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 Article #64: Reborn, Just another banlist article
Posted: Feb 20 2008, 01:31 PM


Group: Tyrant of the Comet
Posts: 3,052
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-November 05

As of a tradition of myself a day after each ban/restriction list was released from whatever media source (mostly V-Jump), I would give my few cents on the list as a whole, trying to explain some choices made, talk about what's next for the next 6 months, and what not.

Anyway, since it's a pretty short change to the would make my article a whole lot easier to write.

Let's start right now.

Saint Magician - One can say this card is not very fair as it just very easily get back any sort of Magic cards from Graveyard (since outside of the forever broken [Black Magician of Chaos], the cost for getting back a Magic card is pretty steep). I would also say due to the unrestriction of Book of Moon, Monster Reborn, AND Apprentice Magician, it's just not a surprise again to see this thing back to banned.
Magic Warrior - Breaker - Well, I really cannot explain this card anymore. Is it part of the holy trio of 303? it good card? Yes...but is it broken? Well, that depends...but with Apprentice at 3, that maybe the reason this card is put back to the prison.
Cry of the Living Dead - Well, since [Monster Reborn] is unbanned, this (over [Early Burial]) is brought up to ban as experiment. You should not have 3 generic revival cards in the deck...not allowed anymore.

Wind Monarch - Raizer - People may ask, why Raizer and Raizer only, where is Mobius or Caius? Well, the thing that differetiate Raizer from the other is that this card lock opponent down for a turn, which sometimes is just purely unfair. Also, I would say this is by far the most powerful Monarch due to its versatility.
Advanced Ritual Technique - One reason for the restriction is that this card makes bringing out good rituals like [King of the End - Demise] too easily. But another thing is that this card gets cards from the deck, which then can fuel decks like "ART-Dark Armed Dragon", "ART-Gaia", etc. Just look at Future Fusion to see why getting a bunch of cards from deck to Graveyard at a time can be broken.
Monster Reborn - The experiment of the list (and of course, the MOST controversial choice of this list). Well, we all know that this card is broken since it's a Normal Magic, it can revive opponent's monsters (and that's just not very fair), and it have no cost attached to it. Of course, the other side of the story is that this unban makes opponent think 5 times on the cards he will put into his Graveyard, as any sort of good cards can turn back into his/her disadvantage. In the end, trust me, this card would only survive 6 months here.

And for those who just complain about the list because of this card? Get a life...seriously, opponent is not the only that can use this card.
Nobleman of Crossout - This card is a monster destruction, no cost, so it becomes Earth Crush/Fissure fate --> restrict. As for the reason? Well, since it's a free removal and have the potential for remove 3 at a cost of 1 card. Since [Book of Moon] is semi-restricted, this card have to be put back up.
Ojama Trio - Some people called this card "King of Johnnies". The combo of this card with [Summon Limit - Reckless Monster] plus any sort of monsters on your field = a lot of unnecessary damages to opponent. Is it a good combo? Yes...powerful? Yes if pulled off.

Cyber Dragon - Don't ask me what's the difference between 2 and 3 Cyber Dragon. To me, it's just matter of easier/harder to draw this card, that's it. Poor [Cyber End Dragon] you need Proto Cyber Dragon to be brought out!
Necroface - This card is a good mill card. Does it deserve to be at 2? I don't know how much semi-restriction does...maybe just making it impossible now to Necroface 3 times from one [Golden Sealed Chest].
Light and Darkness Dragon - Don't ask me what semi-restriction does, nor why they even touch this card NOW. It's not even the most powerful finisher anymore...
Foolish Burial - Easy dump-reborn (now with [Monster Reborn]), an engine card for a lot of decks. I would again ask the same question, however, how much difference will 2 of this card versus 3 make? No idea.
Book of Moon - Because this card should never be restricted in the first place. Is it still a good card combo with [Chaos Pod]-ish deck? Yes. In general decks, however, the power of this card just diminish as it turn more into battle trick than a crazy recurring card with [Magician of Faith].
Power of Magicians - take Konami this long to do this?
Magic Shard Excavation - Well, one can argue this card is a very nice combo card for OTKs, and that's the truth. However, people would purely run more of this card and less [Spell Reproduction] anyway.

Gadgets - Gadget is still dominating the game...but I guess Konami realize that semi-restriction of Gadgets does absolutely nothing.
Android - Psycho Shocker - Because nobody use this card anymore, and they try to sell Light of Destruction packs.
Apprentice Magician - The only reason this card was semi-restrict is...ehh, it can recruit Magician of Faith. Otherwise, there is just not much use to this card, and it's not very powerful (good, not "powerful") card anyway.
Pot of Avarice - Turbo Pot deck was dead, after semi-restriction, still no sign of comeback, which means that it's not a problem card anymore, which means unrestriction. But makes Gadget better so I don't know.
Creature Swap - A good battle tech card, good with recruiters. Just nobody used more than 2 of this card most of the time...although this means Gadget just get better.
Reckless Greed - If someone can pull off the 3x Reckless Greed at 1 turn, great. Chance of it happening? Slim.

Other Comment? Well...what I think they did wrong and some of my opinion on why some are not restrict
1. No Frog, no BMoC, no Ground Mole, I'm surprise they survived. (As is [Reasoning] and [Monster Gate])
2. This list does nothing to the current meta, just maybe shake things up and unrestrict what should be unrestrict. Some people can complain about some decks that are very good right now stays reply? It's a good thing that finally Konami let the player play the game...not using the list to change the decks used.
3. Although the above comment can also implied to that Konami is "outdated"
4. Quit using the same cycle on restrict -> semi -> back to 3. It's time for some cards to goes from 1 to 3.
5. Semi-restriction list is just a pure useless thing sometimes...maybe except for [Diabolicguy]. Well, however, it CAN be a list for Konami's experiment.

Now, the metagame, I would not even attempt to say I will know what's is my 2 cents.

Tier 1:
Dark Armed Dragon/Dark Beat variants
Beatdown variants (i.e. Dimensional Beatdown, Mighty beatdown, Monarch Beats)

Tier 1.5:
Blade variants
Dark Gaia variants
Other "Good Stuff" decks
Undead (??)

Tier 2:
Don't ask me.

Tier 4: Judai Deck lose...since it's the start of Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds, goodbye, Heroes.

- Baron, 2/18/2008
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