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 Short stories.
Posted: Oct 8 2005, 05:51 PM

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Any budding Dan Browns here?

Any possible Terry Pratchetts?

Any wannabe writers?

Show the world your work and get noticed!!!!!
  Posted: Feb 24 2006, 04:31 AM


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Home Away from Home

summary: What happened before, after, and most important during Alan's time at his Home Away form Home??

By: natalia dc portal

author's notes: this is the story i'm writing to turn into a book; you guys get a free sneak peek!! :P hope you like it... this was a fanfiction but the new copy on my other computer has the final touches to my OWN story, once i find my data pen i'll transfer the second chapter to this computer and upload... don't know how long it'll be till i post it...

now on to the show,no scatch that, story!!!

Chapter1: Before

--somewhere at a hospital--

"I'm sorry ma'am it was a false alarm."

"No, not again!"

"Ma'am if you'd like, because I know this is yet another disappointment, you could take a few test and find out what the prolbem is or--"

"No, I--"

"She doesn't want togo through that! She won't go through that! There are other means of having children!--"

"Gregory, wha--"

"No Lilly, we're leaving!" and the young couple left the hospital, one angry and thee other upset.

As they got into the car and started to leave, Lilly said,"Greg you know we can't adopt; Not with your job being what it is!! They'll never even look at us, I mean--"

"I know, Lilly, please stop the rampage!"

"But you said--" Lilly trailed off.

"Yep and I'm right." with this statement, Lilly looks at her husband with confusion and slight shock written all over her face. She can also see her husband thinking, the wheels were turning and a plan was forming. On the floor of the car was a map of...

--upper state new york--

A family of six went into the store and on attempting to leave the family became five.

"Alan?" the father asked looking around the cart and only seeing four of his sons. "Alan? Scott, have you seen Alan? He's not here!" Panic starting to set in.

"What? No, last time I saw him was when we walked past the toy department. Want me to check over there, dad?" asked the oldest of the boys that were there.

"Would you, please and thank you. The rest of us will be right here, when the two of you get back." the father replied with the underlying hope in the last statement.

"Ok, dad." Scott replied, leaving in search of his baby brother. "Alan?" he called when entering the toy department. "Alan, where are you?" Now he was getting fustrated.

"VRRRROOOooom-SSSSsssHHHhhhh-sssSSSHHHhhh, land- land, come land yah!!"

"Allie is that you? Where are you?" he asked, in an irrated tone, as heard that familar voice.

The unfazed reply was,"Huh? Oh! Over here Scotty!"

As scott walked down thee alise following the young voice and where he had just seen the little boy's arm wave, he sighed to himself 'figures; he was at a book end, just outta sight.' when he finally reached his brother he asked, "What are you doing?"

"Look, airplane!" replied the 4yr old. As he held up the sleek, yet durable plane he had been playing with. "Can daddy buy it for me?"

"No, daddy is waiting at the exit for us!"

"Oh..." Alan replied slightly dishearted, then he cheerily asked,"Will you buy it for me? Or can i have one of yours?!"

"No! and...NO! Alan get up and lets go!" Scott said litarerly lifting his brother off the floor.

"Stop, I do myself!" he said pushing Scott away and standing on his own. Then he folded hhis arms and threw his bottom lip out and yelled, "I WANT AN AIRPLANE!!"

"Alan, come on, stop it! Daddy's waiting for us and guess what!" Scott said hoping Alan curiousity could keep up with his own jog.

Problems forgotten. "What?" Alan asked only a few steps behind his big brother.

"He's got ice cream and it's going to be really mushy when we get home because of you." Scott answered not bothering to tell Alan that it really won't be considing it snowing outside but that was besides the point.

"Oh-no" replied the little boy and he shot off toward the exit.

"Shit!" Scott whispered, "Alan wait up!!" he called after his brother. 'Damn he was a fast little squirt!'

--at the exit--

"Daddy!" Alan said as he practically jumped in Jeff's(AKA his daddy) arms."Ice cream is ok, right?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah it is. Are you ok?" slightly confused and slightly amused as Scott came skidding into the area out of breath.

"Scotty daddy said the ice cream is fine!" Alan said than turned to his father, while in the background three of the boys laughed at the fourth who just rolled his eyes and sat giving himself a chance to catch his breath. "Daddy, can you buy me an airplane? there's a really really cool one back there! ppllllleeeeaaaasssseeeeeee, daddy pppppplllllllleeeeeeaaaasssssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Little Alan asked in his cute, yet annoying whinning voice.

"Alan, next time we go to a toy store, I'll get you an airplane, ok. I promise."

"I Guess." he said looking down, then "Can I have ice cream and hot chocolate when we get home?"

Two totally contrasting things, but that never stopped him before."Of course." he said with a chuckle.

--two weeks later at a toy store--

Scott had found his prize. It caught his eye when he first came in to the store, " I want this!" he said quietly. Although his eyes weren't the only ones on it...


Jeff came to his son in a hurry thinking some thing was wrong, on apon arriving it was no such condition. Alan was standing not even a foot behind Scott who was shocked at his brother's outbrust to say the least. Alan came running to his dad and said, "Daddy that's the plane I want!" and he pointed to the one Scott was looking at. By now the other boys had come over seeing what the commotion the youngest was making.

"No way, Al! Because one i saw it first and two you'd break it in a heart beat and three its a collectible!" Scott said in small hopes of discroaging his brother that wanted it and hoping his father realized he really wanted it.

