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Title: Inspections 3.0

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The HQ was the same as always, except something was amiss. The coffee pot was now full and piping hot, all the minifridges were gone from the cubicles, the jerk who's cubicle was behind me wasn't blasting his music, and my paperwork was done. That could mean only one thing, somebody was here for inspections. And as it just so happened, the Attorney General himself and a senator skeptical of our agency.

Orders were that we had to keep all weapons in the armory where the belonged, so instead of looking like some sort of rebel camp it was looking like an actual government office. It was an odd site not having any rifles laying around on desks or whatnot. To get one of those I'd need to go all the way down to the basement and into the armory. But for now my job was to sit pretty and smile for the big whigs.

Deciding that the best way to make this run smoothly was to stay out of the way, and the best way to stay out of the way was to be in my cubicle. Sad thing was that with the inspections and all we couldn't be caught playing games, leaving me with nothing to do but sit back and take a nap...

Rhodes stood in line for an ATM not too far from the Capitol complex.
He watched patiently as a rather large woman was having trouble with her
PIN for her atm card.

"Fuck, what the hell was that number again?" she mumbled under her breath while several people behind the vampire grumbled, looking at their watchs.

Rhodes waited until she finally rememberd.

The woman immediately cackled as if she'd won the lottery as money slid from the machine.

Rhodes walked up as she left and stuck in his stolen card from a previous meal meatbag. He took out the max amount allowed, $600, and pocketed the cash.
Stuffing the cash and card in his coat pocket, the vampire turned and quickly entered a small deli. His cell phone rang just as he walked thru the air conditioned doorway.

"Yes. Of course. Just used the card at a video enabled atm. Prolly be less than an hour before they show up looking. Right."

He stuffed the cell in his pocket and plopped down with his back to a wall in a chair.
No waitstaff came for several minutes, not that it bothered him.
Rhodes glanced around and shifted in the wooden chair, aware of a small .38 pistol tucked in his inside coat pocket. With the exception of a pocketknife, that was all Rhodes was carrying on his person.

Exactly 45 minutes later, four DC patrol cars came screeching up, lights and sirens blaring. 8 officers armed with a shotgun, .45's and one tactical mp5 rolled out and stormed into the deli, guns pointed at Rhodes.

"FREEZE!! DO NOT MOVE!! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!!" yelled the officer with the .45.

Rhodes calmly had his palms face down on the table, despite having enough lead pointed at him to drop a herd of elephants. Several patrons were clearing out and hiding under tables amid shrieks and screams.

"Put your hands on top of your head! If you breath man, we'll shoot you dead, so move like molassas in January," the cop ordered.

Rhodes moved slowly, smiling slightly as two officers grabbed him roughly and handcuffed his hands behind his back. They jerked him to his feet and padded him down, finding the concealed weapon and knife before moving him outside to the patrol car.

"Looks like the murder weapon too Sarge."

"What's this about? What am i been arrested for?" the vampire asked as if he didnt know.

"Your wanted for the murder of Senator Raleigh Jones. You just used his atm card right across the street. We've got you on the security camera asshole!"

Rhodes shrugged his shoulders and nodded, adding, "well I was hungry."

The officers shoved him into the back seat and seatbelted him in before getting in the front seat and driving him away to the station for booking and processing.

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Pvt Serrano
Serrano's desk was unusually clean and free of firearms. Everything was squared away neatly, all firearms and weapons checked into the armory, hell, even Claire wasn't with him. Apparently the higher ups were a tad bit paranoid so Serrano's desk could easily be mistaken for that of a semi-normal person. His appearence was somewhat out of the ordinary as well. Instead of his fatigues and tactical weaponry he wore a dress shirt, tie, and khaki pants.

Needless to say, he wasn't happy.

Currently he sat at his desk, bored out of his mind, doodling a bit on a sticky note.

"This friggin sucks..." He grumbled, tapping his non-drawing hand on the desk. He hated being this vulnerable, even if he was in the FVZA Headquarters. So naturally he bent the rules a bit. Hidden on his ankle underneath his pants was a small holster containing a snub-nosed .38. A folding karambit also sat in his pocket, "for opening letters and packages". Probably useless against a vampire or zombie, but better than nothing.

"Dammit, hurry this up so I can get my guns back!" He said to nobody in particular.

Julie Sawyer shuffled through a seemingly endless pile of paperwork on her desk. Julie mumbled to herself as she tried to remove some of the useless clutter. Just like the mighty Hydra; it seemed that every time she finished a field report or mission briefing, three more would magically appear. Normally she might not even bother, but the branch was being inspected today and Julie felt the need to look presentable and organized.

Clearly, her brother felt otherwise.

Jessie sat not in his uncomfortable cold metallic office seat but rather a brightly colored beach chair. His normal dress shirt and slacks were opted out for a blue Hawaiian shirt, sandals, and bright neon orange swimming trunks.

“36 minutes and 28 seconds left Sis. Its so damn close I can feel it,” groaned Jessie.

Julie rolled her eyes. Jessie was about to leave for a week of paid vacation. With the ungodly hours and poor workers comp that FVZA was infamous for, a week off was almost unheard of. Jessie practically did a cartwheel down the hall when his request was allowed. Since then Julie has endured nothing but Jessie’s constant ramblings and micro planning for his week at the beach.

“ Surfing, volleyball, women with practically nothing on. I swear the anticipation is going to kill me,” Jessie squealed.

“ I’m going to kill you if you don’t shut up already about this damn trip,” she snapped back.

Jessie laughed and then stretched back in the chair letting out a big yawn. “Yeah right, your just jealous you didn’t get anytime off. Besides you can’t kill me when all the weapons are locked up in the basement.”

Julie snatched up a pile of old reports and tossed them in the waste paper basket. “It’s bad enough you have to rub in everybody’s face Jess, but today of all days. What is the senator going to say when he sees you dressed up like Kelly Slater?”

“He’s going to realize not everyone here is a humorless stick in the mud. I swear to god, if Miller bitches about me playing Coheed and Cambria one more time…”

Julie shook her head and let out a sigh. “If I gave you a couple dollar would you just go bug the vending machine?”

Jessie hopped up to his feet and picked up the beach chair. “ Yeah yeah yeah. I can take a hint sis. I’m going to go down to the garage and check my beach ball at the tire gauge. You have fun with your zombie statistics and vampire spreadsheets. Don’t wait up for me.”

Jessie strutted out of the cubicle humming a tune. Dreaming about a week free from the fanged and the undead.

[This coffee suuuuuucks! No wonder we only make it for inspections.]

This was the current thought running around in Judas Dredd's head as he downed his seventh cup of coffee. It was a tad hypocritical, but it was the only excuse he could utilize to pass by Serrano's cubicle, a.k.a. "The Greatest Show On Earth." Serrano's fidgeting was now the highlight of his day and his new favorite office memory. It even surpassed the day the candy machine malfunctoned and spit out its contents.

It's not that he hated Serrano or any of the assault guys. It's just that more than a few of them took joy in making fun of his name. He was used to it, but it was still annoying.

[One of the many advantages to having a professor of theology for a dad, I guess.]

It didn't really help that it had been his turn to help with today's lecture for the agents in training. He'd enjoyed helping with the previous class, but the newest ones were a bunch of snarky bastards in his objective, unbiased opinion. While telling his one and only camping story, some them piped up and critqued his responses. When he explained it was pre-Agency, they started critiquing his survival skills. Every senior agent he grumbled to muttered something about karma before smiling and walking away. Whatever.

Judas popped a couple more aspirin and leaned back as far as he could in his chair. On top of everything else, Jesse Sawyer was skimming from his candy stash. Again. He was looking forward to the end of this day and soon. Still, there was something that kept him going for the time being.

"Dammit, hurry this up so I can get my guns back!"

Judas grabbed his coffee cup, a smile creeping over his face. As he passed Serrano, he gave a friendly wave.

I was having one hell of a good dream. I was on a beach dressed as a pirate, next to me was a rather seductive and curvy red headed wench. We were enjoying a bottle of rum that had been served to us by Moe from the Simpsons. The unrealistically attractive wench drew closer, her lips near mine... and then came the sound of someone shouting.

I awoke to the sound of the yelling in my dream, so it turned out that the shouting was real. The ever present sound of a young female, I couldn't make out what she was saying, probably because I wasn't paying attention yet. That is until I realized that I was probably being yelled at for napping. Executing a perfect 180 degree spin in my chair, I discovered that my dream about a pirate wench had been interupted by a landlubbing wench judging by her business suit.


"And I sure as hell don't get paid by the hour either." I replied, aggitated from being woken from such a good dream.

"THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WASTING TIME!?" She questioned, still not using an indoors voice.

"Why am I wasting time? I think you should ask the senator and the attorney general what they're doing wasting my time. I could be out there going after the vampires that caused all that shit in Seattle, but instead I'm stuck here in a cubicle, in an office where everything but you has a heartbeat." I answered.

"It just so happens that there is a very good reason for inspecting this facility, especially after this agency's failure to prevent the mass outbreak in Seattle." She accused.

"Well exuuuuse me princess, but who the hell are you to tell me that we're to blame for the state and local governments, and even most of this federal government for no one taking this seriously until it was too late?" I demanded.

"It just so happens that I'm an aide for Senator Crepehanger, who just so happens to be on the appropriations committee that controls this agency's funding. That's who the hell I am." She answered.

"So tell me miss, if Madeleine Albright was still Secratary of State, what position would she be in for presidential succession?" I questioned.

"Fourth." She replied, quite sure of her answer.

"Ah, so you're one of those types of aides. Just out of curiousity, how many times have you slept with the senator?" I asked, determing that she wasn't hired for her knowledge of government.

"Excuse me? That answer was perfectly correct, and I have not been asked to sleep with the senator." She said in amazement.

"Madeleine Albright was born in Czechoslovakia, and thus excluded from the line of succession. Nice try though." I explained.

"Your file says that you always were a bit of a wise-ass around elected officials and their assistants." She commented.

"Ah, so I'm famous?" I said, delighted at the prospect of being disliked by another politician.

"I've read about you Miller. Missions led by you have the tendency to be sloppy, and the paperwork never quite gets finished." Said the senator's aide.

"I'm a busy man, lot's of work to be doing." I said.

"Then why were you sleeping?" Interogatted the aide.

"What the hell is this, a KGB interogation? I don't have to put up with this harrassment you she-devil!" I said just loudly enough so everyone in the room heard me as I stood up.

Deciding that the senator's aide was about to render me without a viable excuse, I walked out of my cubicle, turned my back to her, and headed off to the lounge. I never did like inspections, and they weren't any better when conducted by politicians.

Pulling up to the back of the police station, Rhodes was yanked unceremoniously from the patrol car.

"This way killer."

The vampire glanced around at his surrounding, taking in everything from a tactical standpoint and committing it to memory.
Shoved hard, he was pushed thru a set of sliding doors into the processing area of DC Metro Police Station.

