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 [2004] Rest In Peace, Part I
Posted: Nov 17 2005, 04:49 PM

† 闇黑魔神 †

Group: Tyrant of the Comet
Posts: 1,877
Member No.: 3
Joined: 13-November 05

I finally found some time so here it is, the second of my 3-part Gravekeeper article. As I mentioned in the previous article, I will be covering the Gravekeeper Rush (Swarm) and Hybrid variant in more detail here.

Gravekeeper Rush (Swarm)
This is the most common variant you can find. The goal is to swarm your opponents with your Gravekeepers and beat them down ASAP. Speed is of utmost importance.

Recommended Gravekeepers:
-Gravekeeper Infiltrator
-Gravekeeper Spearman
-Gravekeeper Assassin
-Gravekeeper Leader

Notice I did not include Gravekeeper Guard? I mentioned briefly in my previous article that a Gravekeeper deck does not need to be 100% Gravekeepers. I’m not saying GK Guard is bad. It can serve as a Monster Removal and help open up opponent’s defense. But the problem is, Guard is mainly a defensive rather than an offensive card. It will slow your deck down which is what we do not want. You can include a few other “beatsticks” if you want. They will also reduce your reliance on Necrovalley.

Staples: Refer to my tutorial “ID10T Guide” on deck building. Tidal Wave is not necessary since you want to swarm but you can still add it (maybe to your sidedeck) as a precautionary measure.

Other recommended cards:

-Cyber Pod: Mass removal and swarm mechanic
-Metamol Pod: GK Rush decks normally burn out their hand pretty fast so this is good to refresh your hand.
-Magical Scientist: Versatile and good Monster Removal. Serve well as support to your Gravekeepers.
-Killer Tomato: Search for any Gravekeeper (except GK Leader). Combos with Forced Transfer as well.

Complement these with other “Beatsticks” you prefer and your Monster selection will be ready.

Monster Removal:
This is always an integral part of the game. Removing your opponent’s Monsters will help in swarming your opponent. Some cards in this department:
-Earth Crush
-Shield Crush
-Reactive Armor
-Apostle of Genocide
-Explosive Claymore Mine
-Soul Taker

S/T Removal & Protection:
S/T Removal is also an important element. Some cards in this department:
-Sand Tornado
-Thunder Break
-Ice Emperor Mobius

However, you also need to protect your Necrovalley as well. Some cards to consider:

-Cold Wave: This prevents your opponent from activating Spell/Traps when you attack as well as during their turn so they cannot destroy your Monsters or even Necrovalley. However, this is a short term (or rather one-turn) measure. Useful when going for the kill. Depends on personal preference and remember to use wisely.

-Declaration of God: Negates almost everything but has a high cost. Extremely versatile. Can also protect your GK Infiltrators against the likes of Apostle of Genocide and your Necrovalley against Breaker or Mobius.

-Judgment of Anubis: Has an added bonus if you can pull it off. One of the better S/T protection cards nowadays.

-Eight Magical Absorbers: Free cost of protecting your GK Infiltrator against Apostle of Genocide but it does not stop the likes of Sand Tornado and Thunder Breaks from destroying your Necrovalley. Spell negation is not as important as it was in the past. The discard cost of a Spell is easy to fulfill since GK decks normally have dead spells like Terraforming etc. in their hands.

-Magic Jammer/Magic Drain: Does not stop Dust Tornado, Thunder Break, Breaker and Mobius. As mentioned above, Spell negation is not necessary. Magic Drain is also unreliable. Stay away from these.

-Curse of Magic Sealing: Same disadvantage as Jammer and Drain but provides an opportunity to take out 2 Apsotle of Genocide in one go.

-Pharaonic Curse: Does not stop Breaker, Mobius, Tempest and even Magic Effect Arrow.

