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Title: No Permission Needed Anymore

Adminbot3000 - August 14, 2007 06:42 PM (GMT)
Due to the fact that the process of adding new members to the appropriate team is time consuming and often slows down new members, I'm not longer requiring any sort of permission to post in the Battlefield. Now new members are free to jump in right away.

But I'm still doing the team permission masks for the purpose of granting access to the team's private forums. So anyhow with this new openness there's also some new rules concerning new members.

1. Declare if you are with the Order of the Broken Cross (vampires), Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency (agents), or Non-Affiliated (neutral or something like that) during your first post. We absolutely need to know which of those three groups you're with.

2. Make a thread in the introduction forum as soon as you have the oppurtunity.

3. Read around a little bit to get an idea of what this is all about before you simply jump in.

4. Remember that we operate on the premise that everything on is real, and that the FVZA and the Order have been brought back relatively recently.

5. Use common sense and obey all the normal rules of the forum.

And above all else, get creative and have fun.

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