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Title: The Hunt is On
Description: Montana Wilderness, West of Billings

Tsumari - December 11, 2006 02:52 AM (GMT)
OOC: NOTE, this is not a mission. It is simply a scenario primarily between my character Brandon and Caige Lucian (if he accepts my invitation.) If there is a problem with me posting it here, I would be more than happy to know where would be a better location.


Brandon Sigulfr strode through a light powdering of snow. It was only dawn, but even in the low-light his breath seemed as solid as the rows of Montana evergreens around him.

He'd heard strange things in the woods lately. Strange tracks, too. Not to mention that buck the other day. Whatever killed that thing was no damn bear.

Brandon wasn't going to stand for that. This was his territory. His. It had been for years now. The humans of nearby Rallisburg may be the unwitting thralls of the Vampires that had almost claimed him, but even they didn't dare enter these woods anymore. He'd bagged a record four this year- with a damned compound bow, to boot.

Whatever it was that was stalking his home, it would rot and renew the earth just like a good little obsolete part of the ecosystem. Kill or be killed. There was nothing else for him.

And so he followed the tracks this cold December morning- and the blood- knife in hand, bow at the ready.

edited to fit current timeline. Now correctly taking place in December

Alaska - December 21, 2006 02:59 AM (GMT)
[Isn't Tsumari the new Hokage off of Naruto?]

Tsumari - December 21, 2006 08:27 PM (GMT)
[I replied to the same question on Brandon's intro topic. Short answer, that's not where I got the name. Long answer, read the other post.]

Jay - December 22, 2006 05:59 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Alaska @ Dec 21 2006, 03:59 PM)
[Isn't Tsumari the new Hokage off of Naruto?]

Close, but no. It's Tsunade.

Tsumari - December 25, 2006 06:40 AM (GMT)
OOC: If KJ Crush doesn't post in this topic, its pretty pointless. Either he didn't get my PMs or he doesn 't care. We may just need to shut it down and I'll come up with some other way for Brandon to enter the storyline.

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