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 Card Article #20: Fiber Phytotomy, Plant article...what else?
Posted: Aug 7 2008, 10:51 PM


Group: Tyrant of the Comet
Posts: 3,052
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-November 05

For a better version to-be-read with the correct formatting...


The following is just a straight copy without formatting...looks like hell!
Crossroads of Chaos is indeed the Chaos. Although it brought us more Synchros, the Deformers, the most surprising theme that was boosted in the set is Plant type monsters.

As people playing the game longer than 3 years may know that Plant just had not have any sort of support what-so-ever in the history of the game. Well, there is Oberon, but that's pretty much it. Although I cannot say Plant type monsters overall suck, as they do have 2 cards on the ban/restricted list (Fiber Pod, a.k.a. the most powerful Plant in the world, and Dandelion, a super good card).

When I first look at the set, I'm both surprised and delighted that I have one more type to play around with, outside of my usual Spellcasters (which by the way, need some update...) or sometimes Angels (which gets boring). The good news is this: yes I'm going to write an article on Plant type monsters, especially the recent ones, since I found that it would be easier for me to talk about the Plant type monsters at once instead of by individual card reviews. The bad news? Unfortunately, there are so many cards that a Plant deck can use...and yes, I tried it, it's just do not get anymore than casual playing as of now.

So what does Plant do? Which cards are the best? What is the strategy involved? And of course, a sample deck list in the end (although just a word of warning: I seriously suck and rusty in building decks currently!)

Let's get into the Forest!

The Anatomy lesson, part 1: the functions of the thing you're dissecting

We all know what Plants does in real life. I would not waste time explaining what it does in real life if you don't have a clue, just go to Wikipedia and everything you know should be there.

But what does Plant do in the game? Well, the first thing that comes into my mind when I thought of Plant is their "seeds", or, the Tokens. A lot of Plants have a token related effect: either they make them, or they use them. Second is a lot of revival effect. No...it's not Undead type revival, but the revival is as result of spread of seeds and they "grow" into the monster of your choice.

Another theme of previous Plant monster is the correlation of Insects to Plants (especially Flowers). Of course, there are only few cards that do that and is not really a super "big" theme.

Phytotomy Lesson 2: know the different Plants!

Well, unlike real plant kingdom where are 287655 species defined (according to Wikipedia, and that number may be different each day), there are only 58 whooping Plant type monsters in the game (yes...58, the number is not wrong). Out of the 58, 35 are normal effect monsters (OK...36 in TCG, 1 Synchro, and 1 Fusion.

Of course, I would not even talk about all 37 of those that even need the mentioning. Some of the cards are just purely Plant type because they are suppose to classified as Plant type, not that their effect have anything to support a Plant type deck. Those are the ones that I would look at, and let's start with the new ones from Crossroads of Chaos.

Ivy Wall: This card is a Reverse monster that would passively give opponent a token. The token have a negative effect which deal few (a DO mean very few) damages to opponent. In another word...this card is just not really good...
Copy Plant: This tuner let you change the level by choosing a Plant type on the field. Well, we all know that Synchros depends on Tuner, so in a Plant deck that would use Synchro (and why not?), this card is a must as it will help the Synchro summoning process much more.
Weed: Another Plant type tuner. This card has a built in evasion effect to protect it to be destroy just to save this card for future Synchro summoning.
Gigant Cephalotus: The "beat" card. This card's original attack power is not shabby (although 1850 < 1900), but also the attack increases when a Plant monster leaves the field (to Graveyard)...permanently, potentially creating a 2050/2250 monsters (or more).
Tsukuxie: This card, like Ivy Wall, special summon a token to opponent's field and it have a negative effect when destroy. Good with the supports that destroyed Plant cards on the field...but bad in a sense that opponent can use the token...
Botanity Girl: The searcher of the Plant series. This card let you add a Plant with defense 1000 or less...not that there are a lot of them, but a search card IS a search card.
Cursed Fig: The "walking" Xien-Tsuen-Wu (however that card is called...). Opponent destroyed this card = bad idea...2 less M/T spots, and you lock down SOME of his/her threat in the process...how great!
Camellia Princess - Titanial: The high level monster. This card has a built-in negation effect, which is always nice for high level monsters and the potential devastration when it was destroyed.
Hell Blamble: The Plant Synchro, so far the only one. This card makes opponent cry for the fact that he/she is not playing plant, put him into hell situation.

Now let's look at other common Plant monsters (that are Plant type deck related).