The booking went rather quickly, fingerprinting and mug shots. Rhodes even flashed a long tooth shit eating smile at the lady behind the camera.
Not long after, he was locked in a cell with three other hard ass looking criminals.
The largest in the cell licked his lips and threw Rhodes a wink. The vampire stifled from bursting out loud with laughter. Instead he simply went a sat down on a bench against the wall.

A SWAT team prisoner escort van pulls up outside of the Metro PD station. Seven officers in full uniform get out and head to the doors. They open the doors and talk with the officer in charge.

SWAT : "We'll take the prisoner from here"
OFFICER : " I need your names first."
SWAT : " Ok, here are them, officers, King, Bedlam, Francisco, Mitsurugi, Paul, and Parson. "
OFFICER: "And Your name?"
SWAT: "Yeah, Sargeant Thompson."
Officer " You guys can go ahead and take him off my hands then."

The Swat guys walk towards the cell area where one guy sits on a bench. Judder looks into the cell.
Judder yells into the cell "Prisoner Rhodes, stand up and walk to the cell door!"

Pvt Serrano
"Um. Sir? What are you doing?"

For the past five minutes, Serrano had been repetitively banging his head on the desk. The sudden questioning caused him to bolt upright, now staring directly at a very important looking person flanked by two body guards.

"I'm uh, just um testing the durability of my desk sir. I, ah, just had to fix it." He lied. "You are the Attorney General, right?". The man wasn't amused. He pushed his glasses on his nose and looked at a clipboard.

"No. I'm one of his aides. Tell me what exactly do you do here Mr.... Sirahnoh."

"Assault team, sir. I do the heavy lifting. I'm also a certified pursuit officer with a zero percent rate of fail-"

"No no no. What do you do HERE?"

"Um. A bit of surveillence, investigation, stuff like that. Work on the vehicles if I can."

"Uh huh. Care to show me some of your work?"

"Sure." He reached into his desk and pulled out a folder. "This is my report of an incident a little ways back in Seattle. You'll notice that my combat record is-" As he handed the folder to the man, a lipstick marked photograph of a scantily clad female wearing a garrison cap and holding a SAW fell out. Serrano quickly snatched it up and threw it in one of his desk drawers.

"What was that?"

"Suspected vampire. Found her in Seattle." The man gave him a weird look. "What? I'm totally serious."

"I'm sure." The man read through his file, closed it, and handed it back. "It seems like you're worth our time and money. Get rid of the bimbo picture and try not to mess it up in the future." He nodded to his bodyguards and moved to the next cubicle."

Serrano discreetly flipped him off as he walked away

"She's not a bimbo you whore-patronizing prick."

"What was that?!" The man spun around.

"Wow! I'm really surprised it went by that quick!"

The man gave him a dirty look and continued his inspection.

Rhodes heard his named called by a familiar voice, stood up from his bench seat and strolled toward to the door as instructed. Behind him lay a rather unusual scene. Two men lay unconscience on the floor, face down, while the third largest sat trembling in the corner, knees drawn up to his chest.

"Oh, good my limo has arrived. And here i was having so much fun," he said sarcastically.

Judder looks at the small amount of carnage in the cell. The wisecrack Rhodes makes simply Judder chuckle.
"Well asshole we will see about that" He motions for the other members to restrain him."

The members move as a coordinated team one always with his MP-7 focused on Rhodes head. They restrain his wrists and ankles with flexi cuffs. Judder smiles at the off balance Rhodes as he knocks him in the stomach with the butt of his gun.

The SWAT team carries the prisoner away from the cell and take him out of the building. The driver of the van cranks it up, as the team roughly deposits Rhodes into the back of the van and pile in around him, each taking thier own position. Judder sits right next to Rhodes, on one knee.

Judder "You ready to get back in the loop,..........Rhodes?"

Jason Drake
Jason had done some odd jobs for the FVZA when he'd returned after a leave he'd wished he hadd'nt taken.

Since He had to leave for personal problems. First his father had died and the family got into a legal fight for the estate and other thing wich was split 2 ways between his twin sister an youngest brother. Jason got nothing since he's the black sheep of the family, and was cut out of the will on the soul fact that Jason joined the U.S. Army instead of the Navy like the rest of his family.

To make matters worse is that after that he got into a dispute over child support with his ex-wife Maria over his 12 year old daughter Angel. His former best friend James David had since gotten bold and cocky, rubbing the fact that he banging his ex-wife but by telling him that Angel is starting to call him dad. Those bastard had sinced moved to god knows where since Jason had left Montana.

Jason had come back after the Seattle outbreak, and had wanted to get into some action. How ever Jason had come back about a week before an inspection. The week before had gone painfully slow as Jason had done nothing but paper work and had not gotten a chance to go to the armory to see if we had gotten any new weapons.

On the day of Senator Crepehanger and the Attorney General inspection, Jason had worn a white collared shirt and and kakhi pants. he didnt bother putting on a tie. Most of the others were here. he also seen two people he never met before, Jesse Sawyer and Julie Sawyer. Julie seemed like hard working girl while Jesse seemed to be a little cocky.

Jason had been working when he heard Miller and an aide yelling. After Miller had stormed off, Jason hear someone comming.

"You, i need to talk to you" said a man with some bodygaurds.

"Yes, sir" Jason said with some faked respect.

"What's your name" the man asked.

"Jason Drake"

"Ok, so what do you do for the FVZA?" the man asked

"I've been out on pesronal leave to deal with some matters in my life, but hopefully i can get on a Assualt team." Jason answered.

"Personal leave, sounds like an excuse to me son" said the man with some comtempt.

"If you only knew, you asshole" thought Jason.

"Ok, thank you for your time Mr. Drake" said the man as he turned and left.

Jason watch him for a moment and went back to what he was doing.

"Inspections at Guantanamo Bay are probably better than this." I muttered as I walked past some guy in a suit surrounded by more guys in suits. One of them was talking on a cell phone, two of them were busy fumbling around some notepads, and the rest appeared to getting a bit excited about some discussion where I could pick out the words "fillibuster" and "impeachment".

"What was that?" Asked the guy in the middle. I could tell he was the leader not just by his position within the mass of suits, but also by the fact that his suit looked the most expensive. I didn't recognize him from the posters we had all over the building, so he wasn't the Attorney General, and that meant one thing.

"Oh nothing Senator." I said as innocently as I could, now stopped.

He seemed skeptical by the look on his face and what he said. "I could've sworn that I heard you say something about Gitmo."

Well I'd imagine it's hard to hear with your head up your ass. I thought to myself. But realizing that my salary and vacation days were on the line here, I said something else. "Oh! Oh that statement! Yeah, you see I was talking to myself about how we should send vampires to Guantanamo."

"What's your name?" Asked the senator.

Oh shit... here goes my overtime pay. I thought to myself. I knew that by giving my real name that he'd probably hurt me a lot more financially than I could hurt him by not voting for him next election. Then it hit me, he wasn't from my state, so he was pretty much untouchable as far as I was concerned. I couldn't even run against the guy in hopes of destroying his career. On the otherhand, I needed a name that was real, someone who worked here so that it'd show up on the roster when they checked. Yet if I pretended to be someone else here they'd take the fall, find out, track me down, and feed me to a zombie next mission. But then came a realization, this was a federal agency, thus the bueracracy was as slow as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a footrace. This meant that technically, the person whom I claimed to be didn't nessesarily need to be alive or human...

"The name's Thompson, Judder Thompson." I said, knowing that Judder was a fugitive at the moment and wasn't likely suffer from getting docked overtime. And since he was a vampire it wasn't as if I was going to loose any sleep over it.

"J.D., take note of that. And make sure that Mr. Thompson doesn't take a vacation day for as long as he works for the federal government." Ordered Senator Crepehanger to one of the aides with a clipboard.

"Sure thing sir, I'll make sure that this charlatan doesn't even know the meaning of a trip to the spa." Said the aide. To think, some guy named J.D. who had a haircut worth more than my yearly income was going to try and take away freedoms that were very explicitly part of my employment contract.

"Mr. Thompson, you are excused." Said Crepehanger in a cold and uncaring voice.

Good thing I gave those leeches the slip. I thought to myself, wondering how much more trouble I could get in and pass it off on the guy that didn't work here anymore.

Rodwy drove down the street, soaking in the familiar sights of his beloved town. He knew that his weapons were near in case anything were to happen, they went everywhere with them. They were hidden in cases under a panel in his trunk with the ammo in separate compartments. An AR-15 and a Glock 18, not his weapons of choice but its all he had with him at the time he had to leave.

Rodwy opened up his cell as it rang. "What is it."

"We need you back." The voice on the other side responded.

"Jack, you know I've quit the force and don't want to return, but yet for the past 3 months you've bugged me about it."

"Well Rodwy you were a damn good cop, you had potential and 6 years isn't enough to quit." Jack responded.

"Potential! Potential is for recruits and people at desk jobs, I had a gift. Even though you guys still need me I just can't come back." Rodwy was getting a bit annoyed by this.

"Listen just meet me at the station and I'll explain to you something that might make you think about coming back." Jack told Rodwy just before he heard something on Jacks side of the line followed by a quick hang up of the phone.

"Damn him." Rodwy thought folding up and throwing his phone to his back seat. He then turned the car around and hit hard traffic, this was going to slow him down for a bit.

Jason Drake
See's the senator talking to Miller and thinks to himself.

"I hate these morons, think there the crap smell better"

A suited man walked in through the front doors. The suit was black and normal with a long brown coat incase it rained but what was odd about him was that he wore a black health mask covering his nose and mouth and tinted goggles that covered around his eyes, and black leather gloves. He walked to the front desk and waved his badge which said he was a building inspector. The security gaurd stopped him before he went into the building.

"Whats with all the hiding of the face?" he ask, clearly not FVZA agent material.

"Simple my good man." he spoke with and british accent. "As an inspector i must check every part of the building no matter how dirty, so thus i come prepared."

The gaurd grunted and let him pass. The man nodded politly and walked into the elevator and it rose to the main floor that the senator was on. he stepped out of the elevator and walked down the corridors created by the cubicles. any good FVZA agent that saw him could easily see that he had two guns hidden under his coat and something else....something that was more difficult to figure out.

Julie Sawyer sat at her desk, trapped in the center of a dangerous and cunning catch-22. Only a mere few feet away from her stacks of work and boredom sat the most beautiful sight an office worker could ever lay eyes upon…a computer with internet access. One simple click would unlock an endless sea of websites, sports scores, and flash games.

Temptation called out to her but Julie knew she had to resist. The laws of universe ruled that the second she put one finger on that mouse her boss, the senator, the attorney general, and Wilt Chamberlain would all barge in demanding to what she was doing on

Thankfully Miss Sawyer could hear a group of footsteps grow closer. Julie grabbed a manila folder and began to pretend to read the contents just seconds before the Senator and his entourage entered the cubicle.

