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Title: Judas Dredd
Description: Agent of the FVZA

Kilroy - June 27, 2007 05:57 AM (GMT)
Name: Judas Dredd
Age: 30
Hair color: Black, kept in a buzzcut
Facial Hair: Beard
Eye Color: Green
Skin color: Caucasian
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 254 lbs

Back Story: For his twenty-fourth birthday, Judas Dredd agreed to go camping with a friend for the first time. one day after arriving at their destination, Mr. Dredd took a meandering walk, only to stumble unexpectedly into the paths of between five to ten zombies. Although his initial reaction was to run back to his friend, he took off in an opposite direction for fear of leading the zombies to him. For the next two-and-a-half days, fighting severe exhaustion by the end, he kept the zombies on his trail in order to keep them from trying to find other people. He managed to fell four of them with heavy rocks and had the presence of mind to smash the heads in with the hiking boots he was wearing. At the end of the third day, he was located by the FVZA. Mr. Dredd had managed to tree himself, and threw objects at the zombies to keep their attention on him. The agents dispatched the remaining zombies and remanded Judas into the care of a local hospital. He was pleased to learn his friend was fine+ and had actually left the area to report him missing, which coincided with a filed field report of "strange, shambling men in the forest."

As he was recovering, Mr. Dredd was approached by FVZA agents and praised for his quick thinking and calm demeanor.* They then proffered the idea of joining the FVZA. Mr. Dredd initially laughed at the idea**, but after serious consideration agreed. After his extensive training, Judas Dredd is one of the more realtively green agents, but is catching on quickly.

+ Said friend has promised to never go camping again. Judas has joined him in this pledge.

* According to the report on the incident, Judas Dredd has always been "creeped out" by zombie movies, claiming that they were the most likely of movie monsters to actually happen.

** Actual Reply: "Are you f**king serious?!
Civilian/Off-Duty: Jeans, t-shirts, whatever. Judas is a normal guy in his tastes, so whatever's comfortable.

In the Field: Judas will usually wear the standard dress clothes and tie combination, unless it doesn't fit the mission. However, he'll wear heavy boots at all times, especially when involved with zombie missions.

Personality: Although he's often misinterpreted as a tough guy (no thanks to his name), Judas is a laid back person. Good at plotting out ideas and often quite resourceful, he's an excellent choice for backup. He's never afraid to speak his mind and his sarcastic nature has gotten him in trouble on more than one occasion.

Weaponry: Although proficiently trained with his standard M1911, Judas also has a backup machete for closer combat stashed in his car.

Specialty: Protection. The zombie encounter unleashed a trait Judas had never exhibited before: an innate desire to get between innocent lives and imminent danger. He's never had any problem running to save his own hide, but he'll never abandon someone else.

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