Dandelion: Please see the card review...and the restriction list.
Gigaplant: Before all the boosts from CSOC, this is like THE Plant card that is long soughted after for. This Dual Plant let the player special summoned Plants from hand or Graveyard, which is always nice with high level plants...although there is the lack of it.
Lord Poison: The "Plant revival" card. This card let the player revived a Plant from Graveyard. Revival cards is scared so ANY is always nice.
Botanical Lion: This original Jump event promo cards becomes the main attacker of Plant monsters that is long awaited for.
Spirit Deamon Rose/Sacrifice Lotus: The other 2 PTDN Plant monsters. This were used by Yubel in the GX anime. They give you nice sacrifice options, although the cost of it is VERY huge.
Faerie King - Oberon: The classic lonely high level Plant monster. As like any classic cards...they are weak and have effect that just does not make sense why they cannot be better in modern days (due to power creep).
Lonefire Blossom: The upcoming Plant support from TCG exclusives (from PTDN). This card special summoned Plants from deck...yes, from deck, which means you tutor out your big Plants, or this card itself just for the sake of thinning deck, just a GREAT engine card.

Of course...some non-Plant ones:

Magical Archer of Green (308): The Warrior that is Plant type related...weird, like the rest of 308, really.
Black Rose Dragon: See card review.

Phytotomy Lesson 3: The supports behind Fibers

Of course, no deck is complete without their own Magic/Trap card supports. The shocking thing about Plant type M/T supports is that there are only 3, yes, THREE whooping of them specified Plant type monsters before CSOC!

The three? Forest (old field card), Vile Geams (Vol. 2/PG/DL2 equipment), and [Demonbaslam Seed] (PTDN).

Now, here are the ones from CSOC.

Fake Seed: This card lets you special summon a level 2 or less Plant from hand. This card just screams "special summon the Tuners, Synchro them together!"
World Tree: This "half"-field card let you save up Counters, use them on any purpose for any amount of times during your turn as long as you have Counters. The counters, however, are hard to came by and you need some combo help...such as...
Black Garden: Although Spikes did a review on this card, this card have the word "weird" written all over it. It summoned tokens to opponent's field, half the attack of everything, slows down the game to a almost stop level, and helps you have a LOT of tokens to play around to release/destroyed for card effects.
Grass Fertilizer: The "Monster Reborn" for Plants. As long as the card is face-up, you can special summon, instead of Normal summoning, a monster from your Graveyard. Well, think about the big plants (not that there are many), and think about that its not just one time use...it's CONTINUOUS. Nasty...
Fragrance Storm: The Plant drawer. This card...well, draw a card at a cost of destruction of a Plant (a.k.a. use opponent's), can get to 2 draws...
Seal of Rose: There is Reborn, "Pot" of Greed, of course then there is the Plant [Snatch Steal]. This half-Snatch let the player get the equipped monster on their turn, can be advantage to you if you attack then Synchro/sacrifice it...bad if opponent's wrath strikes back.
Pollinosis: The Declaration of God for Plant. At the cost of a plant, you counter opponent's biggest threats.
Bamboo Skull Wooden Frame ("Smallest Seed Matters"): Free gift to opponent...ehh...but since you can choose opponent's monsters to "destroy"...well...
Plant Connection: The "half" Trap-equipment card. Basically an equipment turns into yet ANOTHER reborn card for Plant.

Phytotomy Lesson 4: Strategies and Deck

Yes, finally to the portion that you had long been waited for. But let's first talk about the strategy of Plants. As you may notice from the plant cards and as I talked about it in the introduction, Plant is good for tokens that you can released for Advanced Summon, and with the recent trends, good for revivals. The tokens and revival can take care of the number of cards in the Plant deck that may require a release/destruction of a Plant type monster.

Also, as like any latest cards, really, the best way to play with Plants right now is to use it also with Synchros. Although the strategy of a deck may depends on if it is Synchro-win base or Synchro-support base, with the 2 Plant Tuners, you pretty much MUST use Synchro in one way or another.

Here is a sample deck that I had built a long time ago (may not be the best built...), with 9/1/2008 list update.

