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Title: Roncas and Character information

Roncas - November 4, 2006 09:36 PM (GMT)
Name: Dr. Roncas Olui
Age; 35
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Miltary Training: Marine Corp Enlisty - E9 Sergeant Major/Master Gunnery

Univeristy Degrees: Doctorate in History, Masters in Archealogy, BA in Biology

Backstory: Roncas grew up in a amsall town in Louisiana constantly infleuenced by voodoo and huanting stories. He loved to find out more about it the history of these haunted places and of ancient voodoo. At the age of 18 he joined the military to eran money to go to college. He rose through the ranks and gained prestiges form his commanding officers. Once his time was up he was offered to remain but refused so he can obtain his higher learning. He graduated wiht a doctorate in History within 8 years and remained teaching at the university. He taught Military history and Paranormal History. He then recieved a call from the FVZA, that had recently been reinstated, and was at first sceptical, for he had read abotu them when he was younger and that they were disbanded, but then took up the offer. He remains there working as a teacher anda field expert.

Weapons: M16 and DE .50
Department: Paranormal Studies
Rank: ????
Clothing: Standard FVZA wear

Roncas - November 5, 2006 09:21 AM (GMT)
Oh yeah

Discription: Roncas stands at 6'0 and about 230. He has put on some fat since his military years yet he still remains in top shape. His hair is kept a bit shaggy and has a scruffy beard. His daily wear on the job is nice slacks and a nice collared shirt. In the field he wears standard spec ops gear left over from the old days with a few up to date items such as modern kevlar and more top of the line gadgets. Most of the gadgetry came from his own personal funds from inherances and his teaching years.

Roncas - November 19, 2006 04:53 AM (GMT)
updated it with military trainign and degrees.

Templar - November 24, 2006 05:33 AM (GMT)
I officially welcome you to the forum.

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