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 Dark Clones
Posted by Mercenario19 - 08-19-09 23:25 - 1 comments
Well i made time to read to search UDIDs
And I found:

Alvaromesa18< more
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Posted by Hardcore Rockabilly - 08-16-09 07:40 - 1 comments
So, some guy randomly contacted me via XBox live message, asking me if I play ud. Well, my gamertag isn't even close to any of my character or forum names, but i answered his n00bish questions and didn't see him for a while. Well, He sends m more
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 the many coming back?
Posted by stander - 08-15-09 08:34 - 19 comments
well if you will let me tell you a little story about my character then it might satisfy you inquiry. (clears throat) So it all started three days ago I was hovering in the southwest corner of ackland mall, in Havercroft when someone on the radio re more
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 Handing out stars
Posted by The bluefish - 08-15-09 02:53 - 26 comments
Good afternoon, Malton. It's good to see you all here. You've been doing a great job!

Because you're doing so well, I've decided to reward you in the very best way I know how. I'm going to be handing out stars&# more
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Posted by stilwell - 08-10-09 07:59 - 11 comments
What if a group of survivors moved in on a zombie and beat it to death with their fists, just for fun? That would be fregging awesome.
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 Dead Bunnies?
Posted by Raven - 08-9-09 21:29 - 2 comments
Or any on here?

I got a proposition for ya

Kill some UBCS and ENVY players, and cause chaos in Pegton
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 5th of November '09
Posted by haliman111 - 08-5-09 20:24 - 80 comments
I'm interested in attacking Ridleybank again this year. You can all say "Oh it's useless!" or "free brains!" However, it gives survivor an excuse to turn the tide on zombies, and plan a large scale attack on the h more
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 What is your record for the most PK's???
Posted by Cineraryone - 08-1-09 12:47 - 25 comments
....In one sitting? My record is nine, but of course I found a bunch of people that were injured. It was just one of those things. bi ...<a href="">read more</a></td>
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Posted by Borook - 07-28-09 22:36 - 14 comments
A single police officer limps into view, carrying a pistol in his right hand, a radio in his left, and a shotgun on his back. His flak jacket is torn, from zombie bites and scratches. A blood-flecked pale blue long-sleeved shirt, a ripped police jac more
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 *Pats self on back*
Posted by Suburban Ed - 07-28-09 07:00 - 55 comments
I had a goal and I reached it, yay.
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