High Level monster: 4
Camillia Princess - Titanial//椿姫ティタニアル x2
Gigaplant//ギガプラント x2

Low level monster: 18
Botanical Lion//ボタニカル・ライオ x3
Lord Poison//ロードポイズン x3
Lonefire Blossom//ローンファイア・ブロッサム x3
Copy Plant//コピー・プラント x2
Weed//ウィード x2
Gigant Cephalotus//ギガント・セファロタス x2
Magic Warrior - Breaker//魔導戦士 ブレイカー

Heavy Storm//大嵐
Apostle of Obliteration//抹殺の使徒
Raise Dead//死者蘇生
Foolish Burial//おろかな埋葬
Fragrance Storm//フレグランス・ストーム
Grass Fertilizer//増草剤 x3
Seal of Rose//薔薇の刻印 x2
Brain Control//洗脳-ブレインコントロール
Cold Wave//大寒波 x3

Trap: 2
Tidal Wave//激流葬
Holy Barrier - Mirror Force//聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース-

Red Demon's Dragon//レッド・デーモンズ・ドラゴン
Black Rose Dragon//ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン x2
Goyou Guardian//ゴヨウ・ガーディアン x2
Ice Barrier Dragon - Brionac//氷結界の龍ブリューナク x2
Ally of Justice Catastor//A・O・J カタストル x2
Stardust Dragon//スターダスト・ドラゴン x2
X - Saber Wayne//X-セイバー ウェイン
Hell Bramble//ヘル・ブランブル x2

The deck idea is just simple: it's just pure beatdown, as that is right now the only strategy I can think of using Plant. Lonefire Blossom is just an awesome card that I do not have much other words to say how important that card is to the deck (and no, the deck will not die without Blossom, just WAY slower). The Magic/Trap choices are just self-explanatory and standard. I'm right now in love with [Cold Wave] so don't blame me on putting that card into this deck.

And lecture over, class dismissed...as homework, purely UNDERSTAND the plants and have fun playing with it.

- Baron, 9/6/2008
Posted: Sep 6 2008, 02:38 PM


Group: Tyrant of the Comet
Posts: 3,052
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-November 05

FINALLY done with the article...FINALLY!

God...I would be fired if I work for a newspaper/magazine! (1 month late!)
Shinobi Phoenix
Posted: Sep 6 2008, 07:02 PM

Don't you know? I AM... THE GOLEM KING!!!

Group: Nobles of the Comet
Posts: 6,388
Member No.: 98
Joined: 20-November 05

I still hold my position against the low score given Black Garden, it's definitely a Johnny card and I keep thinking of ways to use it and have several deck ideas I'm working on with it.

Though, I agree a PURE Plant deck still needs work outside of aggro/burning with some field control (such as with the Black Garden/Kaiser Colosseum lock). Though, if we get Rose Tentacles, I can see OTKs coming from Plant decks.

But Plant-Hybrid ideas should work nicely.
Danieru Lynx
Posted: Sep 6 2008, 07:32 PM

Zero and Infinity

Group: Citizen of the Comet
Posts: 1,528
Member No.: 139
Joined: 22-November 05

You made Violet Witch cry because you forgot to mention her, =O
a-hole w/ 9000atk
Posted: Sep 6 2008, 09:57 PM

A work in progress.......and progressing rather slowly.......

Group: Citizen of the Comet
Posts: 3,981
Member No.: 973
Joined: 3-July 06

Depending on which Plants of Aki's we get from Crimson Crisis, Plants could potentially DOMINATE - something I wouldn't mind seeing (GBs getting tenta-raped, lol).
Posted: Sep 7 2008, 05:27 AM

I am the white void. I am the cold sneer. I am the just snark...

Group: Citizen of the Comet
Posts: 487
Member No.: 82
Joined: 19-November 05

Dammit, Lynx beat me to it

But Witch has a place in your deck.
Posted: Sep 7 2008, 07:52 AM


Group: Tyrant of the Comet
Posts: 3,052
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-November 05

Violet Witch WAS having the broken effect and not released when I wrote that section.

I can add it into the article, however. Thanks for the reminder.

I forgot about talking about Black Garden...I will add that to my article (it's been like 2 weeks between I wrote the card section and the deck section, so bear with me!) :penguin_20:
Posted: Sep 7 2008, 08:04 AM

Shadow of the Now and Then

Group: Members of the Hangout
Posts: 966
Member No.: 630
Joined: 25-March 06

Just curious, why X-Saber Wayne in the Extra deck?
Posted: Sep 7 2008, 04:09 PM


Group: Tyrant of the Comet
Posts: 3,052
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-November 05

I pretty much have the same Extra deck for every deck that used Synchros...

Thanks for the reminder.
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