“This space is where a Jesse and Julie Sawyer operate from. They’ve been investigating field agents for the last six months. They’ve both been exceedingly good at finding information and detaining suspects,” explained one of The Senator’s suits.

There was a pause. Julie knew the F word was coming up next.

“They’re both convicted felons who were looking at jail time. Agency decided to put their “skills” to use here.”

Julie stood up and cordially shook the Senators hand. She had to sell this. She didn’t wear dress clothes for no reason.

“Pleasure to meet you sir.”

“Miss Sawyer, may I ask where your bother is?”

“Oh, he’s helping out in the garage currently.”

Meanwhile Jesse Sawyer placed the tire air hose into a pool float and began to inflate it. He had already filled a beach ball, two orange floaties, and a big intertube. Just then an angry man with short black hair ran out.

“NO SAWYER! Get the hell out before you get us all fired! There are inspections!”

“Fuck off Dupree! Its free air and I’ll take it if I want.”

Arnold Johnston
After about two months of searching Arnold finally found an address for the FVZA office. Turns out working at a car dealership wasn't all that exciting after all, and when he finally got hired on as a contractor at the NSA he was again throughly disappointed. At this point, other than going back to Chicago to live his life out as a bartender he figured that his only option was to take Agent Miller up on his offer for a job as an FVZA Agent, though he had no clue what that really entailed. He was hoping for a decent salary at least. Hell, the FBI brought new field agents on as a GS 11 or 12 depending on experience, they had to be paying out at least that to a group that deals with things like Vampires and Zombies.

Arnold, after actually locating the building walks in the front door and stops at the front desk. "Uh, hi, I'm looking for Agent Miller. I don't have an appointment but I was wondering if I could have a moment of his time. My name's Arnold Johnston, he might not remember who I am, for reference I'm the BMW guy from the diner in po-dunk nowhere, from about 6 months ago..."

Arnold stands there for a moment as he gets a strange look from the receptionist who subsequently picks up a phone and presses a few buttons. "Agent Miller, there's an Arnold Johnston here to see you, he says you know him, something about being the BMW guy from some diner about 6 months ago..."

Rhodes grinned at Judder, van rocking as it barreled down the streets of DC towards FVZA HQ.

"Affirmative. We need to be lightning quick on this strike. In and out."

Rhodes looked individually at each member of the team, getting nods all around.

"Oh, and Judder. If you check me again with your rifle butt like that. I'll shoot you in the knee."

The vampire smiled at the kneeling team member as they came to a stop at a red light.

Pvt Serrano
Now freed from the pain-in-the-ass inspector, Serrano made his way downstairs into the garage, making sure to flip off any official he came across behind their back. The inspector had put him in a bad mood and he needed to relieve a little stress. What better way than to work on his car?

However as he entered the garage, he found himself even more pissed off than before. His Mustang, hood still up and supercharger half installed, was not in it's usual spot, instead moved out into the parking lot's driving area. In his normal spot sat a black limo with government tags.

"Oh HELL no." He said angrily, looking over his car. They'd even managed to put a large black scuff mark on the driver's door. Serrano quickly retrieved a bottle of scuff remover from his trunk and removed the blemish,

"Alright, you call my friend a bimbo, you waste my valuable time, you take friggin Claire from me, and now you mess with my CAR?! Gloves are off man." He reached into his glove box and retrieved a small yellow sphere with a bit of string protruding from it. A child's stink bomb, usually used to distract vampires, would have a much more satisfying use. He walked casually over to the limo, picked the lock, opened the door, cracked open the ignition box, cut the ignition wire, tied the stink bomb's fuse to the wire, tied the wire back up, cut the power cable to the windows, and replaced the ignition box. When those pricks started their car back up, they'd be in for a rather smelly surprise. Even smellier without power windows.

"Payback's a bitch idnit?" He laughed, making sure to key the door before moving over to his car.

A half hour later, the supercharger was installed, his car ran and was in it's rightful place, and the booby trapped limo was moved out into the driving area instead of in his parking spot. Apparently the sign he'd put up in front of his spot reading "You takea my space, I breaka your face" hadn't been taken seriously. Idiots.

Fun time was officially over. Judas had decided that after hearing Miller get chewed out by both the senator's aide and the senator. And judging by the way Serrano stormed out, Judas realized that sneaking out and calling back saying he was sick was a more prudent option. In the field, he was ready and able to face off against the undead at a moment's notice. The same could not be said about his relationship with his superiors. He had, in fact, fled the building before his first ever evaluation. The second had required a building lock down and a three hour search. From then on, someone always stayed near him on evaluation days so they could catch him before the panic set in. Sadly, in the rush to prepare for the Senator's visit, they'd forgotten to assign someone that task. So by the term "sneaking out," Judas was being very literal. He had positioned himself on the opposite side of the cubicle wall as the senator was working over his current victim. The exit to the elevator in his line of sight, all Judas needed was to make a quick dash and he was home free.

[Poor Julie. She deserves a good evaluation, with all the work she's done. Aha, the exit! Almost there...]

"Son, just what do you think you're doing?"

Judas froze. In the back of his mind, he desperately hoped that pressing further into the cubicle wall made him blend in and disappear. Instead, his left leg grew tired of holding his body up and he fell over. Not missing a beat, he got up, dusted himself off, and adjusted his tie.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I said," Senator Crepehanger replied, growing flustered. His aides looked even less pleased, if that were possible. "What were you doing creepin' around the cubicles like that?"

"Uh..." came Judas' eloquent response.

[Damn it Julie, you were supposed to dazzle them!]

"Son, I'm waiting for an answer." the senator said in an icy tone.

"Sorry, sir! I was...was...practicing stealth for investigations! Yeah, that's the ticket!" Judas said, smoothing out his black pants and tie. "A lot of my work requires careful movement in volatile situations, and I was just practicing here since I didn't want to miss the chance to meet you, sir."

Judas Dredd flashed the mother of all "I hope he bought that" smiles to the senator and his people. However, no one noticed as they were in quiet conference. Judas made an unhappy mental note that one of the aides produced a sheet with his name on it. He started shifting uncomfortably as he caught bits and pieces of what the aides were saying about him.

"...handles some of the more 'out there' cases..."

"...kind of a weirdo..."

"...solid work, exceedingly eccentric personality..."

"I'm right here, you know..." Judas grumbled. His eyes went wide and he clamped his hand over his mouth as the entirety of the senator's procession stared at him.

"Yes you are, son," Senator Crepehanger replied cooly. "You're right there instead of waiting for us in your workspace like a proper agent would be. Now what do you think would be the best way to rectify that?"

"I should..." Judas began.



"...get back to my desk and wait for you, sir." Judas finished. He gave a weak smile.

"Very good." replied the senator, the sarcasm evident in his voice.

Judas turned on his heels and walked back to his cubicle. He passed by Julie at her station. She was doing her best to hold in her laughter. Judas shrugged and told her he was glad at least one of them enjoyed it. He sat back down in his cubicle, picked up one of several books he had lying around, and took a few more aspirin.

[I would really like to shoot something right now.]

The van barreled into the parking garage entrance to the FVZA building and skidded to a stop. Eight fully tactical looking SWAT team officers jumped out. Three followed a Sgt. Thompson, and three followed a Sgt. Rhodes. All eight got on either sides of both doors and the team leaders pick the locks. A quick silent breech, into building.

OOC:Im gonna Rp as Razor i will differentiate between Judd and Razor.

Razor had been locked in a supply closet at the back of the cubicles and instructed not to move or make a sound. This had been hours ago and he was hungry and had to take a shit. So he does the only thing he knows.
A minute passes..


The colossal noise echoes through the room as the Senator's aids begin to move towards it. The senator himself says " What in the hell is that?"

"Agent Miller, there's an Arnold Johnston here to see you, he says you know him, something about being the BMW guy from some diner about 6 months ago..." Called the receptionist over the loudspeaker system. Just what I needed, an excuse to get the hell away from the inspections.

Heading towards the elevators I tried to look as perfectly normal as possible for a guy that didn't like ice in his soda and was trying to avoid the higher ups. While walking past I crossed paths with some guy in a suit and coat, but was wearing some sort of mask. I had the feeling that he was carrying something concealed, but judging by the mask I was guessing that he had come to do some kind of inspection of the cafeteria kitchen. As for the slight bulge in the suit, I figured he was bringing something to defend against the rats.

Once in the elevator I punched the button for the first floor and tried to ignore the music. When the doors opened up I walked out and noticed a guy that I recognized. Sure as the announcement said, it was the BMW guy from that the diner in the middle of nowhere.

"Hey how ya doing mate? I'm Agent Miller, there something I can help you with?" I said to Mr. Johnston.

Arnold Johnston
Arnold begins pacing around the lobby shortly after the receptionist paged Agent Miller. He half thought about walking out of the building and just going back to Chicago, but that wouldn't have satisfied his need for some kind of excitement in his life. He heard the chime of the elevator and watched Agent Miller get off. He saw an expression of recognition on his face and felt slightly relieved. "At least he remembers who I am..." Arnold thought.

"Hey how ya doing mate? I'm Agent Miller, there something I can help you with?"

"Uh... yeah. I've been thinking that I wanted to finally take you up on that job offer you extended to me back at the diner. So... still have any positions open? I've got a clearance if that helps. TS/SCI with a full scope background investigation and CI and Lifestyle Poly... does that make any difference here? Oh... and I'm not going to get stuck with some systems administrator job, am I?"

The man passed agent Miller in the hall and eyed him. Since he didn't try to stop him, he wasn't to worried so the man continued on his way. As he passed by many other inspectors and aides as well as agents he glanced at all of them. The man stopped at Serrano's empty desk and placed a buisiness card that had a Chaos star and read.

Chaotic Nuetral
For all your blackmarket needs
For all your anti Vampire and Zombie needs
Call 1-666-854-2185

The man took another out leaving it at the empty desk of Miller. When there were no more empty desks he decided to sneak them on to the desks the closest was Julie Sawyer. The man cursed under his breathe since she was paying close attention to what was on her desk. However the man did notice all the folders so he simply slipped on in on top of the other papers and walked away before anyone could notice.

Rhodes made the hand signals for his three-man fire team to sweep and clear the room they just accessed. The men all entered with tactical precision. Once they were sure the room was cleared, Rhodes motioned for Judder to come closer.

"Room's secure. Best we figure, the senator is upstairs doing his inspection thing...that or taking a dump from the shitty coffee im sure this place serves."

Rhodes pulled a rough looking map of the structural design of the building, pointing to several possible entry points.

"Since this is a 'government worker', they wont having anything bigger than a sidearm on the floors. It'll all be in the armory, here. So I say we seal the armory first, cutting off any bang bang threats. Then we can move quickly and easily to the upper floors where the personnel are all in monkey suits trying to look good for the brass. Whatch'er thoughts?"

