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 About Us
Posted by enlight - 08-8-06 07:59 - 2 comments
Euphoria is the sxcest guilds out, its true. We want to become one of the most recognised, respected and admired guilds out by projecting an image of sxcness (for lack of a better word) everywhere we go and by moving up in the ranks of dofus.

Why should I join Euphoria

Think of Euphoria as a community -- a group of members who play together in order to enjoy Dofus even more than they already do. In Euphoria, there shall be numerous organized events as well as a general friendly atmosphere among the players. Hunting, doing dungeons, or training with a group is rewarding. Helping each other out with various problems is admired. Donating or receiving items is satisfying. Having amusing conversations in the guild chat is entertaining. All of this can be accomplished if and when the right members join. Teamwork, devotion, loyalty, and generosity are key. Those who wish to join Euphoria in turn wish to improve the gameplay experience of themselves and those around them.

Behind the name

- A feeling of well-being or elation; may be drug related.
- Unrealistic cheerfulness and optimism, accompanied by a lessening of critical faculties; generally considered to be a result of damage to the brain.
- An exaggerated feeling of emotional and physical well being, out of proportion to circumstances.

These are actual definitions laugh.gif

Member must haves

Members must be loyal to guild, as well as devoted to improving it
Members must be patient (no complaining please)
Members must be willing to help other members in need
Members must provide enough guild participation (dungeons, hunts, training, etc.)
Members must speak english fluently
If a member is inactive for over a week without prior notice and a good reason, they will be banished immediately


On Approval = Rank before servant
Servant = Levels 20-30
Defender = Levels 30+ and active
Manufacturer = High level profession
Treasurer = High level Enu... rank seems fitting
Keeper = Around level 50+
Officer = Hand-picked according to loyalty, devotion, friendliness, helpfulness, and intelligence


Collects: Items only as of yet but may change once spells are maxed
Spells: Cyclone (range + no LoS required) and Unbewitchment


On Approval = No rights
Servant = No rights
Defender = Invite new members + some other rights
Manufacturer = Invite new members // Change experience // Collect items, kamas, and resources from a Perceptor // Place a Perceptor
Treasurer = Invite new members // Change experience // Collect items, kamas, and resources from a Perceptor // Place a Perceptor
Keeper = Invite new members // Change experience // Collect items, kamas, and resources from a Perceptor // Place a Perceptor
Officer = Invite new members // Change experience // Collect items, kamas, and resources from a Perceptor // Place a Perceptor // Manage Ranks
Leader = God

I spent a lot of time on this post changing names and adding some things, so I appreciate your appreciation..
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 Recruitment Info
Posted by enlight - 07-6-06 23:37 - 0 comments
Recruiting lvls 35+ from now on

No exceptions unless they donate a gelano to me or are especially cool in which case you can plead your case

Only Leader, Officers, Treasurers and Keepers have the right to invite. This is due to the fact that newer members may not know the recruitment info

New recruits will stay on approval until they register on this forum and say hi.. honestly it aint hard

XP tax
On approval 1%
Servant (lvls 20-30) 5%
Defenders (lvls 30+) 10%
Keepers + (high levels) Own choice

Once you have donated a significant amount to the guild you can ask to set your own xp tax
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