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Title: Operation Vanity Yardsale II
Description: You'll get it

Alaska - February 15, 2007 11:09 PM (GMT)
A'ight, there's been high inactivity. We can not accept this. I know you've all been checking the site without logging in, log in, see there's a new operation underway. It'll be fun, this is a cool RP that doesn't need to die. Kay?

Cyber78 - February 16, 2007 01:31 AM (GMT)
I'm going to be a bit busy this weekend, but I'll see who I can't mobilize.

Agent Armor - February 16, 2007 02:31 AM (GMT)
Cyber, is someone in charge of this mission, or is this one kinda autonomous?

Cyber78 - February 16, 2007 02:47 AM (GMT)
Hmm... not a bad question. I'll have to give that one some thought.

Templar - February 20, 2007 07:58 PM (GMT)
Alright, I'm back. Sorry for the leave of absence: I just was hired at my new job and I've had zero free time. It's been quite shitty. I'll be checking in regularly from now on.

Judder - February 20, 2007 11:58 PM (GMT)
Count me in, been having some Family probs

Cyber78 - February 21, 2007 12:39 AM (GMT)
This should be good.

TheTrivialist - February 21, 2007 01:58 AM (GMT)
When does the group usualy gather?

Cyber78 - February 21, 2007 02:19 AM (GMT)
It's usually whenever is convenient for each individual person.

TheTrivialist - February 21, 2007 03:55 AM (GMT)
ok, thanks

ruralphalanx - February 22, 2007 06:48 AM (GMT)
Im in

Alaska - February 22, 2007 10:44 PM (GMT)
Like you really need to ask about me.

Tsumari - February 24, 2007 08:46 AM (GMT)
Sure, I'm up for it.

Maelstrom - February 25, 2007 05:26 AM (GMT)
I'm in too, if you guys don't mind.

Pvt Serrano - February 26, 2007 06:25 AM (GMT)
I would like to join in too Cap'n!

Judder - February 27, 2007 01:40 AM (GMT)
Ok When is the party beginning?

Cyber78 - February 27, 2007 03:36 AM (GMT)
Just as soon as I have a chance to consult with Templar on a few things.

Jay - February 27, 2007 10:27 AM (GMT)
I've sorted out as much RL stuff as I can, and I'm sorry I haven't been round; I've had holiday and issues to deal with. Anyway, I'm ready for another round if everyone else is. Count me in.

Alaska - March 4, 2007 04:17 AM (GMT)
Guys, what the hell? It's started again. Let's make the mothafuckin' RP and get our asses in gear.

Tsumari - March 5, 2007 03:19 AM (GMT)
I know this is off-topic, but Alaska....

Best. Sig. Ever.

Pvt Serrano - March 5, 2007 04:56 AM (GMT)
Yeah! Lets go! I wanna kill something! *punches a hippy to hold himself over*

Rhodes - March 5, 2007 03:15 PM (GMT)
Like....ditto.. *puff of smoke exits from his coat pocket as a silenced .22 slips into a bystanders kidney*

Maelstrom - March 6, 2007 11:39 AM (GMT)
Um... so uh.... yeah..... can we get a move on? Like, now? Please? My gun's getting itchy!

Judder - March 7, 2007 12:10 AM (GMT)
*Walks in with a bloody baseball bat*
What?, they were leaning on my car.

Rhodes - March 7, 2007 04:09 AM (GMT)
ROFL at judder...... dood... sooo been there......had a camaro...came out.. AFTER JUST waxing the bitch.... and some fat fuckin bitch is leaning her sweaty ass all on the front driver quarter panel, flapin her gums and eating a burger from wendys....then PUTS HER CUP ON MY HOOD !!!!!!!!!

I'm walking up, she just smiles.... like she doesnt have a clue and i slap the drink off at her... tell her ....

"I'm so sorry. I mistook this for MY vehicle, not a god damn picnic bench."

Jay - March 7, 2007 08:56 AM (GMT)
*shoots some innocent civilians*
...because I can. =P

Pvt Serrano - March 15, 2007 06:24 PM (GMT)
Seriously guys, lets get this thing going. If we don't, it'll just fade away into oblivion. I've been to oblivion and trust me, you don't wanna be the one to go in and get it back.

Alaska - March 16, 2007 12:47 AM (GMT)
Cyber, if we're to keep this thing going I could only suppose that I (or someone else) would need to be promoted to a moderator so I would be able to make this RP, as of now, only you and Templar can and since neither of you seem active enough, we need to have someone who has the time to do things like making RPs and whatnot.

If you're not on within maybe, a week, I'm going to put up a thread for a RP in this forum or another one.

Rhodes - March 16, 2007 03:09 PM (GMT)

yeah..... still waiting.
Izzit like finals or something time? I know both them cats are in school and stuff, but wow... must be rough.

Alaska - March 16, 2007 09:16 PM (GMT)
I'm in school, too. I've a total of 0 finals. They may just not have the time, I do.

Zippo - April 5, 2007 02:50 AM (GMT)
Whadda hell I'll take it fer a spin

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