Pvt Serrano
Someone was driving recklessly into the parking garage and it wasn't him. Serrano was a bit concerned with this. Especially after seeing a vanful of SWAT looking guys bust out and go into the building. Now if he'd been allowed to wear his usual uniform, he'd be able to call ahead and warn everybody. He'd also have a large caliber weapon to defeat their body armor.

"Uh... yeah. I've been thinking that I wanted to finally take you up on that job offer you extended to me back at the diner. So... still have any positions open? I've got a clearance if that helps. TS/SCI with a full scope background investigation and CI and Lifestyle Poly... does that make any difference here? Oh... and I'm not going to get stuck with some systems administrator job, am I?" Said Johnston.

As far as I was concerned this was a pretty good thing. I offered him a job six months ago for a very good reason. And with the FVZA having a pretty high rate of casualties for a federal agency, especially after the Seattle job we were in need of people with a cool head on their shoulders.

"I don't mean to scare you off or anything, but we've got more positions open than you could shake a stick at. We usually don't deal with anything too secretive, but having clearance with an thumbs on your background investigation sure doesn't hurt. Never know when a zombie might just wander into Area 51. Don't worry about systems administrations jobs, we usually don't give those kinds of jobs out to people with skills we need in the field. Most likely you can get a job as a field agent, probably an investigator, maybe assault team if you're good with a gun. I doubt you'll get assigned as a shadow however, car salesmen tend to have people skills, which isn't really a quality that shadows use too often in the field. Now if you'd like I'd be happy to take you on a tour of the facility we've got here." I offered towards Johnston.

Assuming he agreed to a tour I figured that the best place to start would be the armory. Making sure that our armory seemed important to prospective agents sent the message that we weren't opposed to using tools in the field.


"Blarg. I'm bored," said Judas to no one in particular. He set his book down and stretched. It had only been a little while, but he just couldn't concentrate on the text of his book anymore. Worse yet, the stress twitch in his left eyelid had returned.

[This is taking forever. I wonder what Jesse's up to? Haven't seen him in a while.]

Judas stood and gathered up the books on his desk. Walking with a purpose, he strode to the elevater and pushed the call button. As he waited that wormy guy who aided the senator walked over.

"Where are you going?" he asked in a demanding tone. Judas gave him a sideways glance and held up his books. "What about them?"

"I'm returning them to our library. I accidentally kept them out too long," replied Judas with a sigh. "Never hurts to brush up on the basics."

"I can see how you people would need to do that," the aide sniggered. "Well hurry up and don't keep the senator waiting! You hear me?"

The aide tapped the seemingly inattentive Judas, who did not respond. He walked off, his opinion of the agent lowering further. Judas hadn't noticed because he had decided to take that time to think of numerous ways to beat the hell out of the senator's hired help, most of which seemed to involve using office supples in ways they were not intended for. He finally broke out of this self-induced haze when the elevator arrived. Stepping in, he pressed a button and chirped an announcement as the doors closed.

"Next stop, second floor. Books, guns, and the agency locker rooms. Don't drop the soap!'

Arnold Johnston
"... Now if you'd like I'd be happy to take you on a tour of the facility we've got here.

"That'd be great... uh... what's a Shadow?"

Arnold and Agent Miller get into the elevator and Miller hits one of the buttons. They arrive at the Armory and Arnold looks at some of the racks.

"Hey... is that a grease gun? Jesus... those things are old. Wow... Thompsons, 1911s, you guys sure got a hard on for old hardware... At least you've got M4s... wait a second... you mind if I handle this real quick?"

Without waiting for a response Arnold picks a CAR-15 off the rack.

"Hmm... well, it's not an M4, its CAR-15... wow... Didn't think government agencies use this kinda stuff anymore."

Arnold puts the CAR-15 back on the rack and walks over to the 1911s.

"Do you guys mind if one of your agents uses their own sidearm? I'm not really a fan of the 1911 and I've got a nice Sig Sauer P229 at home. It's a far superior design, ergonomically that is... fits my hand better, allows for a more accurate shot."

Arnold surveys the rest of the room and walks back over to Miller.

"So, where to next?"

The man saw Judas leave his desk and walked by dropping a business card on his desk. As he walked a way there was a voice behind him.

"What do you think your doing? Are you an agent?" an aide of the senators stood a few cubicles away and did not notice him drop the card.

"Oh no no no" the masked man said politely "I am simply a building inspector making sure this structure is a safe place to hold people."

The aide nodded eyeing him then went back to his interviews.

Judder listens intently to Rhodes as his team come in behind him. He turns to him and knods
"My team will breach and seal the Armoury and will capture any useful personnell."
Judder runs his fingers along the route to the Armoury.

"You take the administrative level." Rhodes knods

Judder instructs his team and they all nod in unison. Before dissapearing into the stairwell, Judder turns and says to Rhodes. "Don't forget to get my dog"

The team waits at the entrance to the Armoury, one member using a swat fiber optic to peek inside the room. He makes the motions for two people, possibly armed.

Judder makes the signals to throw flashbangs and breach and clear the room capture not kill. As a satirical joke he adds with a wisper " Tell them to freeze police."

Mitsurugi throws the flash-bangs into the room and ducks back out before they go off.

BLAM!!!! BLAM!!!! BLAM!!!! BLAM!!!! BLAM!!!! BLAM!!!!

The flashbangs go off and in just a few seconds Mitsurugi, Parsons, Paul, and Judder have surrounded and put the two stunned agents face down in the ground all the while yelling, "Police"!!!. Other personell in the armoury are quickly rounded up at all of them are put in a line against the only bare wall in the armoury.

Mitsurugi and Parsons immediately put Jb Weld on the exits of the armoury sealing them. All except a large metal door, and the elevator.
Judder walks behind the prisoners and says "Which one of you is in charge here. Parsons, Mitsurugi and Paul cover the prisoners with thier weapons.

Cyber78I was about to mention the agency's policy concerning handguns and how we allow for agents to bring there own if they like, but that's when somebody threw in a couple flashbangs.

"Son of a diddly, who pulled the pins on the flashbangs?" I asked aloud. I couldn't hear a damn thing so I kind of missed the bit with the guys shouting "Police", and I couldn't see a damn thing yet so I figured that I was down on the ground because the other people in the armory would've been running around blindly.

Then my vision came back and I started to realize the gravity of the situation I was in. Shit... the inspectors decided to simulate a surprise attack. I thought. And in my mind having the inspectors launch an attack was just as bad as a real vampire attack.

"Hey, hey, hey. Not so rough, I don't swing that way pal." I said to the men in uniforms that had just stormed the armory.

"Oh, and this sort of thing happens only occasionally." I mentioned to Mr. Johnston.

Judder responded to the wisecrack without thinking. He placed his boot upon the joking agents back and shoved him out of the line.

"We will start our interrogation with this one."

Judder walks into the point of view for the agent who is sprawled out on the floor. He drops onto one knee and looks at the guy for a moment, he recognizes him, though through the facemask and helmet the agent cannot.

For a moment Judder hesitates, then he takes his facemask and helmet off leaving just his throat mike and balaclava on. He pulls the balaclave back to rest on his neck much like a scarf.

He looks straight into the eyes of the agent. "Speak your name, prisoner" The words come out with a raspy deep bass tone.

Oh yay, I get to go first. Guess that means I can get out of here that much quicker and get a donut. I thought to myself as I was brought forward.

Quite suddenly I was on the ground being confronted by the guy who I was assuming to be the leader. Much to my surprise he removed his face mask so that I could see who I was dealing with.

"Speak your name, prisoner" Said Judder as he stared at me.

"You know damn well who I am. So what'd ya say we ditch this place and go get some beers?" I offered, hoping that the lure of alcohol would get me out of this situation.

The wisecrack at Judder really pissed him off, however on the outside it was all business. Flames of hate for a former freind quickly showed in his eyes. To show he means

Judder pulls his pistol out and shoots one of the female armoury attendants in the head. The loud discharge in the armoury room stops all movement and breathing as though life has went into slow motion.

The woman's eyes widen in suprise as the slide of the glock recoils sending the shell flying across the floor. Not less than a second later the bullet enters her neck and travels upwards into her brain, it pierces the middle part of the right lobe and exits the skull bringing with it brain matter, blood, and skull fragments. Somehow the woman's vegitated and quickly dieing corpse moans as it hits the floor with a greasy thump.
Judder returns his gaze to Miller.
" Now that that is out of the way."
Judder pauses as he holsters his pistol.

He taps his throat mike that connects him to Rhodes.
"Judder here, I got some prisoners including a hvpa"
He taps it to deactivate it and wait for an answer

In the meantime he motions to Miller to stand
" Lets take a walk" Judder holds a set of force flex cuffs up for Miller to put his hands in.

Judas stepped out of the elevator, relieved to be away from the hate machine that was the senator's staff. Whistling, he walked into the library, dropping his returns onto a nearby table.

"And now...time to stall."

Judas immediately started perusing the other books, especially the vampire related ones. It never hurt to be prepared, because anything could happen. Plus, he was bored and knew he wasn't alone in that regard. He'd heard some noises coming from the armory as he entered. Hopefully, they weren't playing with the heavy stuff.

As Judder held out the flex-cuffs I devised a plan. A half-baked plan that could potentially endanger the lives of everyone in this room, but a plan none the less.

"You must've read my facebook, I do just so happen to love long walks on the beach." I said as I approached Judder, arms by my sides with my palms facing upwards.

Once directly in front of him I didn't give him the chance to put on the flex-cuffs. Instead I rapidly clenched my right hand into a fist and delivered an uppercut punch worthy of Rocky Balboa. All while with my left hand quickly grabbing the now holstered pistol. Just as soon as the uppercut landed itself on Judder's jaw I began pumping off rounds from the pistol which was now upside down. Four rounds were ejected from the pistol, three of them hit one of the SWAT guys that Judder was leading. The first two rounds hit the torso and did absolutely nothing, but the third one went right through the neck like a White Castle burger through the digestive system. The normally white wall behind the guy was now a lovely black. Redecorating with blood, whatever color it just so happened to be always made my day.

Even for Judder it happened fast, four shots and Mitsurugi was down, grasping his neck and dying. The warm iron taste of blood in his mouth snapped him into focus as Miller pushed him back in his firing of the pistol and steadying both of them.
Judder's hand drops the flex cuffs and locks onto the area around Miller's collarbone taking a bone crunching grip.
Miller's face looms close as Judder's vision goes red and black once, twice, and, thrice.
The loud smack of Judder's skull bouncing off of Miller's is audible as Miller's nose begins to spurt blood and Judder's forehead splits open in a small cut.

Judder moves through the pain and uses his other hand to grab hand that holds his pistol and twists the arm around the Miller's back as they both reel from the dizzying impact of skull on skull.
As they hit the floor Judder knees Miller in the small of the back several times before locking his arm around Miller's neck in a sleeper hold.

"YOUR FATHER SMELT OF ELDERBERRIES!" I shouted while in severe pain from the sudden, and unexpected headbutt. Although I probably should've seen it coming, it still freaking hurt.

