence systems that can be triggered from different spots in the building."

"What, so is there some kind of bunker filled with shotguns and enough food to last a year hidden somewhere under here?"

"Not quite, but I do have enough food last about a month stashed around and enough guns and ammo to last the length of World War 2."

"So we should be fine for however long it takes to get that transmission through, right?"

"If we can keep them from breakin' through, yes. Good news, I got the transmission through, I'll take over for a while, in the meantime, get some rest. Chances are yer gonna need it."


Abnet - October 5, 2007 01:45 AM (GMT)
Been a while since I've updated this but on with...

Leon woke up to the sound of gunfire and the smell of death. He looked around and saw Jeff firing out of the window. Leon checked his watch: 8:20 am.

"They breaking through?" Leon called over to Jeff.

"Not a chance." replied Jeff.

Leon was surprised how quickly this whole thing seemed to become routine. Jeff and Leon were going through the first night in hour-and-a-half long shifts of firing out of the window.

My God. How long will we be able to keep this up? He found himself thinking.

"You got ten until it's your turn." said Jeff, "Go get some food or somethin'."

"Your turn." Like this is some kind of video game.

"I think I'll pass on food." said Leon, "How's it looking out there?"

"Ya know how it looked when we started?" Jeff said sarcastically, "It looks alot like that."

Leon sat on Jeff's couch and turned on the TV. It took Leon a few minutes to realize that every channel was out.

"Your turn." said Jeff as he tossed a combat shotgun in Leon's direction.

Leon caught it and pumped it as he walked over to the window to begin his shift.

The bodies of zombies were starting to pile up around the building but their numbers never seemed to reduce. Ad this was just the front of the building, how many were on the other side?

Jeff ran down the stairs from the roof.

Must not have seen him go up.

"Got some good news." said Jeff.

"The city's been bombed and theres a guy waiting outside with cake and icecream?" Leon's tone of voice made it apparent how he thought things were going.

"Not quite. But it looks like the only zombies are the onces coming from the city."


"And that means there's no zombies coming from the woods. We have a clear way out of here."

"Then why don't we leave?"

"'Cause if we leave now we're gonna get their attention and they'll follow us out of the blast radius of the bomb. We gotta wait 'till the last second so we don't get any 'survivors'"

"And they are gonna let us know before they bomb this place to hell, right?"

"Of course."
About fifteen minutes passed and Jeff walked to the window.

"Step aside for a sec."

Leon moved to the side as Jeff walked over to the window holding a bottle of Jack Danniels. He took a swig of it before stuffing a towel in the bottle and lighting it with a match. He held it by the bottom and threw it far into the crowd of zombies, setting a good number of them on fire. They flailed around for a bit before they were nothing but charred bone. Jeff yelled a loud "yee-haw!" and Leon cringed. He hated it when Jeff did that, and he did it all the time when he had one too many drinks.

"Hey, I don't need you drunk while we are trying to hold these things off. Go get some coffee and sober up." said Leon.

"Shut up, man." slurred Jeff, "THey aren't gonna get through here for a long time. Now have some Jack and relax. Our guys are gonna fly in soon and save our asses any time now."

After seeing what happens to Jeff, Leon tried to keep away from booze as best he could, and now wasn't the best time to get drunk. Leon stopped firing to sit Jeff down with a cup of coffee and reasoned him into drinking it, hoping he would be sober by the time it was his shift.


Abnet - October 10, 2007 01:05 AM (GMT)
I'm gonna speed things up a bit.


The last two days passed in about the same way. Leon and Jeff did their shifts, no zombies broke through, and no sign of help yet. There weren't any bottles of Jack left to make molotov cocktails out of. They were just down to guns and what wasn't nailed down. The bodies were starting to pile up so hight that the wall spikes became useless and the zombies could probably climb up to their level. Lucky for Jeff and Leon, every time they tried they ended up knocking the pile over and crushing anything beneath it.


