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Title: Supplemental Newspaper
Description: A little bit of an aside

Zippo - August 6, 2007 01:46 AM (GMT)
FVZA Departmental News Letter for Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Long time FVZA Agent and armor, Samuel Edison announced he would be leaving the FVZA. Edison stated that, "Times have changed. Finally damn time for me to get outta here, so if you ain't got a gold watch for me, clear out."

Edison started here at the same time as the agency was reconstituted three years ago. He was one of the last surviving Agents, in addition to Mr. Miller, from that time due to the high turn-over rate.

The director has appointed a new head of the re-named Detainment Supply Section

Cyber78 - August 6, 2007 02:06 AM (GMT)
OOC: The following is a cooperative post done between myself and Zippo via MSN.

Sam was finally packing up his belongings. The armory was empty, as ordered by the new director. Apparently he hadn't pulled his head out of his ass long enough to notice the blood stains still on the floor. His guns were already at home, the Chevy was outside ready to carry him hold. He was gonna be outta here soon.

As Miller walks into the armory he notices a distinct lack of lethal weaponry. The agency was neutered worse than a dog, all a sign of some bad things to come.

"Heard you're heading out Zip." Commented Miller.

"Sure as hell am," He said nodding to his old friend picking up his old battered brief case. Brief Case. He settled his worn FVZA ball cap on his. Looking around he laughed bitterly, "Looks like I picked the right time too."

"Looks like it." Said Miller as he looked around the room, hoping to find something capable of ending a life. No luck.

"So has your succesor been announced yet?" Asked Miller.

Sam shrugged his shoulder, "No idea, some young punk with a Law Degree to fit Shithanger's views. You'll find I stashed a .45 under that cabinet over there, just in case."

He smiled wanly, "Maybe this'll be my chance to get down to the business of having kids?"

"Figures. But at least that .45 might be useful. Although I don't suppose you would mind leaving behind the code to the vault. You know, in case of emergancies?" Miller asked.

"Why not. It's written on paper under the desktop. Couldn't ever remember it anyway," Sam said finally. He extended his hand to Miller, "Guess this is it mate, it leaves you, the last of the old guard. In the words of Alan Sheppard, 'Don't fuck this up."

With that Sam got ready to make his exit.

Shaking Sam's hand, Miller gets the feeling that with the agency's best armorer leaving, things weren't going to be too positive."

"Well, it's been nice knowing ya. I'll try not to let you down." Said Miller.

"Better not, I'll here about it. Feel free to stop by, or mail me a gold pocketwatch if it strikes the Directors fancy. Ya know I haven't even met the little shit. Now that I'm a civllian again I wouldn't mind a few words with him," Sam chuckled patting his friends's back.

Limping towards the door he waved back one more time.

Waving back to Sam for the last time, Miller breathes a sigh of regret. Regretful that we're loosing a good agent, all because of some asshat senator who had a new director installed.

With Sam finally gone I walk over to the desk and take the piece of paper with the vault code on it.

"1911" I mutter to myself as I read the code.

Sam unlocked the door of the old '57 Chevy and got in. Firing up the old engine, he sighed. The last time he'd pull out of here.

Zippo - August 6, 2007 02:09 AM (GMT)
Cumberland Dispatch May 7th 2008

Born to Samuel and Sara Edison of Cumberland, Maryland, Lydia Georgia Edison Seven Pounds Two Ounces Eighteen Ounces.

Cumberland Dispatch November 8th 2028

Fredrick County elected this year Mr. Samuel Edison to the State Legislature. Mr. Edison defeated Democrat and pro-Vampire Rights Mary Donnley. Edison is a retired FVZA agent and merchant from the town of Cumberland.

Cumberland Dispatch May 9th 2028

Ms. Lydia Edison graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor's Degrees in English Literature and Teaching. Ms. Edison plans to find a position teaching High School English.

Cumberland Dispatch December 26th 2050

Sen. Samuel Edison passed away two nights ago in his sleep. The respected businessman, US Senator, Marine Corps officer, and former FVZA agent died at home in his sleep. His wife Sara died several years ago of cancer. He is survived by his daughter Lydia. Captain Edison was 86 years old.

Zippo - August 30, 2009 11:21 PM (GMT)
Frederick News-Post
Sunday Edition

Local Men Kill First Werewolf In 130 Years
August 31, 2009
Cumberland, MD

Two local men had a frightening encounter with a werewolf this weekend, the first in Allegheny County in 130 years.

It all began Friday night when CSX employee Asa Groves, 37 of Ekhart Mines, discovered large animal tracks at the edge of a clearing on his property.

"I've uh, tracked bear, and uh wolf in my life.... but these was just too damn big," said Groves when interviewed about the incident. Groves, an avid outdoors man and hunter, said the prints were difficult to see but appeared to large for a wolf and incorrectly shaped for a bear, "Tried to cover'em, my guess so no one'd find'em."

Mr. Groves was concerned enough to seek assistance from his neighbor, Mr. Samuel Edison, 45 of Cumberland for assistance in discovering what had made the tracks. Edison is an Iraq War veteran and Department of Agriculture employee. Together they returned to the area with hunting rifles.

"It was, just about 3:00 in the afternoon when Ace and I got back there," Edison remarked, "We went up where he saw the tracks and looked around a little more."

Mr. Groves and Mr. Edison soon found several more prints leading further up a hollow nearby. At this point, Mr. Edison proclaimed he believed they were tracking a werewolf.

Groves: "Sam said ta me, uh, 'Asa, I think we're uh follow'n a werewolf.' So I tried, uh, to remember what the track looked like, uh, uh, and when I did I said 'Well damn I believe you're right."

With darkness falling and being under equiped to deal with a creature as fearsome as a Werewolf the two men decided to withdraw to the Groves house to call the authorities. However the men were not to make. Mr. Edison caught a glimpse of movement in the trees as the approached the truck.

"Figure it musta been tailin' us, waiting to strike," Edison said.

Shouting a warning to Groves, Edison brought up his rifle seconds before Groves did. The werewolf came charging out of the brush facing Groves.

"I fired, but I only got two shots off," He stated that he was using a Remington 870 shotgun.

Luckily, Mr. Edison was carrying a larger caliber semi-automatic rifle, and proceeded to empty a clip of 15 into the beast, "That was incredible luck, the thing dropped, maybe twelve feet out."

The men loaded the corpse into the back of their truck to drive it into town where they handed it over to city police officials. Federal officials later took the body to Washington, DC for further examination.

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