One second I was enjoying the fact that I'd just landed a strike on a vampire, and then next I've been kneed in the back several times (and not the first time by a vampire). And then I find myself in a sleeper hold.

Must... get my knife... I thought to myself as my vision started to go a bit blurry and I was feeling a bit light headed. About ten seconds after thinking that I didn't have the knife, and instead I'd lost conciousness. Figures that it was a Monday.

Judder waited until he could tell by the pulse of Miller's heartbeat that he was unconscious. Then he slowly released him, moving slow as to not make him stir. The remaining two team members quickly tied the other prisoners together with flex cuffs and moved them into a dark room ( The shooting range) there they leave them as well as stripping the body of their fallen team member(Mitsurugi) of all ammo and weapons.

They JB weld the double doors to the shooting range shut and begin to load duffel bags, with weapons and ammunition. Alternating who has the guard while the others load the bags, breaking open locks and lockers when needed.
Judder reports in to Rhodes "We lost Mitsurugi, though we have the armoury sealed and secured, we are packing up anything we can take now." Judder returns to packing a weapon into a duffel bag.

Rodwy - July 11, 2007 07:01 AM (GMT)
OOC: Lets hope it works now.

As he approached the station he saw Jack outside waiting for him. He quickly got out of his car and ran up to Jack.

"So?" Rodwy asked.

"Well a few minutes ago a van left, but before that something fishy was going on here, and I happened to picked up where they were headed." Jack Replied.

"Dangerous men?"

"Well the team that was in the van weren't familiar but were supposed to be from some team. We are going to have to leave soon before the chief finds out about this. Grab your handgun and lets head out, I'll tell you were to go." Jack told Rodwy.

Rodwy nodded in acceptance, then headed over to his trunk and opened it taking out the smallest case and opening it. Inside it was his Glock and in another box lay 4 clips of ammo. Rodwy loaded the gun but didn't cock it and put it in a holster that he then soon put on. He then put the spare clips in a pouch on the belt.

Rodwy then hopped into the car were Jack had been waiting and started it up. "Were to?"

"Just go straight down this street and I'll tell you when to turn." Jack said checking his radio to make sure it was off.

After driving for a while they started up on the place and they saw a faint bluish flash in one of the windows.

"Flash bang," Jack said, "Now pull up into this parking lot and lets watch the place, if anything happens to threaten us of those around here that we can see we'll go in."

"Were did you hear all this, Jack?" Rodwy asked, puzzled.

"I've got my connections. Now just keep your eyes on the building."

Pvt Serrano - July 11, 2007 07:12 AM (GMT)
"I really don't like being on this side of a surprise attack." Serrano mumbled to himself. The scene was a tad bit chaotic as he moved through the warpath the SWAT guys left behind. Eventually the mess led him to the armory doors. Inside, he could hear people moving around and talking.

If they touch Claire, there'll be hell to pay. Lots and lots of hell.

He slowly tried the door and found it locked. Figures. He'd have to find another way in before some moron got his hands all over his gun.

Plasma cutter you idiot. The idea presented itself rather rudely. However it currently seemed to be the only way in. Without delay, he ran back to the garage, retrieved his trusty plasma cutter, normally used to cut pieces of metal for vehicles.

The breach would be loud, bright and would likely attract a crapload of attention.

Hopefully he'd be able to cut it open quick enough to toss the welder in, hopefully allowing him to initiate the second part of his plan.

He gritted his teeth and started cutting at the door hinges.

Kilroy - July 11, 2007 07:24 AM (GMT)
It wasn't the noises that had drawn Judas toward the armory, but the Monty Python quote. He'd been on his way to the bathroom when he heard someone yell out a familiar French taunt. The problem was, the voice sounded distressed and familiar. He tentatively moved down the hall, closer to the armory entrance. If Spider-sense were real, Judas' would've been going off like an Enterprise red alert.

[What the shit?!]

Judas barely saw anything, but he heard plenty. The sounds of ransacking filled the air and...was something burning? He high-tailed it back around a corner and took out his cell phone. Dialing quickly, he waited for someone to pick up. Unfortunately, the agency headquarters seemed like the one place his cellphone had no reception. Swearing he'd switch carriers tomorrow, Judas eyed the library again. It had a phone, but there's no telling if whoever was stealing the weapons was keeping an eye out.

[Well, there's no choice. I have to report this now. Oh, wait.]

As he waited to make his move, Judas carefully, undid his belt and removed it from his pants. It was the only weapon of any sort he had on his person. It would have to do. He peered around the corner once more to see somoeone trying to work their way in.

"Thank God," Judas sighed, then immediately moved up the hall in a sober mood. "He might need help."

goteamventure15 - July 11, 2007 08:02 AM (GMT)
Jessie Sawyer ran down the hall as fast as one could in a pair of cheaply made sandals. Jessie panted heavily with each footstep. He tried to focus but a million thoughts raced through his mind. A moment ago he was coming out of the 2nd floor locker room. Jessie had collected a few last things and was ready to go on his dream vacation. He had not even open the door all the way when he spotted them….a group of heavily armed swats team members. They broke into the armory and began opening fire. Jessie had no choice but to run. He was more equipped for a surfing movie then an action one.

“Shit! Who are these guys?”

Before he could answer his own question, Jesse ran straight through the door to the gym. Ducking behind a weight machine, Jessie opened his beach bag looking for anything useful. “

“Shit. What do you have Jessie? Shit. Beach towel, sun screen, paperback novel. Great, I can bore them to death with this stuff. Shit,” yelled Jesse.

Just then he felt the cold metallic edge and a smile ran across Jesse’s face. How could he forget about it…his scuba diving knife! It was designed to cut him free from seaweed and coral reef. It would slice through skin like butter. Jesse put the blade in his back pocket and looked around.

“Okay, now what? Call Julie!”

Jesse whipped out his cell phone. There was no service. Just like every other critical time in his life he needed to make a call. He hated this shitty building. He didn’t have a radio on him either. The stupid inspections had left him defenseless and alone. Jesse realized how much he hated politicians. Then he spotted his salvation.

“The fire alarm!”

Jesse ran over to the red lever on the wall. It was just like 7th grade all over again, except there was more on the line then getting out of a pop quiz. Pulling it this time would alert everyone else in the building to evactuate, send more back up armed forces to the HQ here, and what Jessie was most hoping for…send a few of the intruders to the gym.

“Heh, Jesse you son of a bitch. All you got is a knife.”

It was suicidal but Jesse wanted them to come. He wanted vengeance. Not or Julie, she'd be fine. Vengence for the backlash this would cause. He already could see the stacks of paper work and the endless interviews with higher ups. The Heightened security and longer hours. The cancelled vacation. Pay back was gonna be a bitch to these asshole.

"Try all that tactical stealth shit with alarms blaring in everyones ear,” though Jesse as he pulled the lever.

Arnold Johnston - July 11, 2007 08:07 AM (GMT)
As soon as the coast is clear Arnold slinks over towards Millers unconscious body. Not having a free hand he resorts to kicking him until he gets some kind of reaction.

"MILLER!! WAKE THE FUCK UP!! Seriously, if this is just a drill, I'm not entirely sure I want to be an employee... shit, things weren't even this bad in the Corps... Miller? Miller, come on man, I get it... they got the drop on you, you don't have to ham it up this much man..."

Arnold sits there for another minute before realizing that maybe this whole thing isn't a test after all.

"Well fuck me running... how the hell am I going to get out of this..." Arnold begins to feel around for something to cut the flex cuffs and realizes that his assailants didn't bother to remove his knife from his back pocket.

"Thank god those guys weren't all that bright."

Arnold presses the button on his knife to open the blade and begins to cut. After a minute of trying to get the position just right he manages to get through the plastic.

"OW! Shit, fucking cut myself, damn it, alright, now where the hell is the door?"

It takes another fifteen minutes for Arnold's eyes to adjust to the near complete darkness. Soon all he can see is a series of small orange lights. When he gets up to feel what it is he notices a series of switches. The first one he hits causes a small motor overhead to begin to whine. He quickly switches that off as to not attract any unwanted attention and looks to the next switch. One flick and the lane of the range that he happens to be standing in is flooded with light.

"Well, that makes sense I guess." Arnold looks around the room which is now lit. He can see that Miller is bleeding from his head and is probably going to have a bad headache for a day or so. He sees the door and heads toward it. "Ahh shit... locked... guess I was asking for a little too much." He turns back to Miller, hoping that maybe he can stir something out of him. "Hey, Miller, wake up man, we're locked in... ah fuck it... I don't know why I'm bothering."

Arnold sits down and waits for either Miller to wake up or for someone to come back and try and kill him. About this time he hears the fire alarm go off.

"Jesus fucking Christ... now I'm gonna burn alive. What a fucking day..."

Rodwy - July 11, 2007 10:03 AM (GMT)
Something was defiantly going on in that building, something bad. Rodwy and Jack could both feel it. As Rodwy started the car back up some sort of alarm started off in the building. With no thought whatsoever Rodwy threw the car into reverse and quickly spun out of his parking space.

"What the hell are you doing!" Jack yelled at Rodwy.

"You'll see," Rodwy responded throwing the car into drive and heading for the parking garage, the person at the gate wasn't there, leaving it open.

"Perfect, Jack reach into the glove box and give me whats inside it." Rodwy said making his way trough the parking garage until he got into a space.

"What the hell, this is your old badge, how do you still have this?" Jack said.

"Well you have your connections and I have mine now take my keys and get my rifle out of the trunk, I'm pretty sure I won't need it but if I do I'll be back. If anything happens get on the line and get your buddies over here." Rodwy said making sure his holster was mostly hidden under his somewhat long over shirt.

"Good luck," Jack said as Rodwy walked towards the door.

"I'm gonna need it," Rodwy thought as the door slid open.

Rhodes - July 11, 2007 11:26 AM (GMT)
Rhodes heard the calls over his headset from Judder.

"Roger that. Keep them bound and gagged, nothing fancy, these aint
wussy civilians, they are pros with some skill."

He then motioned for his team to continue moving thru the
building inner workings. Spaces were cramped and tight, but it
let them move silently and undetected thru the building.

Suddenly the call came in that Judder lost a team mate.

"God damn it I told you they were pros! Don't fuck around. Seal the room up tight and get the hell out. Bite the ones we can, dump the rest. As far as the hvpa goes, if they're still breathing, get info. If their uncooperative, dump em in a closet and get back up here!"

Rhodes gritted his teeth and motioned for his team to check out a door leading out into the hallway. That's when the fire alarms went off.

The three team members looked over at Rhodes, who was shaking his head.

"Fuck me this is going to hell in a hurry."

ChaoticNeutral - July 11, 2007 11:44 AM (GMT)
The masked man smiled with glee, the chaos was amuzing but as soon as he had all his cards out he realized there was no way out for him....the building would be on lock down. he then remember the banging he had heard earlier and a few of the senators aides were standing outside the door where it came from.

