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Rodwy - April 22, 2007 04:28 AM (GMT)
Name: Rodwy Veriv A.K.A. Killmart(Kill for short)
Occupation: Ex-cop
Age: 31
Eye color: Hazel
Hair: Dark brown, short
Race: White, Italian/British mix
Height: 5'10"
Build: Slightly Muscular
Attire: White A Shirt underneath pinstriped overshirt. Black Jeans, fingerless black gloves and green shoes
Specialty: Sharp shooting, hand to hand combat.

(This is a completely different Rodwy from the old RPG if you even remember that)

Shortly after Rodwy quit the force he encountered his first outbreak. He was thrust into the situation with only his gun and a spare clip. He only dropped a couple zeds before someone thought he was a killer and apprehended him, which was later cleared up. During the time that he was gone from the outbreak the zed situation was cleared up with the loss of a couple friends. This made him want to get revenge. He know has extremely bad luck with choosing were to go, either an outbreak has already occurred and hasnít been quarantined yet and he gets caught in the madness even when he tries to avoid the zeds. Or somehow an outbreak occurring after he gets somewhere. Either way for being a civilian he has gotten a bit of experience fighting the undead. And tries to help out whenever possible, he has sustained a few injuries, mostly from others survivors of an outbreak or by his own actions. He is arrogant but effective.

Primary: Civilian Model Semi-Auto AR15
Secondary: Glock 18
Melee: 5' Fixed blade knife coated with a black ti-nitrate coating on the blade

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