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 Young Husband Arms, General Rules for Getting Along
Kristi of the Dead
Posted: Oct 16 2006, 11:40 AM

[A]n [A]dmin
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1. RESPECT what the creator of the thread you're posting in had intended when they started their RP. Just chill out and respect what others had intended in their own RP threads just as they'll respect what you want in your own RP threads. Follow the rules of the thread. If they say post in first person, and you aren't good at first person, then maybe it isn't the thread for you. That's okay.

2. Don't double post unless it's absolutely necessary. If you've just posted a few minutes ago, just edit your old post and add the new material.

3. Don't spam threads with one liners. This is an RP forum. Use your imagination - you can come up with more than just a statement, or question, from your character. Even describe the scene, how your character is speaking, what they are doing while they speak, etc. If you'd like some roleplaying resources, I'm sure I could find something to help you out.

4. Don't abuse the boards - don't try to get around our swearing filters. I don't have a high tolerance for people breaking the rules. I'm willing to let it slide a bit for RP scenes, but not when it's directed OCCly at another poster. Don't cuss out other people. I WILL NOT tolerate that sort of behavior. Seriously if you do this 1 time no matter how mad you are...and I see it...I'll ban you from the forums for 2 days! Maybe more if you're particularly insulting.

5. Don't spam threads with OOC banter. Take OCC banter to PM or to a chat client. OCC comments should only RARELY come up in the IC RP threads.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in a warning for the first infraction with increasing penalties for repeated rule breaking possibly even culminating in the banning of someone who is unwilling to follow the rules.


Unfortunately, not everyone RP's in the same manner as everyone it's generally a good idea to post what sort of RPing you're looking for in your RP thread in the first post. That way everyone that participates with you in your RP will know what you expect of them in your RP.

Other than that feel free to do whatever you'd like to do...also if you have some suggestions for some additional rules please let me know and I'll consider using them.

This post has been edited by Kristi of the Dead on Oct 16 2006, 01:12 PM

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