"Nothing to worry about." He said shooing them away. "Probably just a minor flaw ill handle this just go on to your business."

As the aides walked away the fire alarm went of and they began running like crazy forgetting that it might be a prank and just clearing out this floor. The man chuckled before turning his attention back on the door. he stared at it for a moment putting his hand in his coat and grabbing his Colt but not pulling it out yet, He watched the see if the banging would comeback.

Judder - July 11, 2007 10:26 PM (GMT)
OOC: Razor will be played first. I will differiantate.

Razor quit slamming his body into the door when the fire alarms went off. He didn't smell smoke and it worried him, the loud alarms savaging his vital sensory network. Instead of hitting the door he simply starts howling and whimpering and scratching at the doorknob.

OOC: Judder

IC: Judder smelled the burning metal before he saw the flare of the cut through the door. He motioned for the other members to gather thier duffel bags or rucksacks and then get on one knee in front of the door but about eight feet away from it. As the person cutting the door finally cuts through the three remaining members in the Armoury all shout "freeze".

Judder sends a small message to Rhodes.
"We are in the armoury gathering small arms, will return and drop them off at the van then we will rondevous in the admin level."

With that done Judder stares coldly at the two "intruders" in their armoury.

Kilroy - July 11, 2007 11:09 PM (GMT)
"Guns?! Oh, you guys suck." said Judas Dredd, putting up his hands in surrender. Serrano was near him looking very pissed off. A reasonable reaction to the sight before them. Judas looked at the guns pointed their way and shielded his face with his hands. "Not the face, not the face!"

Judder smiled deviously and made a motion to those taking aim. Their sights lowered to just below the waist. Judas paled visibly and covered his crotch.

"Okay, fine, aim for the face!" he cried. As a precaution, he slid down to his knees beside Serrano. keeping his hands spread in front of his face, Judas spoke to Serrano in the lowest whisper possible.

"If you want me to, I can put myself between them and you. You know, give you a chance to get away and warn everyone."

Serrano looked at him sideways; Judas kept his gaze straight on the guns.

"This is worth taking a bullet, or twenty, for."

Pvt Serrano - July 11, 2007 11:33 PM (GMT)
"Dude, don't be an idiot. You act like I didn't have a plan for this." Serrano said, giving a sly grin to the nearest SWAT guy.

"Hey buddy. Yeah you." he said to the guy, ignoring the gun pointed at his face.


"THINK FAST!" He threw the plasma cutter at him. Surprised, the SWAT guy dropped his gun and caught the tool. In the same movement, Serrano whipped up his .38, pointing it at the cutter's pressurized oxygen tank.

"Is seems we've reached an impasse. You guys could spend 2 bullets minimum to kill me and him. Or I can use one bullet and blow the shit out of all of you."

He cocked the hammer on his pistol. "Oh and by the way, if you shoot me, the reflex action'll make me jerk the trigger, blowing you up anyways. A final option, you can drop your guns and we can have a chat. Choice is yours."

Judder - July 11, 2007 11:48 PM (GMT)
Judder holds the plasma cutter in his hand as he thinks, then it comes to him, with a devilish grin he lowers the plasma cutter, and slides it out of site behind him. He then slowly motions for the others to lower there weapons just enough not to be threatening but just at the ready in case the shit hits the fan..

He looks at the smooth thinking agent. Then he smiles and says "we talk, so lower your gun."
"But, lets remain where we are
"This is part of the inspection, son. Whats your name?"

Kilroy - July 11, 2007 11:57 PM (GMT)
OOC: Fixed to take Judder's post into account.

Judas stood with a questioning look on his face. He looked between the gunmen and Serrano, unsure of what to do. He smiled a cordial smile to the guy who was apparently in charge. Finally, he leaned over to Serrano and again whispered.

"I don't know about these guys. I've got your back, though, whatever you decide."

Judas straightened up and wrapped his belt around his left hand. Adopting a more exuberant smile and demeanor, he calmly talked to the armed men. They listened, but wisely kept their eyes on Serrano.

"So this is part of the inspection? Whew, that's a relief," started Judas, wiping his forehead. "Wait, I'm confused now. I thought this was an inspection, not a drill. plus, wouldn't it have been announced? I mean, surprise drills are fun, don't get me wrong, but a surprise drill like this could cause a panic."

Judas took a second to look around the armory. He spotted the corpse of the downed agent. Part of him really, really wanted this to be part of the inspection now. His doubts prevailed however, and he pressed on, hoping to get their focus away from Serrano. He looked toward the one in charge, the look in his eye becoming more serious.

"Good work on the corpse dummy. Very realistic," he said, sarcasm creeping in.

Pvt Serrano - July 12, 2007 12:32 AM (GMT)
Serrano lowered his pistol as well.

"Uh huh. Then why is there a large splatter of blood and brains on the floor? And uh, why is the shooting range door welded shut? My bullshit detector is going crazy at the moment."

He thought for a second.

"Hey you didn't blast the hot one did you? We had a date this weekend."

No response.

"Aw dammit, you did didn't you? Seriously what the heck man? Why bust in here all tactical-like? I mean, are those real flashbangs?" He said, gesturing to one of the guy's vests.

Judder - July 12, 2007 12:38 AM (GMT)
Judder chuckles at the comments of the agents.

"No, my friend it is all simulated, no casualties, except one of my own, we are wearing the tactical to protect us from you."

He points to dead man in tactical gear and the dead agent. "I was securing her as a prisoner when she resisted and pumped four rounds into my partner." "We had no choice but to take her out, relax though, i wouldn't have banged that ugly girl."

Judder pulls a flashbang out and shows it to Serrano. "We are expected to get our job done, and look as professional as possible."

Judder pauses for a moment.
"We do expect you two to surrender as part of the simulation."

One of the other SWAT guys brings out two pairs of flex cuffs.

Kilroy - July 12, 2007 12:48 AM (GMT)
Despite the seriousness of the situation, Judas found himself laughing. He looked at Serrano.

"This is all a simulation and yet two people are dead. You heard that too, right?" he replied, losing all pretense of diplomacy and looking at Serrano. "I'm officially calling shenanigans as well."

Pvt Serrano - July 12, 2007 01:05 AM (GMT)
Serrano didn't believe a word these guys were saying. However his advantage of explosives was gone and they had bigger guns.

He knew they probably wouldn't go for it, but decided to try anyways.

"Okay sure." He allowed himself to be cuffed by one of the SWAT guys. "But could I ask something of you? They made me put my sidearm in the armory when the Senator came. Could you just grab that for me? It's kind of a personal thing. Besides, I can't shoot cuffed right?"

Sure dude. They totally believe that.

"It's the big 1911 with all the stuff on it."

At this point, Serrano didn't even care if the thing was loaded. He just needed it for moral support somewhat. It just didn't feel fight without it on him.

Judder - July 12, 2007 01:17 AM (GMT)

Judder knods as his MP5 rockets up covering the agent talking bout shenanigans. The remaining team member quickly cuffs and subdue him.

Judder goes through whats left of the armoury as the now prisoners are held, searched, and subdued. He gets the 1911 that is totally pimped out. Whistling as he racks the rounds out of it and removes the magazine.

Locking the slide into the open position he walks back to Serrano and hands it too him. He looks the agent in the eyes and says "leave the slide open."

He touches the throat mike and whispers into it.
"We got the armory secure and two more prisoners."

That done they grab the rucksacks and duffel bags and with one prisoner in front of Judder and one in fron of Parsons, with Paul walking tail end charlie they go back to the garage to the van.
There they load the weapons onto the van and make the prisoners squat near a badass looking mustang.
Judder notices it and whistles. "Now thats a hoss."
He walks beside it and runs his fingers along the side of it.

ChaoticNeutral - July 12, 2007 05:06 AM (GMT)
The masked man looked at the door when it stopped slamming. When it started howling is when his eyes shot open. He immediatly told everyone to leave the area due to a "disfuctional furnace unit" then turned to the door when everything was clear.

"You have got to be shitting me....." he mumbled as he slowly pulled out his twin black Colt .45s keeping them at his side incase anyone showed up but ready to fire when needed.

"If that is what i think it totaly unprepared.....hopefully i can kill it" He stared at the door not completely oblivious to his surroundings just so no one could sneak up on him easily.

goteamventure15 - July 12, 2007 05:52 AM (GMT)
Jesse Sawyer hid behind a FVZA cruiser in the garage. He had grown tired of waiting for someone to find him and heard more commotion in the hallway again. Peering around a corner he saw Three SWAT members lead Judas and Serrano in cuffs. Jesse was able to get a quick look at the leader this time and he was not pleased at all.


That blood sucking mother fucking traitor.


That asshole was the reason Jesse wasn’t catching a wave at the moment.

Jesse made up his mind. He was going to kill Judder and then shoot that stupid dog of his when he got a Vampire free moment.

Keeping his distance Jesse followed the group down the hall. He tried to get in the armory but appeared to still be sealed. Eventually he reached the garage and found the best hiding spot available. Meanwhile, the three Vampires examined a nice car. Their guard was down, it was now or never. Jessie was scared, but he grew up in Southie, so fear was nothing new.

“People get shot and thrown off roofs everyday back home. If you get yourself killed here you were only embracing your heritage. Some people Irish Step Dance, you stab things with knives,” Jessie joked to himself.

Taking off full sprint Jesse headed towards the intruders. With a quick hop he was running across the hood of the swat van. The surprised vampires looked up just as Jesse got airborne.

“Shit. Shit,. Shit. Don’t get shot. Don’t get shot. KILL!”

Gravity brought Jessie down on top of the tail man Paul. At that very same moment Jesse droves his scuba knife through the back of Paul’s neck and out through the front. The frantic vampire let out a blood gurgled scream and dropped his MP5…right into Jessie’s waiting arms.

“You got them now you beautiful son of a bitch,” Jessie thought to himself.

With one hand Jesse grabbed Paul, pulling the bloodied vampire in front of him as an inhuman shield. The body armor and flesh should be enough cover. With the other hand Jesse raised the MP5 and fired in the direction of the other two.

‘Don’t hit LT.Batshit’s ride. He’ll murder you,” though Jesse as he unloaded a clip in the air.

Pvt Serrano - July 12, 2007 06:19 AM (GMT)
OOC: Edited to go with the last post.

"Hey hey! I just washed that!" Serrano protested as the SWAT guy ran his finger over his Mustang. His original plan was garbage now, he was cuffed by some guys who'd likely do very unpleasant things to him, one of them was touching his ride, and the closest ammunition for his gun was safely locked inside his car's glove box.

On the plus side, he had Claire back.

"So, ah, Judas. Got any ideas?" He said casually and discreetly to the other agent, looking fondly at the .50 Magnum now returned to her rightful place on his right thigh. "I honestly didn't plan ahead this far."


He remembered the karambit in his pocket. While his visible .38 had obviously been removed, nobody had bothered to pat him down, choosing instead to be rather rough with the whole cuffing and subduing thing. Unfortunately he couldn't reach it himself.

