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Title: Saul Scoappe
Description: new character

TheTrivialist - February 20, 2007 03:26 AM (GMT)
Name: Saul Scoappe

Age: 31

Eye color: Brown

Hair: Mousey brown

Race: White( very pale)

Height: 5'10"

Build: Tall, lean, and almost awkward.

Attire: Dark blueish-grey suit jacket and pants, white dress shirt, slightly scuffed dress shoes, Red and blue vertical stripped tie, custom leather thigh holster for revolver( only worn when doing "after hours" work.), custom speed hoster up right sleeve for derringer, custom speed holster for high impact mirror up left sleeve, belt with fifteen full moon clips for revolver, custom Kevlar forearm guards.

specialty: His almost awkward frame, skinny build, and timid appearence betray a world class gunman. Blessed with amazzing speed and dexterity and more than ten years of trainning, he is a superior quick draw artist, trick shooter, and marks man. He has trained for five year with the ballisong and karambit. He is also extensively trainned in Human resorce management.

Weapons: custom Dan Brown .44 pin shooter, customized cobra .38 derringer, mossberg 500 with SCMITR rounds, Szabofly ballisong, spyderco warren Thomas karambit, Warren thomas rhino on ankle strap.

history: At the age of twentyone Saul bought a second rate revolver on a whim from gunshow. He soon discovered he had an inate ablility when it came to gunplay.
Though he got a job with an accounting firm as a human resources manager he still loved testing his skill in private. Unbeknownst to his coworkers he became dissatisfied with ordinary target practice and started carrying his customized weapons in a breif case to work. He would take the long way back to his house in the evennings looking for trouble to test himself on. Many nights he would find no challenge,but there were the occational stories in the back of the news papers about unexplained killings of local gang members and muggers, found with precistion bullets wounds. on one occation Saul was witnessed plying his craft by a promenent member of the underworld. Instead of trying Saul's speed he offered him a job.

Scars/Tattos: after eight years as a gunman Saul's body has aquired relativly few scars, Sual has one black dot on the in of his upper and lower lip and inner side of his left arm for every mark he has killed so far. He keeps these hidden from his coworkers.

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