"So?" was his brother's dignafied responds.

"I think Scott's right Alan. Here's some other planes." he said hoping Alan would choose another one more fit for a 4yr old(or should i say almost 4yr old) although he knew when Alan had his mind set, it was set.

"But, but you said i could have a plane and i want that one." he said sadly with big puppy dog eyes and and a fat bottom lip.

"Alan, please don't give me that. I said no, to that one one but there are other's over here." He pointed to where the other planes were, but Alan sat and started to tear up.

"Mommy would get it for me." now he really started to cry, and it was true she proably would. This statement was kind of a kick in the mouth to everyone there, it had only been 3 1/2 months since she had passed away in November and it was such a hard time for the Tracy's and it still was. Being less than 4yrs old doesn't really help with the 'keep her alive in your memories' sanrio, tommorrow young Alan will proably forget what happened today. It took him a couple of weeks to realize that when daddy said "mommy's gone." that she's not coming back. He had cried for about 2 weeks straight, Jeff was at his wit's end with his youngest, it took awhile, a long while to get him where he was today: eating, playing, and having fun. Yet here he was crying, three jumps forward, one giant jump back, I guess. Alan was very close to his mother understandingly enough, what with his brothers at school and his dad at work all the time.

Jeff picked up the little boy and looked at the rest of his sons,some just about to let the water works make a flood and the others already creating a flood. It was time to go home, none of them wanted to be shopping any more. Everyone of them missed something about their mother/wife:

Scott misses the way she prided him, the way she was always happy that he was there, and that no matter what she would be at his games; whether it was golf to baseball, she was there...

John misses her long talks about nothing at all or the biggest thing in the world, it didn't matter they'd talked for hours and hours. Her laugh, too, that he really missed...

Virgil misses her music lessons and her music she played; her fingers could create a dream with the music she played and her voice like an angel...

Gordon misses his master, his mom was the master prankser. She taugh him every trick in the book, from worms in a can to money on a string and all that other good stuff, but he could have learned so much more from her but she was gone now...

Alan misses everything, that song she sang him to sleep with, the way she held him when he was upset or scared, the way she made him feel as if he were a part of the family and not a baby who didn't know anything...

Jeff misses her laugh that John has, her character thats so much like Gordon himself, the music she play that creates peace in the house just like Virgil does sometimes, her protectiveness of the boys, strict and kind, similar to that of Scott, her boldness to say what she wants and makes it heard, her innoence you know the kind that makes you think she didn't pull that prank she just pulled on you, and lastly her looks, beautiful little bit dirty blond(but not too dirty) hair and stunning blue eyes that you can see her through a crowded room, the last three of which reminds him of his youngest son, Alan. Although he lost his wife he gain a sense of... of life(i guess you could say) the ones that held his sons, she was gone but they were here...

--couple of days later on a sunday night--

The sadness lasted a day, a day of tears, of grave sitting, and of small talk. A new day came new adventures though some did not feel they could have the best adventure because the shopping was cut short. The blame for it was evenauly put on Alan, who you could find in the corner of the room putting one lego on top of another, not really paying attention to what he was building. His father had asked and tried to talk to the boy, but didn't get anything out of him and he gave up. Now it was night time and tomorrow was a big day; school, work, preschool, meeting, and much more.

"Boys," Jeff annonced getting his boys attention, "I need one of you to take Alan to preschool and back home, tomorrow. I'll be really booked so Ineed you to do this for me is that understood, Boys." there was a crous of 'yes sir' from his sons and a bold yet innoence "yes, daddy!" Jeff walked over to his 'baby' and picked him up. "Ok off to bed with you, all of you." he said leading the way to the bedrooms.

-- the next morning--

There was a small note from their father, who left at 5:30 this morning, saying 'don't forget your brother.' and guess what happened...

There was chaos in the house that morning, what with the oldest in the house being 14 yrs old and the youngest being 4yrs old(well achaully Alan's b-day isn't for a week in a half). The youngest waited at the door for the big brother that would take him to preschool, now if you asked which one, he didn't know.

As Virgil came to the door, Alan started to follow, but just as Virgil was outside he realized that he had a follower, "No can do little man. I got music practice, earily. Wait for John -k-."

...and than when john came to the door, "Sorry Al, I can't, wait for Virgie, ok. Hey Luke, wait up!" he said, running off without a glance back. Scott and Gordon were just as bad and they even locked the door. So here he was sitting on his stoop, no ride to preschool, locked out of his house, and it was freezing outside. Poor Alan.

"Hey kido, whacha sitting in the snow for?" asked the neighbor, about 20 mins. later.

"Hi Mr. Shafer," Alan replied with chattering teeth, "I'm I'm locked out."

"Well you'll freeze to death out there come on over." Mr. Shafer offered. Alan greatfully took it and chugged through the snow to thee other house. After Alan's hectic morning, the day was great, he had hot chocolate and played games and some other stuff, too. He had lots of fun and before he knew it was 3 in the afternoon and he felt he sould be home now. This time he chugged through the snow and reached his own house, when he opened the door it seemed as if they didn't even miss him...

...and it seems as if someone else notices, the 'nobody misses Alan' thing, too...

--end of ch.1--

next on home way from home---------ch.2------------"the midnight owl"

Posted: Feb 24 2006, 01:34 PM

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:) :) really good hun, keep up the good work..
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