Judas. Knife. Right pocket. Wait till they're not looking. he whispered as quietly as he could.

Of course this plan could easily go South. It didn't look like they were going to stop looking anytime soon.

Fortunately, salvation came in the form of one of the Sawyers leaping off the SWAT van from literally out of nowhere, getting nice and friendly with a vampire. To his dismay, he soon saw that said vampire's MP5 was now pointed in the direction of his car.


He rolled onto his back, away from the MP5 aimed at him and his car.

"Perfect time, Judas." He told the other agent next to him.

Rhodes - July 12, 2007 11:53 AM (GMT)
Rhodes put his finger up to his ear, listening to the new report from Judder.
The other team members froze as new intel was coming in.

The vampire clenched his teeth hard, rubbing his eyes with his index finger and thumb.

"Thats it... this is a cluster fuck," he said quietly.

"Sup chief. What's the plan?" a team member asked flatly.

Rhodes glared and motioned for them to double back.

"We go back, reassemble the team and clean this shit up properly."

As they began to double time thru the corridors of the buildings interior, Rhodes squeezed his throat mic.

"Judder, we're regrouping. Hold position and secure prisoners, shoot anyone who's not complient. We cant afford to lose anymore personnel on this one or we'll scrap the mission. Rhodes OUT!"

As the fire team slid thru one service door to the main hallway, a random clerk was walking past them when the door opened.

"Hey!? What are you doing in there? This is a restricted area..URK!" said the clerk just before a silenced bullet entered his forehead.

Rhodes' team crossed the hall and entered into the service shaft that would take them down to Judders location.

Judder - July 12, 2007 03:47 PM (GMT)
Judder and Parson's heard Rhodes rather critical message as Paul and seemed to grow a knife from his neck. The scream, as loud as it was was undershadowed by the sound of the MP5, unloading a clip in the classic spray and pray formula.
Judder and Parson drop behind the car as bullets fly every which way.

Judder and Parsons open fire on the person firing at them from behind Paul's corpse. Judder looks at the person really close, then laughs and calls out, "Jessie....Jessie, im going to get you" He knods to Parsons and they both throw flashbangs out towards Jessie, the pins and safety spoon dropped and flying through the air.

goteamventure15 - July 12, 2007 05:31 PM (GMT)
"Shit," thought Jessie as he tossed the human shied in the direction of Judder. Jesse rolled back towards the van hoping he'd beat out the flash grendades...and hoping even more that Serrano and Judas had something planned.

ChaoticNeutral - July 12, 2007 06:10 PM (GMT)
The man could hear all the panic and chaos but none of it mattered. He lightly pressed the other hidden object in his coat.

"Maybe I will see you soon." He murmured before slowly unlatching the door but not openning it. He had both revolvers pointed at the door, backing up to a safe distance waitting for whatever was in the closet to be revealed.

Kilroy - July 12, 2007 07:24 PM (GMT)
Wait...are you telling me that you want me to put my hand in your pants?

Despite the painful jab to his side from Serrano, Judas couldn't help but smile. He quickly reached into Serrano's pocket and retrieved the knife. Watching their captors as they watched Jesse, Judas cut off both his and Serrano's flex cuffs. Giving his wrists a soothing rubdown, he handed Serrano back his knife and crouched, ready to attack.

We better go for it, man. They look like they're to put some holes in your baby. Oh, and Jesse. I guess that's bad too.

On the one hand, Judas knew this was not the best of ideas. On the other, the element of surprise was too good to pass up. However, this philisophical debate between plans of attack had reached a moot point as he'd already speared the vampire beside Judder from behind, sending them both crashing to the ground. Judas wasn't too worried about the situation, though. Serrano had his back.

[God help me, I've put my faith in Blast Hardcheese.]

Zippo - July 12, 2007 08:09 PM (GMT)
Sam was again dressed in the tan of dessert MARPETS, it was chaotic trying to do two goverment jobs at once, commanding a company of Military Police and being the head of the FVZA's exstensive armory. After the first time he'd left for an active tour of duty he'd wondered if he could come back. Or if he even had a job, then the Seattle mission, than the assault on Sara, and capped off with a teletype from Kaubal that his work hadn't been completed, so another Red eye flight to the In-Between East.

Now he was wearing a filthy pair of fatigues, mudd caked Danner combat boots, a fully rigged web belt complete with a shotgun that had scared the hell out of some political shithead outside the lobby, was dripping on the parking garage floor, sent down stairs to take the service entrance, and making a series of annoying lists in his head. In his absense the armory probably been messed with, his gunsmith tools used or even touched, weapons not returned on time or not signed out correctly, and Sam had heard a rumor he now had 'staff'....... that would have to changed.

'I'll have to wash my own damn floor too I bet,' Sam thought grumpily heading for the other end of the parking garage. And hell broke loss all over the place. Men in SWAT uniforms burst through the door hearding Serrano, and some other man ahead of them. Flashbangs, gunshots, shouts all occured before Sam added his own loud.


To the chorus. Taking the safety off of the shotgun he racked a round into the chamber. They were solid slugs of lead instead of the usual buckshot. With the practiced ease of a man used to making snap decisions he decided 'Men with guns, pushing along FVZA agents, and tossing about flashbangs. Sounds like it's clobber'n time'. Picking a target from the obviously hostile men, he fired one round, it spun his target to the ground beside his team mates.

Moving behind a nearby car he suddenly wished that he had a flashbang or a frag or something to augment his shotgun and sidearm. It was even a new pistol, a S&W .38. The old Colt had bought it on his last mission, barrel melted by an explosive blast. Then again Sam himself had re-built it a little from it's 1917 design. One minor detail that caught him up for some reason was who to announce himself as.

Or why bother?

Moving swiftly among the parked cars he reached a blocking position, where he could stop any escape attempts and could still cover the action between the captured agents and the pesudo-SWAT.

Prob'bly vamps. I wonder what they wanted?

Pvt Serrano - July 12, 2007 08:18 PM (GMT)
"Thanks. Alright, time to get into this fight!" Serrano rolled over to his Mustang's driver's side door, swung it open and got into the driver's seat. Quickly, he started the engine with a resonating roar, slammed it into reverse, and backed out of his parking spot, tires screeching. In a practiced maneuver, he sped back behind the SWAT van, watching as the remaining SWAT guys were forced to move behind the next car over for cover.

"MY CAR IS NOT COVER!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, opening his glove box, and retrieving three magazines for Claire. After slapping one in, he got out and moved next to Sawyer.

"Okay your ass is safe for now. Think you can take these guys while I help out at the armory?" Not waiting for a reply, he sprinted out of the garage to help whoever was still in the armory. He figured that if Jesse could pull off a ninja move like that, he could hold his own in a one on two fight.

Now armed and rather pissed off, Serrano made his way back to the armory. The door to the range had been stuck with JB weld. He picked up the plasma cutter laying on the floor, finding to his dismay that it had been left on and was now empty. It wasn't going anywhere without a bit of destruction. To be safe, he knocked on the door.

"Hello? Anybody home?

Rodwy - July 12, 2007 09:52 PM (GMT)
As Rodwy entered the building he heard Jack yell to him something he didn't understand. When he turned around he saw Jack pointing to a different part of the parking garage. Something was going on. Rodwy then drew his pistol and pulled the slide back finally chambering that first round then made sure the safety was on and he put it back in the holster. Something was defiantly going to happen.

As Rodwy approached Jack, Jack spoke, "Rodwy there's something echoing through the garage like some sort of fight of struggle."

"Okay," Rodwy answered, "I take the rifle you wait in the car and make sure no one sneaks up on you, if you need to leave and call for backup." Jack then nodded handed Rodwy his rifle and clips.

Rodwy ran towards the direction of the sounds with his rifle slung over his shoulder and ready to draw his pistol if anyone turned on him when he reached his destination. When he finally got to the area Rodwy took up position behind a car to try to figure things out.

"I'm in a bad position heading into this with no info on whats happening." Rodwy told himself before noticing someone, "Hey you," he shouted aiming his pistol towards the person.

Rhodes - July 13, 2007 12:57 AM (GMT)
Rhodes' fire team came screaming down the wetwall corridor that would lead right out into the parking garage.
His keen vampiric hearing was already telling him the shit storm hit the fan.

Why the fuck wasn't every god damn agent upstairs sitting at a desk rather than running around willy nilly causing us problems?

As his team stopped at the garage service door, he nodded as each of his team pulled a pin on several flashbang grenades. The door was thrown open, and in a split second, four grenades went sprawling in every direction.


The parking garage was turned from dark dismal to rock concert on meth!

"MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! GET ON THE GROUND ALL OF YOU!" Rhodes yelled, voice booming as him and his three men rushed in and started spraying MP5 rounds everywhere they could identify an agent.

The first noticeable target was a suped up Mustang being driven like nascar. Rhodes and his no2 man shot at the tires and winshield while the other two took up defensive positions behind several large concrete support pillars.

"Judder, where the fuck are you!" said Rhodes into his throat mic as he squeeze off several rounds at the car.

Judder - July 13, 2007 02:26 AM (GMT)
Judder cursed as Parson's body was slammed into his from a combination of shotgun slug and other small arms fire. He began to fire in the direction of the he moved inside the armoured van to grab a bag of nothing but MP5 compatible ammunition.
Judder grabs a folded up shotgun that has a sling attached to it and throws it over his shoulder. He searches for a moment or two in the floor lockers of the SWAT van, then finds the blasting caps and detanator for the block of C-4 that was in the van. He hooks every thing up and sets it to remote detonation. He grabs the detanator and the bag of ammo.
Preparing to turn and run to the stairs where Rhodes men have just busted out of, he sees some FVZA intern pick up what seems to be a wrench and begin to climb into the van.

Judder pulls his Fighting knife out of its inverted shoulder sheath and as he runs pass the meatsack, he slams the knife into the boy's skull. Breathing heavily as bullets, flashbangs, and general sound of people screaming and cussing each other surrounds Judder. Running holding the bag to his chest with one arm like a football.

Judder reaches up to his throat mike and taps it.
"Rhodes, I'm going to plan B, I've got a bag of resupply ammo and I'm going to drop it as i run past you to the senator, I need you to use a detinator to blow that van up and buy us both time to escape."

A bullet streaks past Judder carrying with it a peice of his ear. "Ahh, Fuck" Judder screams as he runs throught the chaos. He streaks past Rhodes throwing him the detanator, and the bag of ammunitino deposits itself up against the door to the stairs as the Thud, Thud, Thud, of Judder's booted feet is heard echoing back through.

Up one, two, and three flights of stairs Judder hauls ass. Some guy in a suit appears just in front of the door Judder is wanting to go into and the guy screams "Halt, officer". Judder replies by drop kicking the guy through the door.