Tech cards:
-Killer Snake: Hand management. Isn’t negated by Necrovalley.
-Book of Moon: The ultimate tech card. Can be used to reuse flip effects.
-Book of Sun: Speeds up the deck by using your flips earlier. Bad top-deck and situational though. (Interesting note: If you choose your “other beatstick” as Newt, it can produce a 2400 attacker in one turn)
-Enemy Controller: Aids GK Spearman to trample. Can be used to open up opponent’s defense.
-Forced Transfer: Use with Killer Tomato or Scapegoat token.
-Hand Obliteration: Cycles your hand and dump those useless Spells.
-Dimension Magic: Summons your GK Leader easier plus a Monster Removal effect. (Does not activate GK Leader’s second ability since it is not sacrificed summoned.)
-Metamorphosis: Morph GK Leader into a Balter.
-Power of Magicians: Since Power of Teamwork is banned, this provides the easiest way to boost your GKs.
-Giant Growth: Not very reliable but can produce a big kill. Good when used with Declaration of God.
-Reward of Rebirth: Card drawing. GKs have good amount of recursion with Ritual of the Spirit, GK Leader, and CoTLD/Early Burial.
-Judgment of Sky (Heavenly Punishment): Useful against effect Monsters.

Gravekeeper Hybrid
As the name suggests, this variant is not a pure-GK deck but is almost the same as the Gravekeeper Rush variant. I already advised earlier on that GK decks do not have to be 100% GKs. Now what is the difference here? The difference is, a GK deck consists of mainly Gravekeepers with some other Monsters but a hybrid variant almost make it 50%. The advantage of a hybrid is that it makes your deck even non-reliant on Necrovalley and unpredictable. It can combine the pros of a GK deck with other deck types. The important thing to note is that like all hybrids, it is difficult to strike the ultimate balance to make them work harmoniously together.

The 3 main hybrids I would suggest is Zombie (Undead), Spellcaster and Warrior.

Zombie: They have a good amount of speed with Pyramid Turtles. Vampire Lord’s (the main Zombie Monster) revival abilities is not negated by Necrovalley. Necrovalley also prevents opponent from retrieving the cards sent to the Graveyard by Vampire Lord. Soul Hunting Spirit adds defense and hand-disruption abilities while Dragon Bone Orge adds beef to the lineup. They are more or less a natural fit into a GK deck. (Note: Keep in mind that Book of Life – Forbidden Magic WILL NOT WORK HERE)

Spellcaster: Gravekeepers are also spellcasters. This makes it convenient to turn it into a Spellcaster deck. Dimension Magic can be used to easily summon the likes of Black Magician of Chaos or Black Magician. Other spellcaster support can be used, like Black Magic etc. The interesting thing is that you can use Saint Magician, Chaos Sorcerer (or Chaos Soldier) even when Necrovalley is on the field, provided you have GK Leader.

Warrior: Warriors also provide swarming and can be easily used with a lot of decks. Use Warrior support like Calling Reinforcements etc. Blade Knight, Dimensional Warrior Girl are good top-decks and useful even when they’re on their own.

You can exercise your imagination and create your own hybrid! Just be careful when choosing the themes for your hybrid.

Last Notes
Many people feel that End of Anubis is a must in GK decks. They are sadly mistaken. EoA negates your own Ritual of the Spirits and locks your GY even if you have GK Leader on your field, stops your hope of maintaining hand management with Killer Snake and even stops your own searchers (Killer Tomato etc.). Only use it if you can ignore the disadvantages it brings, and you can achieve a total lock of your opponent’s GY.

Always refrain from using cards that will be negated by your own Necrovalley, even when you have GK Leader on the field. (eg. Fiber Pod)

Most people tend to copy or modify slightly when they look at a sample deck , so I did not include any sample deck here. I do not encourage copying of decks and this will also prevent me from spoiling the fun of anyone trying to make their own Gravekeeper deck. Treat this article as merely advice. You do not have to comply with everything I say.

Hope you find my article useful and have a good day.
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