"Shit. We're almost out of ammo." said Leon.

"This isn't good." said Jeff, "I do have some more ammo, but it's in the basement."

"Why is it in the basement?"

"It's all of the shipments for the shop. There isn't much but it should keep us going for a couple more days."

"And let me guess: since it's your shift I need to go down alone and get it?"

"Sorry, but you nailed it."

"Fine. Be right back." said Leon, loading a fresh clip into his pistol.

Leon walked down the steps into the dark middle floor with his gun drawn just in case and did a quick sweep through the room. He wasn't expecting to find anything but he had seen enough horror movies to know that the guy that doesn't look around is the first to get jumped by the monster. He checked behind the desk and found some clips, a flashlight, and a combat knife. With one last glance through the shelves he determined that he wasn't finding anything else and made his way to the basement.

Leon opened the door to the basement and saw nothing but darkness. He turned on his flashlight and headed down, constantly telling himself that no zombies came in and he had nothing to worry about. He saw the ammo crates he needed, opened the, and took the ammo he needed. It was nothing special, boxes of rifle rounds and shotgun shells mostly. Leon's shuffling stopped when he heard banging sounds and a scream of pain followed by the sound of a shotgun discharging. Leon dropped the ammo and ran upstairs, hoping for the best.

Leon reached the top floor and saw a trail of blood. He ran in with his pistol drawn and ready to fire when he saw Jeff sitting in a pool of blood with bites an his arms and neck, and a headless zombie of the floor next to him.


"How did it get in?" said Leon.

"I guess...they learned how to climb." Jeff managed to say.

"We need to stop the bleeding quick."

"No... don't bother... I'm already dead...just give take these keys and get out of here."


"Good news... while you were gone I got a transmission... our guys are on the way..."

"Don't talk."

"Heh... here take this rilfe too... You know.... you would have been if you were in the FVZA... now go before you get caught in the blast."


"Wait... one more thing... before I turn into one of them... just... kill me."

Leon hesitated.

"Just do it..." ordered Jeff.

Leon lifted his pistol to Jeff's head slowly and pulled the trigger.

Whe Leon turned around to leave he saw three zombies blocking his path. He shot two in their heads, causing them to explode, and in a rage charged the third zombie and clubbed it with the butt of the rifle, sending it to the ground with one swing, Leon slammed his foot onto the zombie's head, reducing it to a bloody mess.

Once he got a hold of himself he ran out the back door, shooting anything that got in his way while running for the pickup truck parked behind the store.

He finnaly made it there and drove off through a dirt road in the woods. When he got to a clearing he saw five jets fly overhead and looked back to see Astic City reduced to rubble.

If what Jeff told him was right, this whole mees would be played off as a terrorist attack and Leon would be the only person that knew the truth.

Jeff's words about the FVZA were still ringing in Leon's head and he drove to a safer location.

Leon looked at Jeff's rifle and started carving tallies into the butt of the gun for each zombie he killed.

"I'm gonna need another gun." Leon said to himself.


Abnet - October 24, 2007 05:29 AM (GMT)
It's over! Now let's get back to the RPG.

TacticalWolf - April 1, 2008 08:31 PM (GMT)
I know I'm practically not even "New" yet, so my opinion probably doesn't count as much, but this is pretty good. I would've added a few more random actions to fill the space in between some of the dialogue so that it didn't just rattle on (Just some constructive criticism) But other than that, it's well written. Good work ^_^

Abnet - April 1, 2008 10:08 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (TacticalWolf @ Apr 1 2008, 08:31 PM)
I know I'm practically not even "New" yet, so my opinion probably doesn't count as much, but this is pretty good. I would've added a few more random actions to fill the space in between some of the dialogue so that it didn't just rattle on (Just some constructive criticism) But other than that, it's well written. Good work ^_^

I did want to add more action but more often than not I got lazy and didn't feel like describing the whole sequence :lol:
Thanks for the criticism though.

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