Judder jumps up and exclaims, "Now thats what i call a can of whoopass"
He runs through the cubicle area with his arm cocked back and just as a the female agent Judder identifies as Jessie's sister Julie leans her head out of the cubicle. Judder clotheslines the hell out of her, knocking her out and at least giving her a concussion.

Judder stops near a water cooler to get something to drink and catch his breath. One of the support personell, in a matter of seconds they recognize each other and Judder starts running towards the next room where the senator is and the support guy runs into a wall.

Another guard steps in front of the door while saying "What, the Fu--?" Not being able to finish it as Judder tackles him through the door, and upon impact in the room Judder bites the gaurd just long enough to infect the guard and get one small gulp of blood.. Inside a distraught senator and his female attendant watch frozen in horror as Judder gets up, blood dripping from his mouth.

Judder looks at the senator, " Nice to eat you" with that Judder grabs the fear frozen Senator Crepehanger and bites him to transmit the virus over to him. The female attendant screams, "Why are you biting him and proceeds to beat Judder with her notebook. Judder grabs her and puts her over his shoulder.

As she screams like Olive oil in the old Popeye movie (Popeye Was a Marine!!!),Judder breaks the window and proceeds to climb out of it and onto the fire escape. There Judder runs down it and gets to the ground, somehow with the senator's aide still on his shoulder, though a few impacts with the escape bars have shut her up.
Slowing down gradually from running to walking he sees a group of 15 to 17 year old girls jump into a convertible. He makes it beside the car and dumps the woman in the back seat. The driver says "What is it officer?" As he jumps onto the back of the car, Judder says " Police Business, go to the outskirts of town," The teen hesitates and Judder pulls out his pistol, and fires into the air, scaring a growing crowd of gawkers back away from the main street.

The teen manages to peel the convertible cadillac out as she speeds towards the outskirts.

OOC: Whew that was a lot, Im going to post Razor's part.


Razor's keen hearing and eyesight, watched and listen to the lock click open and the door ease slightly ajar, but not open. The scent of a stranger floods into the room. Razor pauses, then suddenly like a lightning strike he picks up Judder's scent.

He instinctive jumps forward but pauses as the door swings open slowly from his nudging it. He sees the two revolvers pointed at him and the man's face, awkward and twisted like a mask, it is a mask though Razor doesn't know that. (Der)

He rocks back onto his haunches as he stares into the masks painted eyes.

ChaoticNeutral - July 13, 2007 04:56 AM (GMT)
OOC~it might have been said before and i missed it, but what is Razor exactly?

goteamventure15 - July 13, 2007 06:24 AM (GMT)
Jessie crawls under the gunfire and picks up Paul's radio. He presses the button down to call.

"Hey Judder! What's the difference between you and your team?"

Jessie doesn't even give him time to respond.

"Their deaths weren't slow and painful."

A bullet bounces off the cruiser. Jesse throws a hand up to deflect the shrapnel.

"You came in here when we had the least amount of protection and security. Still, what happens? Your an entire team gets killed and you pussy out! Its cause your a fuck up Judder. You were just some gun show drifting nutcase whos only friend was a stupid dog! Act all high and mighty with your vampire shit...the only reason you are one is because you were a fuck up as FVZA too. I'm glad you got fanged because now I can kill your worthless ass!"

Jesse slamed the radio down. He got to vent some of his vacation denied rage. He notices Judas taking cover to the right of him. They give each other a little wave. Jessie throws Judas Paul's sidearm.

"Nice outfit," mocks Judas.

Kilroy - July 13, 2007 07:05 AM (GMT)
OOC: I should note gotemventure15 helped write this, which is why Jesse Sawyer is so heavily used.

"Very mature, asshole!" responded Jesse as he fired back at the vampires. Jesse was definitely working out his missed vacation aggression on the intruders. Judas was more conservative in his firing, hoping to keep the gunmen from firing too much. Judas looked at Rhodes and paled considerably. He saw the device sitting in Rhodes' hand and made a motion of it to Jesse. However, Jesse couldn't figure it out.

"Detonator, he's got a detonator! There's something explosive down here! We need to get away and fast! Got any ideas?" Judas said, loading one of the three spare clips Jesse had been kind enough to toss over as well. Jesse thought in between shots, then slid to the ground and reached underneath the cruiser. He came back up with four grenades.

"They rolled under when I tossed my dance partner at Chickenshit," Jesse said, passing over two to Judas. "I don't know what kind they are, but they should cover us so we can get back inside!"

Judas nodded and pocketed his gun. He and Jesse looked at each other and pulled all the pins as quickly as possible. Immediately, the grenades were sent rolling to the remaining vampires.


[Woo-hoo, even mix! Two flash and two tear gas!]

"RUN LIKE HELL!" yelled Judas as he and Jesse scrambled from their position toward the building entrance. Fortunately, the grenades had landed close enough to mask their escape, minus dodging a few random bullets. Before Jesse made it all the way, though, he turnd and grabbed Paul's corpse from where Judder had shrugged it off. Judas kept his gun raised while yelling for him to hurry. After making up the stairs to the second floor, they took a moment to rest.

"You fucker, what was that about?!" growled Judas, his chest heaving.

"I just thought I needed to be more dressed for the occasion," Jesse shot back, already removing the body armor. Judas stared at him. "What?"

"I will help you with this and we will never speak of it again," Judas said in a remarkably calm voice. "Dibs on his belt, by the way."

Jesse cracked a small smile as he and Judas set to stripping the dead vampire.

Rodwy - July 13, 2007 07:23 AM (GMT)
The man didn't hear Rodwy and shortly after all hell broke loose, the deafening sounds of gunshots echoed followed soon by flash bangs. The sudden blast caused Rodwy to spin around and hit the floor.

"God dammit, what the hell did I get myself into!" Rodwy yelled, Rodwy scurried across the floor to a further car from the exit of the garage to the building. He heard more gunshots and some yelling.

It went silent for a second and the familiar smell of tear gas hit him. He pulled his shirt up to his nose holstered his pistol and ran as fast as he could for any sort of door or way out of the area. He made it into the building and after following the two people that went before him he found his way to them.

He saw the two with a body. He hesitated for a second before yelling "What the hell is going on here?" at the two ready to draw his pistol.

goteamventure15 - July 13, 2007 08:01 AM (GMT)
Jesse laughed and spoke to the man in a belitting tone.

"Well buddy, you are in The Federal Vampire And Zombie Agency Headquarters."

Jesse pointed to himself and Judas as if he was speaking to a child.

"WE the Federal agents are killing THEM..."

Jesse pointed to Paul's corpse who still had a knife through his neck.

"...the vampires. YOU are neither so YOU should prolly get the fuck out."

Rodwy looked at Judas with a mixture of anger and hope for better information. Judas just shrugged and checked the clip in his gun.

"He was supposed to go on vacation today. There isn't a word for the level of pissed he is right now."

Jesse pulls the knife out of Paul's neck and tosses it to Judas.

"Take it. Going away present. You and our new "friend" should go check on the others upstairs. I need to take care of some stuff here."

As Judas calmly explained the situation to the stranger, Jesse dragged Paul's corspe into the locker room. He then swapped outfits. Jesse took the swat gear and armor, leaving the vampire corpse in the disgustingly bright beach wear, a hat, and shades. Jesse then went to his bag and covered the corpse in sun screen. Jesse then shoved the the sun screen bottle in its mouth and left the vampire proped up against the lockers. A message was written on the sunscreen bottle.

The sun isn't the only thing that can kill you.

Fáilte go mBoston dheas"

Roughly, welcome to Southie.

Jesse clicked on the radio.

"Hey buddies, when you're done playing in the garage I left a present in the locker room."

Rhodes - July 13, 2007 10:37 AM (GMT)
Rhodes caught the detonator in his hand as Judder raced by. Rhodes' fire team was doing a decent job of suppressive fire, meaning, not getting perished in the process of buying the team time to make a decisive move.

Oh we are soo getting fucked with no kiss right now.

The vampire figured the van was a sitting bomb, full of gas, a brick of c4 and scattered ammo.

He radioed his team, "Plan B. Retreat back to the outside. Coop will be picking this up as he's on the same frequency."

Rhode's team began a standard marine retreat, grabbing ammo from the bag Judder dropped by the door. Each member would fire until they were out of ammo, then move behind the next person, popping in a fresh clip.

Cooper, a little minion of Rhodes, smiled as he threw the minivan in drive and screeched to full acceleration from around the block of the FVZA upon hearing the code of Plan B being executed.

Rhodes waited until the squad was back around a corner before pressing the button on the detonator.

"Fire in the hole meatsack bitches!!"

The C-4 detonated inside the van with a rather nice blast! The van shot upwards from the ground, fire, smoke and shrapnel flying outwards along with a sharp concussive blast.

Rhodes - July 14, 2007 12:36 PM (GMT)
As smoke, debris and chaos ensued from the explosion, Rhodes and his team quickly retreat to the outside of the garage, streetside.

Just as they hit the sidewalk, the minivan driven by Cooper screechs up beside them. Several passerby's wonder what the hell is going on and freeze in their tracks, not knowing whether to flee or pull out cameraphones and start taking pictures.
The team jumps into the open side door and Rhode's helper peels out.

"Where to boss?" he asks.

"Outskirt rendezvous point, and DON'T get pulled over! So keep it under 80," replied Rhodes as he undid a swat helmet and tossed it to the back.

"Well that was some fun," said one vampire member sarcastically, eyeballing Rhodes accusingly.

Running his fingers thru his hair, the bloodsucker cracks his neck.

"The next time you feel like being a smartass, don't...alright."

"Look, we just lost half our team back there! It sure as hell ain't alright with me. What the fuck man!? What'd we go up in there for anyway? Just to shoot a couple random clerks and blow up a few cars?! Big fucking deal!"

Rhodes expression turned rather calm and docile. Cooper continued to navigate the busy DC streets, hitting the beltway of 4 lane wide traffic.
The accusing vamp folded his arms and glared at Rhodes.

"Uh boss, im afraid we picked up a tail, black sedan, about five car lengths back," interrupted Cooper with a glance into his side mirrors.

Rhodes jerked open the passenger side door of the van and pointed to the accusatory team member.

"Look and confirm. Might be agents."

The vamp hesitated, but then growled and leaned out, looking back into the following traffic.

Rhodes waited until they passed a large semi-truck then instantly shoved the vamp out the door. He flailed his arms as he hit the pavement, bounced once, then was run over by the 18-wheeler, causing the driver to jacknife the rig and roll over.
The other vamp team members eyes opened wide at just what happend.

"Any other comments or constructive critism's anyone want's to bring to my attention? No? Good. That should take care of any pursuers for a while," said Rhodes nonchalantly as he leaned back and closed his eyes.

ChaoticNeutral - July 16, 2007 01:46 AM (GMT)
The man looked at the dog lowering his guns.

"For christ sake you scared I am talking to a dog." he shook his head.

"Get out of here....go" he shooed the dog away and started walking away figuring out his next action.

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